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Watches Review Center Report: Longines is a rich Lanxi Lin Ernest ‧ Shengyimier in Switzerland set up the company. Its origins can be traced back to the 19th century, 30 years. Longines also has the oldest registered trademark of the watch class (a winged hourglass). Longines company is now the Swatch Group of Switzerland. Longines with its "flying home" watch and famous.

Longines has a history of over a hundred years, has always insisted on the "best quality" work philosophy, time-continuous process innovation efforts, and now, "Longines" has become synonymous with precision!

Longines's becoming synonymous with precision, the whole process thanks to the continuous efforts of time. Sponsored by the 1899 Longines Louis-Amadeus Arctic expedition led by Earl of activities to provide for a variety of temperature changes in polar five pocket design, and by strongly commended. Earl wrote: "No matter how bad climate change by, Longines has always been to maintain the most accurate of the time" "The Longines chronometers kept the exact time, despite the enormous temperature variations to which they were subjected." After the expedition, Many other explorers have opted for Longines as specified timer.

Another great record, Captain JE Bernier-Arctic in 1894, sailed from the United States to the North Pole adventure.  

Longines history that originated in the year 1832 watchmaker Augustus. Auguste-Agassiz, his brotherLouis-Agassiz was a famous geologist, in Saint-Imier watch factory in the small-scale, from start bright future. Agassi is the nephew of the founder of Longines ─ ─ Ou Nisi. Folanxiang (Ernest-Francillon).

Young, Ou Nisi watch factory in the uncle's help, because of his intelligence, coupled with the hard work, and soon as the management. During this period, Ou Nisi found that the production was too complex and difficult to manage ─ ─ it is a lot of farmers, in the way of OEM spare time, compiled after the assembly of finished products to factories and distribution out. This not only lengthen the production time and greater difficulty of quality control. So in 1866 he began plans to build a place to sit Longines watch a large factory, all parts of the manufacturing and assembly plants concentrated in the internal operation; the following year declared completed in 1867, and the plant location as Longines watch factory name.

The first ten years in the business, financial and technical Longines suffered major test, but all my colleagues in the watch with the support of the factory over the hump, and opened the world famous brand Longines.

Ou Nisi Folanxiang work used a very simple philosophy ─ ─ is the "best quality" (Optimum anufacturing). The firm to this principle, making Longines has won numerous awards and recognition by the world.

Longines early as the May 27, 1889 will be an hourglass with wings logo (a winged hour-glass) to be registered as a trademark, is the world's first use of the trademark a few companies.
In World War I, the watch is a necessity indispensable to the front. Longines also because of excellent quality and elegant design and convenience of a big step forward. As early as in 1923 when the first air combat, Longines is the official has been designated by the watch, and many pilots based on the use of this close relationship, Longines produced by the air watch to impress people and to create number of records: 1923 This is the first year of Longines into aviation, and was then designated as the International Air Transport Association official when the official count.

Over the mountain to many famous African explorer Swiss flight ─ ─ WalterMittelholzer, was the first across without interruption from Switzerland to Iran (Switzerland to Iran) who wear the hands of Longines.

In 1927, the greatest year in aviation history. Longines was used as Charles A. Lindbergh for the first time alone without interruption across the Atlantic (New York to Paris), the designated timer. As the incredible success of the flight, making Longines (Lindbergh HourAngle Watch), in the days after another has been a lot of good used outstanding aviator.

In 1929, Americans Richard Byrd, Air Force Base in the Antarctic PVJWeems invented by the design using the timer (Navigation system) and Longines watches (LONGINES Weems NavigationWatch), while the second difference can be easily modified.

In 1930, the world's leading Led Zeppelin (Graf Zeppelin Airship), at the Longines timer accurate local and GMT time projected under the 12 1 / 2 days to complete the feat a week around the world. Adventure stories of the many humans have a great contribution to the conquest of the air.

From 1867 Saint-Imier watch factory established 50 years since, a small watch from the original 20 to 2,500 plants have been thriving. In those years, Longines active in the world stage and become a game in the Ever Victorious Army.

During this period a total of ten times by Grand Rapids Award and the surface is difficult to break the record of 28 gold medals, but also in Neuchatel and Geneva , United Kingdom Kew Teddington and Washington, DC won first prize in the Hong Kong Observatory.

In 1879 after 20 years, receiving a total of 400 surface Neuchatel Observatory Award; watch in 1945, has created the most accurate records.

Geneva for seven consecutive years the Hong Kong Observatory issued the 83 prestigious awards for Longines, Longines in 1930 in which a navigation accuracy of the timer has won the most important achievements.

In the UK, since 1885, Longines has also received awards of 141 Observatory, in addition to another 50 classified as privileged observatory accurate Award (expecially good).

From 1907 to 1913, Longines in Washington, DC won a total of two first prize in the Hong Kong Observatory, 1922, 9 / 10 and the awards are won more by the Longines. Longines accurate as extraordinary, so many explorers or exploration activities specify the use of Longines. In the precise and correct plan, the completion of the feat again and again.

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