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New Watch Models Report: Rising star to watch in the Piaget watch. It ranks among the first-class watches, or the late 40s of last century to do. Today, many prominent families that aspire to the top watch, in its take-off before, but after almost a hundred years of slow development.

In 1874, Georges Edouard Piaget started to produce movement. In 1940, Piaget's grandson for the development of Piaget to develop the international market. 1956, Piaget introduced the ultra-thin movement. Since the 60s of last century, the Piaget while the research and production of complex movements, the top side of the development of jewelry design. From design, production of wax models to inlaid stones, Piaget always adhering to the purpose of excellence. The "cuff watches" and "Coin Watch" design superior, is Piaget's treasures. Currently under Swiss Richemont.

Since its inception in 1874, the Piaget has always been committed to enhancing creativity, modification details and integration of technology and other aspects of watches and jewelry, reflecting the premium brand of style. The Piaget was originally specialized in the research and manufacture of watch movements, and later further extended to the exquisite art jewelry techniques, was able to launch in the 1960s the first jewelry watch. The Piaget has been self-transcendence, outstanding ability, especially good at research and development of rare, precious and unique works.

Founder: George. Piaget

The Piaget in the hall 50 years ago into fine jewelry. Since this Piaget is not just a name, but the depth of expertise synonymous with wealth. Heady watches and jewelry, are spent hundreds of hours of meticulous craftsmen to create works of art, probably the only way they will not disappoint PIAGET's reputation. When we look back 130 years of history Piaget, there is a time to gather in the enthusiasm jewelry and blowing, the kind of atmosphere, very impressive.

La Cte-aux-Fees set up a new plant.

1956 • world's first ultra-thin manual-winding movement 9P come out.
1957 • Earl decided to only focus on production of precious metals (gold and platinum). Soon, the Piaget began making German watchmakers jewelry watch.
1959 • Opening a store in Geneva.
1966 • 12P movement came, the world's thinnest self-winding movement, and therefore Rongdeng Ji Nice world record.
1961 • Piaget one step acquisition and integration of the Geneva area of small gold case and bracelet manufacturer.
1964 • Earl launched a new watch series, the surface of semi-precious stones, let the world amazing.
1969 • first Piaget resulted in the Swiss quartz movement was born.
1976 • 7P movement came, as was the smallest quartz movement. And the painter Salvador. Dali to launch "Dali d'Or" series. The new plant was established in Geneva, from watches and bracelets will be integrated with a production plant, while the movement is still in La Cte-aux-Fees manufacturing plant.
1979 • Piaget Polo series come out, as a symbol of the upper crust.
1980 • Fourth-generation descendant of the Earl of Eve. Earl (Yves Piaget), was appointed vice president and general manager for the Piaget.
1986 • Dancer series introduced the classic watch.
1988 • Cartier became Earl of collaborative Richemont (Richemont Group) members.
1990 • Possession launched jewelry collection, particularly the dynamic performance of the jewelry.
1992 • a series of private collections in order to Piaget the theme of large-scale exhibition in the Palazzo Reale in Milan, opened half a century plant on display watch to Piaget the outstanding work.
1997 • Earl commissioned by the city of Venice, from 1499 onwards to St. Mark's bell tower stands in the 500-year history on the old clock repair work.
1998 • Miss Protocole watch collection launched, with sections of the characteristics of the replaceable strap. Introduction of ultra-thin Altiplano watch collection.
1999 • Earl Emperador launched series, its design inspired by the 1957 launch of the watch, with the Earl of research and development of precision movement, has won many awards sure. Limelight series introduced a style rich, structured, a dazzling diamond jewelry series.
2001 • The new factory in Geneva Watches Earl established suburbs will be more than 20 professional watches and jewelry making process into the same plant. Movement production still La Cte-aux-Fees manufacturing. Upstream release series watch, the first case of its most prominent feature of open, highly innovative. Launched a new Piaget Polo watch, and the original style, like the casual, comforwatch way to show the luxury attitude.
2002 • Earl create 600P Tourbillon movement. Magic Reflections launched jewelry collection, its design taken from the garden, a design for the Piaget provides a rich source of inspiration.
2003 • Limelight Series added a new jewelry watch models and more abundant, the brand will show the Piaget full play the spirit of celebrating 130
2004 • Anniversary of the Piaget

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