Watch Brand: JUVENIA

Fashion Watch Trend Report: 1860, JUVENIA watch from Alsace, France in the tabulation craftsmen product. Jacques Didisheim according to the St. Imier single-handedly founded and opened his first of the system Watch Workshop. Product. Didi Jackson by virtue of the dedication and enthusiasm of watchmaking technology, outlined the leadership of dynamic and colorful altar watch of JUVENIA brand, became a symbol of fashion timepieces. Founder Jacques Didisheim although the brand has opened up bright prospects, but his son Bernard Didisheim has not been immediate success and stagnation. He was aware of the competitive market to achieve more brilliant achievements in, they must create their own brand of movement truth. So in 1908 he opened a watch factory, specifically for the production of ultra-thin pocket watch movement JUVENIA, and actively participate in all aspects of watches and clocks, so the brand involved in the watch, watch parts, clock parts and components, manufacturing watch assistive devices, and polishing supplies, watches and clocks, manufacture and technology set the essence of the brand's strength lay the basis for swatch construction.

The early 1900s, respect for the Tenth District, Wong will be in Paris 43 Rue de L'Echiquier and Madrid Valverde 1, respectively, the brand opened two stores. AD 1914, the headquarters moved to watch JUVENIA La Chaux-de-Fonds, and 101 Avenue in Paix opened its first modern equipment and advanced instrumentation watch factory. With the rapid expansion JUVENIA business as early as the beginning of construction of the Suez Canal, Juvenia JUVENIA watch will be the rise of global business development of ambitious plans, but also because of the timing and location of the favorable conditions, the developed land and sea transport JUVENIA easy to make from parts of the world's business professionals recruit, along with India, Asia and the Americas the establishment of distribution agents, JUVENIA watch in the world market has developed rapidly and soon became popular in the international altar watch, a prominent position further royalty.

JUVENIA Swiss watch brand has enjoyed as a perfect world, and superior technology reputation, in the hundred and forty years of history, from the uninterrupted pursuit of a breakthrough. AD 1880, the first revolutionary JUVENIA roller gear into the operating system. Action on the early spring to turn the key, instead of the late change to the crown, leading the industry process. JUVENIA then apply this technology with more leverage and size of gear within a small movement, so that respect for the world's first female imperial watch Zhuang watch manufacturers. In the year 1914 International Exhibition in Switzerland Swiss National Exhibition, display more JUVENIA watch factory was the world's first single is only the smallest mechanical movement: the movement of only 9.5 mm in diameter, and thickness and there is only 2.5 mm, for the Swiss watchmaking technology into a new realm to another and still be called as the immortal masterpiece. In contrast, large-scale case was JUVENIA designer, sculptor, teacher, and jewelry and decorative enamel glaze division provides a creative space and enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate strength, has always been respected JUVENIA both decoration and shape the idea of the perfect, pocket watch after decoration in the twentieth century culmination of a decade to reach the realm.

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