Italian Brand Wyler

Latest Watches News Report: Since 1979, Wyler Genève watch Dakar Rally has been the official timer. As of 2009 Dakar Rally (South Station), Wyler Genève has served as Official Timekeeper of Dakar rally 30 years. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this meaningful, Wyler Genève will introduce the new Wyler Genève watches, sports watches. By then, Wyler Genève watch ambassador in Dhaka, the most successful race driver Stéphane Peterhansel set off in 2009 will be wearing this section stations 9,000 kilometers of the race in South America.

A century ago, the Swiss watchmaker Paul Wyler upon request to proceed to strictly meet the daily needs of the design watch. In 1927, Wyler successful design of a revolutionary damping balance pendulum, and named "Incaflex". Wyler Genève watch in subtle but important part of this has a revolutionary design, in order to clearly demonstrate the advantages of this design, Wyler Genève in 1956 the company organized a simple demonstration. Presentation to the form of public performance, the two Wyler Genève Incaflex watch from the top of the Eiffel Tower in 300-meter fall to the ground. This sensational event certified by a notary, two hit the ground after heated watch, still accurate timing.

After A Decade of his business, Wyler Genève Watch Company and Milan entrepreneurs Innocente Binda work together to sell their products. Wyler Genève Binda engineering talent and business acumen is absolutely perfect match, just a few years, Wyler Genève watch in Binda's domestic market had become a household name. Wyler Genève cooperation with the Binda family has been going on for over a century, today's Wyler Genève has become the Binda Group one of its luxury brand, the Group President of the Innocent's grandson Marcelo as . 1972, to Jennifer Love watch Eternaz for producers.

Binda Group, owned by former Italian brand Wyler-Vetta, now abbreviated to three or four years ago, the brand Wyler Wyler-Vetta was in the 'classic' mid-range position. Surprisingly, the positioning and inspiration from the 50 and 60 years of mechanical models, did not achieve the success the company anticipated. Perhaps because, at that period of public favor high-end segment, the price positioning a 'low'. Binda Group to re-launch of the single name Wyler (the name of the source is a very ingenious Basel watchmaker Paul Wyler, he was in the early 20th century Italian entrepreneurs Innocente Binda and co-founded the brand), not only to high-end market move and in accordance with the basic principles of the brand repositioning.

Paul Wyler 1927 invented Incaflex, is actually a can withstand shocks and protect the balance of violent revolutionary pendulum system. Which in 1956 took a watch that dropped from the Eiffel Tower on the famous demonstration has been verified. Today, Wyler brand of products is also located in this same principle of defensive impact on: Incaflex balance placed against the lateral oscillation, Incabloc system to prevent the vertical vibration, the movement to accommodate four to resist the violent collision of the supported titanium frame buffer containers, the design of such a powerful intention to highlight the watch strong, and through the rubber or Kevlar (a synthetic fiber texture, strong and light weight) produced a thick watch chain to further stressed.

Wyler Genève dissemination activities are focused in the automotive sector, which is fine by Wyler Genève watches reflected in design features, such as the timing button just like pedals, including a grooved rubber tires and crown-like shape of the tire surface, style and other unique natural rubber strap.

Held in Basel, Switzerland 2007 World Watch and Jewellery Show, the famous Italian actress and producer Maria Grazia Cucinotta shows the new Wyler Genève watch, and announced that the brand as the 2007 Paris - Beijing Century Journey (1907, Itala car company hosted the first Beijing - Paris Rally) the main sponsor and official time-watch. In this up to 16,000 km, the trip across Asia and Europe, the Iittala racers will be wearing Wyler Genève Chronograph, and under harsh conditions in the way of its triple protection test. Wyler Genève is also FORMA in Milan organized by International Center of Photography 1907 Itala sponsor the exhibition of historical photos.

Geneva Motor Show in 2007, Wyler Genève and the use of limited editions and famous for the world's top sports car design studio in Milan ZAgato had cooperated. Bilateral cooperation for the first time the idea of making cars, Zagato successfully transferred to the timing of this prestigious brand. The end of 2007, the two sides will jointly offering a special version of "Zagato with Wyler" watch  

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My Favorite Watch Waldan

Brand Watch News Report: To "always have their day" to describe the current status of Waldan does not seem appropriate because it is in his early watch brands. However, these words used to describe the founder of Oscar Waldan Waldan Internetional to most appropriate. Because of its founder Oscar Waldan indomiwatch fighting spirit, in order to set up in 1979 Waldan International international reputation. Oscar Waldan watches a young man has an interest, which his father was alone in the bag clean and repair the watch is evident. "In the absence of any help, I break up his father's watch and drawing shows how the combination of parts." Later, he studied horology in Germany and for a number of Europe's best watchmakers work.

In 1955, his first job - in Switzerland's Le Locale for Charles Tissot (Tissot second generation descendant of) work. Waldan a motivated employee is, he quickly Bianxiang Charles Tissot watches to submit their design, but also be promoted soon. Universal Geneve 1959, he moved to watch the universe, and he is both the company's sales representatives, purchasing and also served as vice president of design. There, Waldan met the world famous Mr. designer Gerald Genta. Understanding of the Gerald Genta, Waldan to Mr. designers and watch manufacturers to develop.

Through his contacts in the watch industry, Waldan quick access to the famous Rolex series. His meticulous study of these watches. He discovered the antique watch in terms of interest, while the versatile mechanical watch is staggering. The advent of the 1970s brought a new technology - quartz. Since then, great changes since the world watches. Mr. Waldan not only did not cherish this new technology, but focus on the complicated mechanical watches. He began to watch the production of high-quality and multi-functional watch. Waldan purchased from the Swiss manufacturer of watch movements in major parts. Waldan know the storage of enough parts to help repair his watch manufacturing. Waldan collecting as much as possible in the market with all kinds of watch movements and parts. It was expected that the Oscar Waldan mechanical clocks will again prevail.

Founded in 1979, Oscar Waldan Waldan International Corporation, Bienne in Switzerland, set up watch factory, to open an office in New York and maintenance center. With the establishment of the new company, he began to create the most beautiful, elegant design of the multi-function watch. He chose to use high quality materials and decided to focus on the development of platinum, 18K rose gold, 18K white gold and other series.

Waldan International company has set up more than two decades, Waldan International around the world with discriminating collectors to provide quality clocks and watches. Waldan also produced some well-known jewelers jewelry watches. You can also Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Tourneau jewelry and other stores to find the shadow.

Today, with more than four years in the watch industry experience, Oscar Waldan still produce high-quality and multi-function watch list. Waldan International is still a small number of existing privately owned, and since beginning operations still watch the company founder.

Waldan International business practices in the watch industry peers regarded as a smaller number. It produces high-quality watches and clocks, but the price thousands of dollars cheaper than the brand name watches. We can not help asking: Why Oscar Waldan can supply the best price good quality watch? Oscar Waldan years of experience in the watch industry; his knowledge of design and production; his watch prime quality requirements, are Oscar Waldan success. In terms of price, Oscar Waldan Bienne in Switzerland have their own factories. He does not employ any marketing company, not regional and international promotional activities. Waldan collectors and customers rely on word of mouth. "From the beginning, my goal is to provide high quality, competitive price, complex mechanical watches and clocks"

From Waldan International's products and strong appreciation of the collectors and from customers confirms Waldan International commitment to quality. Waldan International time-watchs, astronomical clock value.

Waldan chronograph has always been my favorite of the best. Such as the 0195 GMT series, hand-rolled code watch movement, Analog calendar, 18K rose gold case, sapphire surface and back through the end, 38MM diameter, with a moon phase loss and profit. I believe that a fully functional chronograph every minute and second hands is the first choice for men. The energy display with 0800 masterpiece is my favorite, simple and classic. Waldan International has been low-key, even the printed atlas watches, the same place shows its simplicity and simple. If you like the chronograph, may wish to consider the sincerity of Oscar Waldan for - Waldan International.

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Top Class Watch Brand Van der Bauwede

Brand Watch News Report: Depo watch has been all over Europe and the Middle East, the eternal love of the watch to provide appreciation of the value of new ideas and people cherish the classic tradition.

Brand History from 1890, was from the "North Venice" Bruges founder Alexis Van der Bauwede watch his career was launched, focusing on assembly and adjustment for the Cathedral, City Hall clock tower and the internal complexity movement and the chime unit. Weighing 27 tons in dealing with the movement and management of 47 sets the clock in the process, he was precise structure, sophisticated design and quality requirements and fascinated by, and therefore it is natural to hope this time to the more delicate terms, the lay Emperor Bao watch down the brand and the early creation.

MaxenceVanderBauwede, VDB fourth-generation heir to the watch, its effortless imagination, keen sense of pure design, that always makes Depo exemplar models emitting a deceptive charm. VanderBauwede hundred years to create a family of numerous high-level watch, in addition to the classical bell timer inherited the fine watchmaking, but also because of their heritage to future generations Alexis jewelry design professionals and more glorious gorgeous. Alexis, his immortal spirit of its sons Michel, Pierre, Philippe, Emmanuel and MaxenceVanderBauwede continue.

1990, Maxence early twenties in the nineteenth century, barrel-shaped outline to be modified on the basis, for the VDB to create the initial watch "Legend" and "Magnum" series, and then extended to a variety of styles and different levels of complexity of movement. Tai Po is one of the first to re-form barrel-shaped outline to improve the brand. The mechanical models of manual or automatic winding, or quartz movement, comes from VDB watch workshops and technology the perfect combination of aesthetics. Maxence, who is also head of the brand and the chief architect of the many watch brands is rare, its like a fashion designer I am, in the physical appearance of a section devoted following of art showing boundless enthusiasm, always abundant vitality in one pair eyes, the cover U induced Zhongmu creativity, especially in his use of color in the surprising facility, so that VanDerBauwede watch to all luxury brand in the always stunning full-color series and shade contrast only solution watch fashion circles.

VanDerBauwede, a century-old brand from Geneva, has extended its distinctively styled watch series to Asia, was established in 2002 in Hong Kong, Tai Po watch Headquarters, Taiwan in 2003 to develop the Asian Strategic selected market, the second leg of the watch to allow more people to know God loves the ultimate treasure watch quenching watchmaking precision.

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Brand Watch News Report: FabriquedeMontresVulcain launched in 1947, Cricket Cricket is worth mentioning that the first alarm watch. Previously, many attempts to try the alarm into the watch can not be convincing, because the sound is too weak, people who used to wake up sleeping less reliable. After a group of watchmakers and engineers five years of research and development, Vulcain (it was founded in 1858, the corporate history is littered with masterpieces) was the owner RobertDitisheim show barrel with two separate - one for movement, one for the alarm - the new manual winding movement, which can produce more than ever chime sound. 25 seconds seems like a general alarm sounds of crickets sure even the most lazy people can wake up Nansi Hou. Therefore, in this small insects Vulcain this new watch named Cricket cricket. Immediately after the listing successful, the company then produced this interesting to watch hundreds only.

Waterloo Road, was founded in 1858, Kennedy, after a period of silence, finally reborn. September 2001 to President Bernard R. Fluery headed by Mr PMH SA, Kennedy purchased the Waterloo Road and Cricket are two brand names, including its exclusive right to use and the production of the famous Cricket mechanical alarm movement sound production tools.  

Available in the Wo Road 1947 Kennedy Cricket alarm clock, an introduction will be popular around the world. Period of time in the 1950s, the banana experts who watch the Top Ten Lists have set it out people.

In the 1960s, it had been line on behalf of the U.S. president used. Including the Truman, Eisenhower Wei Li, Nick Sun, about Hanxun (Hong Kong newspapers accuse "Jason") and so on. Out in the White House more than letters, about its reliability. Nixon first visited China after 5 years are still using Wo Road wrote to Kennedy, where precision thanks. Advertisements in Chinese newspapers that year to such common words: Waterloo Road, U.S. President Kennedy alarm clock.

Waterloo Road, a new generation of Kennedy, basically only stainless steel or 18K red gold of the two case. Two-tone room watch at the end, acts like a tuning speaker HiFi speakers bear on bare benefit greatly enhance the sound, of course, continue. At the same time, comply with the influx of slightly enlarged diameter which is larger elements of the sound. It's made for up to 20 seconds or more, will form on the inside door Que on the door, the sound can be heard outside. A little bit of high frequency sound, it sounds like it's the same name, like crickets in the bark. Cricket's name, enough to popularity.

Cricket Classic1951 Fu system is the alarm clock function. Its shape, felt from the 1950s, Kennedy works Wo Road, which is the line of U.S. presidents wear style. Its size is 38 mm case, waterproof up to 50 meters. Can choose as many as 10 surface types except species. I believe more popular in the market, will be decorated with carved surface of a transparent blue enamel plaque, and the surface of red gold case charcoal line styles.

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You Can Easily Have The Tme, But Can Not Easily Have Vacheron Constantin

Brand Watch News Report: Vacheron Constantin World famous brand watches (Switzerland), Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755, the world's oldest watch manufacturer, is one of the world's most famous watch factory. Vacheron Constantin's tradition of Swiss watchmaking tradition essence, has not been interrupted, but also a lot of watchmaking innovation and technology, the watch industry has a great contribution.

Classic advertising slogan: You can easily have the time, but not easily with Vacheron Constantin.

In 1755, founder Jean-Marc Vacheron and later joined the members of Francois Constantin, in its insight and the ultimate watchmaking prophets, and finally in the cultural atmosphere, talented Kingdom Swiss watch, snatched the first set up to promote the humanities spiritual and historical heritage and the famous Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin. After 253 years of time panning, and now, Vacheron Constantin is like a "time" a synonym, is the eyes of love the watch wrist irreplaceable works of art.

A long history of Vacheron Constantin, has many years of watch experience, many of the classic Visteon. However, "the smallest volume, optimal quality, the highest selling price" has been Vacheron Constantin's business strategy. Today, Vacheron Constantin in Geneva, factory output was only 6,000 watchs. Since 1840, each watch production drawings, records, sales date and case number and other information on the movement, are preserved intact in the company's filing cabinets. They will be superior technology, rigorous testing, superb craftsmanship and perfect shape combine to create elegant one by one, impressed, very collectible wonder classic. Tab in the long years, to become the enduring symbol of luxury and elegant.

"Malta Cross" as the marker of Vacheron Constantin, originally hand-winding watch to adjust the tightness of the era of precision gears. CD with its symbol of excellent manual skills and traditional watchmaking.

1755, designed by the Jean-Marc Vacheron's silver watch, enamel coating on the number plate system of Roman numerals, Vacheron Constantin is the first clock works.

In 1839, Vacheron Constantin watches developed a revolutionary mode of production. By the Mr. Leschot invention improved lever escapement machine, two years after having successfully developed.

Watch factory has started from the basis of industrialization, Vacheron Constantin, a mechanical pre-formed into the part, and be crafted by hand, and watch them more ample time to master the use of artistic talent in the creation, of course, Vacheron Constantin watches and clocks are also living at that time advanced status.

1877, part of the clock parts and the case began to be produced separately.

In 1880, Malta made the cross mark in the future become the trademark of the characterization of Vacheron Constantin.

In 1881, Vacheron Constantin is a work of Yale University as treasures. In 1910, Vacheron Constantin, after several years of research and experiments, the production decided to join the watch was new and an unmistakable trend.

In 1928, a 18K gold pocket watch to create the "Grand Complication" come out, including a minutes, seconds. While the other is a pointer to indicate the surface, have an alarm clock, calendar, moon profit and loss display functions, limited production of three.

In 1929, a pocket watch appeared on the market. One pair of gold engraving on the case of Egypt's royal arms, which is sent to the Swiss colony in Egypt King Fouad I of Egypt, the gift, with a 30-minute, one minute the seconds and calendar and other functions.

In 1967, Vacheron Constantin participate in the election, "the thinnest sheet selection", and has launched an automatic watch, with 4000 kinds of parts, sheet thickness of the body is only 2.45mm, could be described as a new achievement.

Across two centuries, Vacheron Constantin Collection patient carefully their previous work, much has been up to 400. From 1755 onwards, Vacheron Constantin created by each watch, respectively, from the mechanical parts are internal and form of the watch number. According to these tags, from the files of about 2,000 species identified the original style. This shows Vacheron Constantin watch the unique process, indeed an outstanding altar watch today.

December 1997 Vacheron Constantin became under the Vendome Luxury Group, a member of the Taiwan branch by Cartier responsible for the overall operations and marketing efforts


The Popularity Watches

New Luxury Watches Report: The popularity of neutral models is not watch this thing one or two days, the men and women shall be brought directly to trumpet what to wear is not new. Many people think that in the end started to become strong and independent women or men more firmness and flexibility? unisex's hot, it will not let both men and women seem increasingly confrontational harmony of it?

This line is now a strong sense of competition for the neutral design is the biggest bargaining chip in female consumers

Simple lines of the male form neutral

Simple strong lines, dial size of both men and women, watch out the inherent pattern of women is more suiwatch for an independent career. This five watchs arranged out of that section of the watch only TAG Heuer reasons for a more feminine drill some (but could be racing form ah! Is the temperament and spirit to fight!)

Neutral form is indeed red, but if you get a watch full of masculine atmosphere to attract female customers, I am afraid will still fall short of. How women fall in love with the neutral sheet? Love is its extremely compact lines, candid curve, and not a bit fancy face plate design. If it is complicated and very lovely, and many watches designed for women can meet their needs. But now the work of the women worse than men do not, fresh and direct is their favorite form of communication, for the watch, of course, is all about.

From vintage to modern, this five watchs will be through the simple lines. Longines watch to Breguet needle retro retro figures with time, noble birth; Blancpain Villeret protein color face plates, rose gold case, and inherited the ancient period of the 18th century watchmaking tradition, on the use of the dial blue steel serpentine hands, fascinating; and the nations and Jacques de simple lines of modern more modern and fashionable, whether it is size, shape, or elegant case design, are "degrees" on a little more too much smack too little; TAG Heuer's Carrera, self-winding movement, extending from the bezel to the lugs on both sides decorated with diamonds, simple and shine.

In and out of breath more masculine men, feminine jewelry combines the temperament, hardness with softness.

Diamond watch decorations for the women, let alone that nature, fellow men that you can choose to watch with a diamond it? Diamond in the male form is the use of very interested, not too much (unless it is high-end jewelry watch), to shiny, gently dot the scale or dial up to ring up around the watch, so that men are loaded watch becomes more delicate gorgeous, you wear to dinner, activities, or see the customers are no problem. In short, the watch design this thing, really a matter of opinion, there are like simple, there must be love gorgeous, but now can enjoy the beauty of the male drill watch more and more, even to catch a flight were male with a diamond watch may be a few ah!

This four diamond watch to grasp the strengths and weaknesses, really force less than 4 mm, equipped with ultra-thin movement, diamonds dot the 12 numerals, the whole face, circle, hands are wrapped in silver, very elegant and chic, the most suiwatch Men wear workplace; Patek Philippe's Ref. 5068R is a hardness with softness of the "female athlete" and also the first ever Aquanaut Luce series with diamond bezel and is equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement watches, bold outline style as sparkling diamonds, and which appears in the degree of relaxation, whether sports or business negotiations, is a good helper; Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore iconic type of chronograph, black and white do echo integration and steel rubber, octagonal diamond-studded case, you are the way until it? Movado watches Germany Jun sizing 38 mm in the most traditional, point it unisex diamond decoration, modern fashion.

Both men and women, equally, who are learn to understand the expression of human wrist.
"Functional control" not men and women

Do not look at the low understanding of women for the watch, of course, do not imagine a man is to understand the watch.

Design details aside, we think this should be neutral watch one of the greatest signs. A few years ago men and women together into the form of consumers shop, most women have to hang around in the wonderful little sparkling diamonds form the counter, who cares what chronograph, returned to the watch, not to mention the tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and three asked this complex function. But now really has changed, a few women understand the watch, what features to how to operate the movement are concerned about their point of purchase before the watch, so watch for the creation of the brand have more thoughts on the design of not only size "men and women through eat ", have equal shares in function, but" men and women-take-all "that a child spent two children earning power of money, watch design is the starting point for the brand should be an unmitigated good news, right?

Ship and the two watch Amy Yu, the former to the noble mix of ash and 18K gold, male and female take-all, timing is extremely pleasure operation; Amy is showing another face of the timing - chic and elegant, suiwatch for sports also suiwatch for the workplace, is the so-called wild watch. The only Vacheron Constantin SIHH soon to debut in 2011, Quai de l'Ile returned calendar watch, the complexity added calendar function returned to the continuation of "personalized" watch trend, guests can taste free combination "red gold "and" platinum "two kinds of material, and the combination of features will be useful, the key is: you can decide your own watch movements, is great.

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Fashion Empire Brand - Versace

Brand Watch News Report: Versace is a famous Italian luxury brand. Versace Chinese name: Versace. Versace is Italian, a lot of Versace fans often mistake their pronunciation, posters, web series prepared to provide the correct pronunciation: VA-SA-QI

Versace, founder of Gianni Versace 1946 was born December 2 Reggio Calabria, Italy. First studied architecture, then learn tailoring, design, founded his own company in 1978, opened in 1989, "Atelier Versace" high-class boutiques and into the fashion industry in Paris, France, in 1997 shot and killed in the U.S.

Versace also operates outside than fashion perfume, glasses, scarves, neckties, underwear, bags, leather goods, bed sheets, watchcloths, china, glassware, feather products and furniture and so on, Versace fashion products penetrated into every area of life.

Versace Shaq in 1983 by the Curtis Award, awarded in 1986, the President of Italy Republic of Italy "Commandatore" award in 1988 was "Cutty Sark" Award for most creative designer award named in 1993 by the American International Fashion Design Association Award.

Versace family represents a brand, a fashion empire. Its distinctive design style is unique and highly aesthetic vanguard art of the symbol. Are those which display the unique charm of the Renaissance is full of features gorgeous style with rich imagination. These models sexy beautiful, feminine, colorful, both operatic super-flat real gorgeous, but also give full consideration to wear comforwatch and appropriate display size.

Versace clothing is far from avant-garde look so stiff. Metal goods, and decorative objects flash pants, leather ladies have created a range of female fighters and women between the image of the banshee. Embroidery, weaving is a metal mesh structure Dickau (deco) art reproduction. Changes in application of black and white striped people recall the nineteenth-century style of the twenties. Wrapped variety of designers is reminiscent of the style Weiao Ni and North Africa.

Bias cut is Versace design the most valuable property of the most powerful, jewel-like colors, smooth lines, generated by bias cut asymmetrical collar with infinite charm. Noble and luxurious fabrics with the help of bias cut way, in the rigid geometric lines and soft curves of the body between the clever transition.

In men, the Versace brand clothing is also wrapped in leather garments, creating a bold, majestic profile of even a bit of debauchery, and in size is slightly loose and comforwatch, still using the oblique and asymmetric techniques. Wide shoulders, a subtle detail treatment implies some sort of science fiction, they call it a futuristic design. Lines for a Versace clothing is very important, suits, skirts, coats and so the lines as a symbol, to express the female body sexy.

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Omega Constellation Series Preview

Brand Watch News Report: Introduction: the first functional considerations for the introduction of the "claws" design, with its distinctive style on a wide range of popular constellation watch play an important role, its significance beyond people's imagination - "claws" has been The watch as defined series of signs.

In 1982, Omega released a new watch, showing the design concept of avant-garde and long-lasting, this is the Constellation of Manhattan watch. Known today as the world's "claws" design makes it a worldwide highly recognizable one watches. This unique design not only enhances the appearance of the extraordinary beauty of watch, at that time also demonstrated the high functionality: claws and the sapphire crystal on top of washer firmly fixed in the case, thus ensuring the watch waterproofing properties.

The earliest functional considerations for the introduction of the "claws" design, with its distinctive style on a wide range of popular constellation watch play an important role, its significance beyond people's imagination - "claws" has become the definition of This watch series marks.

Omega Constellation Series couple watch - red gold male + red gold female watches

The release of the new Constellation series can be described as an unprecedented scale. Features and designs can be further improved, dial and diamond are more choices. The new watch line will attract a broader target group - everyone can find at least wear a new sign for your watch.

And all the Constellation watch as not only highlight the new constellation watch fashion style, without losing the elegance. Constellation series of newly designed five sizes to choose from: diameter 24 mm, 27 mm, 31 mm, 35 mm and 38 mm.

The new Constellation watch dial offers a variety of colors, including silver, champagne, brown and black. Another part of the watch with a white mother of pearl dial, very eye-catching. Some dial decorated with star logo from the location of the divergence of ray light patterns. Triangular arch pointer or rhodium-plated material, or covered with luminous coating of 18K red gold or gold material.

Famous claws still appears in the constellation watch over each one, but they are cleverly designed to be refined and upgraded. Bracelets are still familiar with the lateral chain, but this butterfly buckle with the "MonoRang" new bracelet, after redesigned to further improve the wearing comfort.

Omega Constellation Series on the watch - steel

Coaxial technology 

The new Constellation all mechanical watches are equipped with Omega pioneer coaxial escapement device. In short, the mechanical watch escapement of the heart, it makes the watch of the adjustment device - a sustainable balance wheel swing. Published in 1999, Omega coaxial escapement is more than two centuries to the first practical new escapement. It reduces the energy transfer to the other components of the friction between components, the basic movement eliminates the need for maintenance, the most important is to ensure the accuracy of the watch to maintain a high long-term stability.

38 mm Omega 8500/8501 models equipped with coaxial movement, this Omega movement represents the self-produced a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of mechanical watchmaking. 202 parts in each of the early days of a self-designed self-developed by Omega.

Models equipped with 31 mm watch is designed specifically for the small coaxial movement of the Omega 8520/8521. This model machine equipped with a "Si14" silicon hairspring balance wheel, you can to a large extent from the impact and interference of other external factors, thus ensuring the stability of the Constellation watch.

2500 models equipped with 35 mm coaxial movement, the movement is a declaration of this classic coaxial escapement device available.

Small watch models are equipped with reliable and accurate Omega 1376 quartz movement. Another 35 mm Omega 1532 quartz movement styles to choose from.

Each universe has its most brilliant constellation of stars, and in the Omega Constellation series, the shining light was undoubtedly the most extreme version of Constellation luxury watches.

Omega Constellation watch luxury version of the "snowflake mosaic" of the extraordinary mosaic techniques a large number of round diamonds, is mesmerizing. Seemingly random mosaic layout, elegance convey a watch for every geometric beauty of each diamond.

Breakthrough in the imagination, blooming charm, luxury edition watch Omega Constellation convey the value and meaning of the new series. Highlight the infinite charm of this series of luxury, 161-year history, Omega has undoubtedly become the most elegant watch one of the series.

Omega glorious tradition as an important core elements, Constellation watch series in a new upgrade to the new, very modern, shine infinite vitality. As a world-renowned new distinguished members of the Constellation, the new Omega Constellation series of its original style, excellent design and technical innovation have been the perfect interpretation.


High-class Luxury Clothing Brands - Valentino

Brand Watch News Report: Valentino is the world's most advanced custom and high-class luxury clothing brands. Speaking of Valentino, people will naturally feel that the name with the Roman nobility. Valentino is a representative of royal luxury, but hidden deep among the high-profile cool, from the 60 years since the Italian national treasure has been the brand. Great designer Valentino Garavani record biography of the legendary life of the movie VALENTINO: The Last Emperor 2008 International Film Festival in Toronto on display.

Great designer Valentino Garavani 1932 was born in northern Italy Voghera, an early age will gradually expose outstanding artistic talent and aesthetic taste. In 1959, the youthful energy of Valentino Garavani returned from Paris, France Rome, Italy, on his own. Valentino Women was established in 1960, the brand company, and became famous in Europe, Valentino Garavani is considered the haute couture industry elite. Valentino brand of the Italian luxury brand clothing, in particular, is famous for the production of haute couture. Honour impresses Valentino history of struggle, 1965 Valentino Garavani is "Women's Wear Daily" as the "color of Rome's most star designer" in 1967, Valentino Garavani has won the "Neiman Marcus Award" (the fashion industry's highest award). Valentino in Italian as "My Lover", the name seemed clear to the brand from the date of birth, that is, the aristocratic beauty and noble grace formed a deep bond.

Valentino pay attention to the design of the master tailor the use of soft and luxurious silk fabrics and bright glossy silk satin, combined with the overall fit and match tailoring and luxurious, stretch the celebrity dream of elegant ladies charm, won the Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Margaret, former "first lady" Nancy Reagan and the big star Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Liz Hurley's favor, they may even be consistent on the title Val's Gals. Valentino to become the master maker of high society social life, both designers, but more like a society of big stars, this is a major cause of the success of Valentino. Valentino Garavani believe that high fashion is not only requires the ability to appreciate, also need financial admire. His contacts with many celebrities very deep, and no secret, said: "I was making clothes for rich people."

Valentino Master of many iconic designs of great significance in the fashion industry. Standard color Valentino Red adoption, in order to deter the strong and domineering luxury people; it very elegant V-cut gown, it is impressed by people in such pure and perfect being creative. Valentino Garavani is recognized as a legend, "Made in Italy" mark, brand strategy and creative he was driving the global fashion industry into a new level, showing that one-upmanship of the emperor to glory.

Valentino Garavani early experience:

* May 11, 1932, was born in Italy.
* 1948 years ago, learning French in Milan, and fashion design.
* 1949 -1951, the Federation Institute in Paris, studying fashion design fashion.
* 1950 -1955, at the Jean Dessès (for Desai) as a assistant designer.
* 1956 -1958, he was the Guy Laroche (Chi La Roche) Assistant design.
* In 1959, the term Princesslrene Galitzine assistant designer.

Valentino Garavani involved in the fashion industry, Mr. 1959, is the few world-famous Italian designers. Counterparts in Paris, he is considered as well-matched opponents.

Timeless and never out of date, is Valentino Garavani hold for the design of the faith. If you look closely Valentino works, you will find they are exquisite works of art was like, because Valentino Garavani the President was too picky.

Valentino Garavani Pilgrim star:
* In 1959, started his fashion, by Condotti Company displayed in an exhibition in Rome, a hundred kinds of styles of Valentino fashion - this is Valentino Garavani complete set of his first fashion design.

* In 1960, opened the first fashion salon, established in Rome, Valentino company.

* 1968 -1973 year, Valentino company was Kenton company to take over. "Valentino White Series" was born, lace stockings and short skirts together with a simple flat shoes.

* In 1973, Valentino Garavani to re-buy back, Mr. Valentino company.

* 1975, Valentino in Paris, the company began to launch clothing line, shows the good taste of the fashion designers cater to the customer's style.

* Since 1997, Valentino has developed the Chinese market, China has become the market leader in fashion brands.

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Low Price and Excellent Quality Watch Brand - Tudor

Brand Watch News Report: Tudor is a subsidiary of top Rolex watches, Rolex, as a subsidiary product, the relatively low price and excellent quality has won the favor of consumers.

The name comes from Tudor England. It was the golden age of Britain, probably comparable to the reputation of China's Golden Years. Chinese name was brilliantly translated as "Tudor", it is undoubtedly the king of style with Articles surrender. Thus, each of a series of Tudor and the royal family are named. Today is still consistent, and excellent quality, Manhattan style, respected watchmaking tradition from generation to generation, highly honor superior watchmaking technology. Tudor not just watch, it is very condescending to give the wearer a perfect masterpiece.

The name comes from the UK Tudor, Tudor series are each named with the royal family. Series by the Prince, the Princess Series, the King family and the latest boom hour series formed the "imperial family." Tudor watch each, were sold with factory warranty certificate, card details on sale dates, and cover the firm effective seal. To strengthen international reputation, particularly through the Tudor five continents around the world to establish high-level jewelers unparalleled distribution network.

Tudor, meaning Tudor England. 1485, "War of the Roses" the end of Henry Tudor won the throne, is the beginning of the Tudor dynasty. In 1603, the last Tudor monarch Queen Elizabeth's death, the end of the Tudor dynasty. This is a hundred years of the Tudor era, but the golden age of British history. Tudor heyday left to future generations in addition to "Mary Rose number" shipwrecks that lay the world famous altar watch "Tudor" the. Since the name comes from the famous Tudor, so the Tudor series of watchs for each name with the royal family. Series by the Prince, the Princess Series, the King family and the latest hour series composed of a thriving "imperial family."

Tudor king of pushing the past few years giving a series of major new breed of feeling. This series has two kinds of automatic movement and quartz movement movement. Automatic movement of the King series, with stainless steel and 18ct King Kong style, with a self-winding mechanical pendulum ram, together with the blue crown crystal glass face closely to ensure that the pressure in the 50m water depth is still waterproof. At the same time, in order to meet some like mechanical movement of the friends, the King family there are two different caliber 36mm and 33mm automatic watch calendar, it is also casual wear preposterous. Latest out of the king, "hour" series of the same basic design with the King family, but it is engraved on the outer ring in the form of traditional Chinese lunar calendar or the second hour specific to the Chinese Zodiac pattern, it is a scientific and practical.

Prince and Princess Series is a series of Tudor family of evergreen. Some experienced collectors know that, even in the sixties and the seventies the production of "Prince" and "Princess" and its quality, top name brands can also be a higher low, we can obviously see the importance of these two series. The two series of watchs to stick with mechanical automatic movement, and specifically welcome people to keep a popular form and style, giving a timeless feeling. In this series, watch as the Prince series brings a new look. Prince watch the first generation are not as good in all aspects of the new, but the supple chain belt, the surface of the bold design and color application, all seem impressed.

Geneva, Switzerland, made the original Tudor style of the King's watch series, consistent with its own grace and elegant style of the nobles, to bring you the precise time indication. Even leisure activities for more from the quartz watch him, you can also enjoy world-respected Tudor watches superb tabulation process.

TUDOR SPORT COLLECTION has long been fashionable, and durable top-class contemporary Swiss watchmaking, creating a tradition Tudor watches, Tudor watches worthy to become a model for modern active lifestyle. Tudor the name comes from Tudor England, Tudor series are each named with the royal family. Series by the Prince, the Princess Series, the King family and the latest hour series composed of a thriving "imperial family." Tudor watch each, were sold with factory warranty certificate, card details on sale dates, and cover the firm effective seal. According to sales professionals who watches introduced, before the purchase of watches are successful people, and now as the public consumption level of brand awareness, watches are also getting into the homes of ordinary people. Swiss watch Rolex Tudor watches are a subsidiary of the top, under the product as a Rolex, and its relatively low price and excellent quality has won the favor of consumers. And Tudor features in terms of their brand is doing more successful. It Hydronaut, Submariner, MiniSub such as diving and LadySub very professional, chain all joints with very smooth, there is a feeling at one go, worn on the hand will not have discomfort. Outer ring rotating type minutes is a must. Unusually, in order to avoid inadvertently, the outer ring and the case into the integrated design, can easily turn down according to the design was very user-friendly.

Tudor king of pushing the past few years giving a series of major new breed of feeling. This series has two kinds of automatic movement and quartz movement. Automatic movement of the King series, with stainless steel and 18ct King Kong style, with a self-winding mechanical pendulum ram, together with the blue crown crystal glass face closely to ensure that the pressure in the 50m water depth is still waterproof. At the same time, in order to meet some like mechanical movement of the friends, the King family there are two different caliber 36mm and 33mm automatic watch calendar, it is also casual wear preposterous. Latest out of the king, "hour" series of the same basic design with the King family, but it is engraved on the outer ring in the form of traditional Chinese lunar calendar or the second hour specific to the Chinese Zodiac pattern, it is a scientific and practical.

Geneva, Switzerland, Tudor custom made to the nobles grace and elegant style has always been introduced many series, and can appreciate the world-respected Tudor watches superb tabulation process. Tudor king automatic watch series, series of quartz watches Tudor king, process excellence, elegant style, Tudor prince, princess-type performance, reliable, durable and lasting, the prince has a multifunction chronograph functions accurate timing and strong shell. Tudor watches Hydronaut series, to the elegant taste and precision machinery, whether accompanied by glossy fashion strap, or a professional diver's extension of the strap used are extraordinary. Tudor hour series, more fashion pioneer, with a very Chinese style zodiac atmosphere.

Tudor Prince Marine Diving Hydronaut which show impeccable luxury style. Both sports and fashion for so long, specially designed for professional and amateur divers to carefully designed. To highlight both form and function, sections of the Ocean Prince of diving watchs are equipped with mechanical automatic movement and single rotating bezel, to ensure accurate measurement of time and unmatched reliability.

Tudor King "Time" series, from the original manufacturer in Geneva, Switzerland, in the inherited his noble grace and elegant style has always been based on the twelve hour set of traditional Chinese culture, the essence of time and the Western concept of 24 hours at a time, sections are mapping out the classic statement of Ruishi Di rudder bearing technology and extraordinary.

In addition, the "Time" series automatic water watch to ensure that up to 50 meters deep, and equipped with stainless steel or 18ct. James Bond style and Zodiac style, always with you to match.

Tudor King "Time" series of unique design, mapping out the great ideas Ruishi Di rudder watch - three years down the recovery of the Chinese twelve hour time-concept, and the 24-hour blending with the West at odds, parallel brilliance . And this idea, by Rui Shidi rudder watch classic watchmaking skills are a near perfect interpretation.

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2010 Van Cleef & Arpels Watches Preview

Brand Watch News Report: Titus, is a Swiss watch brand, founded in 1887, the name of some talent from the 1st century Rome the two king en: Titus and Weipa Xiang father and son. The Swiss Jura Solvil is a place the state district name.

Titus is a very talented during the first century AD the Roman emperor. Solvil Swiss Jura region called a village called Sonvilier, where parts of a watch manufacturing plant. Swiss watch brand Titus and Titus is the Solvil merger of the two names. Over the years, Titus growing international reputation, the brand today enjoys the reputation, not only thanks to the creative talent of its founder, thanks to high quality watch parts is denied.

Famous watchmakers and designers Paul Luodi Sen [Paul Ditisheim] [1868 - 1945], the Swiss watch industry was prominent figures. 1887, Dickson put a watch which he created named Titus, thus, Solvil et Titus was born. Paul Luo Disen particularly keen to develop chronometer, when he created the account in the United Kingdom Tai Dingdun [Kew-Teddington] and Ruishiniucha Figure [Neuchatel] a number of international authority of the Royal Observatory, the test set the most accurate time records, and wide range of products: from navigation by using the watch as well as daily sunrise and sunset hours to automatically display the time chronometer, alarm bell from the calendar watch to watch timekeeping, as well as a wide range with complex functional clock. These products, about the more than thirty different brands on the market is testimony to share of Paul Luo Disen extremely creative, technical skills and the courage and pioneering spirit.

Today, with the social changes and modern individuality and independent thought, and the times when the iron up to its brand image and hence to make appropriate fine-tuning, a series of "time for me" as the theme of the advertising , the message still can not be separated by a "feeling" word, but the level of involvement than the old wide to enjoy the same love, affection, friendship and individuals to express inner feelings are equally important. The Titus is also full of fashion watch design elements required to meet the tastes of young people. From the "forever" to "time for me," Titus is still a "love and romance," the characterization.


Omega Seamaster Limited Edition Watch

Fashion Watch News Report: Omega Introduces World's First Ceramic watch with Liquidmetal ® alloy

October 28, 2009 in Beijing, the Omega Seamaster officially released Liquidmetal ® limited edition watch, which is also the world's first ceramic watch with Liquidmetal ® alloys.

Swatch Group R & D personnel in the product development team with the sincere cooperation of Omega under the extraordinary ceramic diving bezel turned out - Liquidmetal ® alloy showing the number and scale of eye-catching silver, and black ceramic bezel contrast. Ceramic dial shine black light the same color, the perfect match with the bezel. Only pioneer innovative technology, only achievement Watch this aesthetic masterpiece of the field.

The very style of the world's first ceramic material with Liquidmetal ® alloys sale 1948 limited edition watch to commemorate the Omega watch the popular series of the birth of the hippocampus year - 1948.

Liquidmetal ® alloy non-crystalline metals, which is a disorder with a non-crystalline atomic structure of metal material. Liquidmetal ® alloy melting point is only half the melting point of conventional titanium alloys, but as it cools into a solid state, the hardness is up to 3 times as much steel. Liquidmetal ® alloy makes it a non-crystalline structure with ceramic bezel seamlessly into one.

Liquidmetal ® is a zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel and beryllium metal elements of a five amorphous alloys. With its own very low cooling rate, non-crystal alloy can be formed slightly larger than 0.1 mm thickness of the structure. In the Liquidmetal ® alloy and the zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) ceramic materials in the composition, the composition of zircon is extremely important elements.

Ultimately, both the superior hardness of the fusion material, making an extremely smooth bezel has a strong anti-wear and corrosion resistance.

First of all, first the formation of ceramic bezel. After etching the ceramic bezel with minutes scale and represent a number of fine lines, and for polishing. After heating the alloy is pressed into grooves etched into the ceramic, and then remove the excess of Liquidmetal ® alloys. Comparatively, in the watch manufacturing often used for other metals, Liquidmetal ® alloy can be carried out at a lower temperature processing, which makes the heating process will not cause any damage to the ceramic bezel.

After Liquidmetal ® alloy on the number and scale of the Lassa polished. Harder than the alloy of ceramic, so meticulous and will not affect the Lassa polished ceramic bezel. Finally, the number and scale with the smooth ceramic bottom circle in sharp contrast.

Omega Seamaster Liquidmetal ® limited edition watch, with stainless steel case and bracelet material, and carrying 2,500 Omega Coaxial revolutionary movement. Precision watch movement ensures the reliability of long-run performance, the perfect match of the ceramics and Liquidmetal ® material is formed on the external corrosion and wear full protection. This reflects the pure Omega origin: a masterpiece of the world's first watch design, inherited the classic look and feel, integration of innovative coaxial technology.

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China First-class Quality Watch - Tian Wang

Fashion Zone Report: Tian Wang Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a large watch manufacturer. Switzerland, the company introduced advanced equipment, and first-class quality, first class service for the purpose of the new concept of modern enterprise, the cutting-edge technology with the perfect combination of modern technology to produce "King" brand watches. Superior quality, modeling exquisite beauty, won the majority of consumers.

Mr. Dong Guanming the founder of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Wai Ming Group is a large watch groups, mainly engaged in the manufacture of watch components and finished products, processing and wholesale sales. Formally created in 1988 the Tian Wang watch brand known throughout the country. Turned over to state tax revenue each year nearly a thousand yuan.

Since 1988, a licensing company, based in Hong Kong Wai Ming Group superb watch technology, after years of continuous concentrated efforts, business development exceeded the domestic industry-leading level. "Superstars, a symbol of the times," Tian Wang phrase slogan, fully meet the social development was China's reform and opening up to meet the consumers of fashion goods, the pursuit of philosophy. Late in the China Central Television has seven news network former "Tian Wang accurate timekeeping for your watch," Tian Wang the familiar form of the brand advertising leaving deeply rooted in Chinese people's hearts. After the development of China's several watches history, the king of the watch continued accumulation of cultural content and social development needs, proposed the "superstars, classic reproduction" of the advertisement, inherit, and highlights the maturity of the brand meaning Tian Wang ;

We always adhere to the quality of products and content, excellence, high standards and high demand in the manufacturing process and quality assurance on. After years of continuous development, Tian Wang the domestic watch market has gained many honors: was awarded "Shenzhen Famous" title. At first, in 1992 after the Ministry of Internal Trade, the Chinese Ministry of Electronics Industry, China Light Industry Association, the China Consumer Association, the National Bureau of Technical Supervision, China Textile Association, the State Economic and Trade Commission and other seven ministries as "Golden Bridge Award." Domestic trade in 1998 was again confirmed by the Ministry of Information Center is the first sales that year. 2003 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification of. March 15, 2004 "Tian Wang," and was "the most influential brands in Shenzhen," the honorary title; in the same year "Tian Wang" to 500 million brand value among the "China Top 500 Brands" in the ranks.

The laws of competition TUNG strong understanding that only the real brand can win the market. He said, "From the first day of establishment of the enterprise, we began working to build its own brand, King's name and the beginning of the design drawings called Uranus is the reason why we very much hope to do in the watch industry first, style of the Tian Wang. In my opinion, to do business, it must have long-term development goals. The brand is the vitality of enterprises to grow. In developing countries like China to do our brand is really difficult, because not only need the input of human and material resources , but also a slow process of accumulation. Many watch companies are valued on the brand, but too hasty approach to the lack of long-term operation of the brand development plan emerged. Tian Wangto today has been for 17 years, but the brand is not only 17 years, not only our generation, our generation a generation to do so, more needs to be sensible ways to deal with, to maintain. Switzerland is a good example. "

Tian Wang Switzerland advanced equipment caused the company to create first-class quality, first class service for the purpose of the new concept of modern enterprise, the cutting-edge technology with the perfect combination of modern technology to produce "King" brand watches. Superior quality, modeling exquisite beauty, won the majority of consumers. Company senior designers with its sensitive antennae, extraordinary creativity, the essence of the ideas gathered while the world watches to design multi-functional sports series, eco-friendly series, automatic mechanical series, fashion series and the couple installed equipment series, five series of A total of hundreds of models of high-quality watches. In 2004 launched a grand 18L gold real diamond couple "Beyond" series. The series is cast in 18K gold or platinum appearance pieces, processed through high-tech look smooth as a mirror, shining, literally, the natural real diamond embedded in South Africa, the Americas Kai door strap alligator selection, sapphire crystal, making it the Tian Wang another classic masterpiece, consumers won praise after the listing!

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King of Diamonds - Tiffany

Brand Watch News Report: Tiffany, "the king of diamonds", the world's most famous and expensive silver.

Tiffany & Co.1837 founded in New York, the beginning of silver tableware is known, in 1851 launched a 925 silver ornaments and more famous. 1886, launched the most classic Tiffany Setting Series ring. It will be designed platinum six claw diamond ring set in the ring, the maximum bring out the diamond, it reflects light to full. "Six feet Mosaic Law" was published, it immediately became a diamond engagement ring inlaid with international standards. The 19th century, Tiffany's strength has been comparable with European jewelers, its customers include the European royal family and rich, founder Charles were the U.S. media called the "Diamond King." Hollywood actress in 1960 for Odd Hepburn starred in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Tiffany, a symbol of American design, to love and beauty, romance and dreams reputation as the theme, but the wind for nearly two centuries. It is full of soft, sensual beauty and delicate sensibility, to meet all the women in the world of fantasy and desire.

Please note that, Tiffany has been in China seven boutiques, and two Beijing, Shanghai, two, Tianjin, Shenyang, Chengdu and the family. TIFFANY in the mainland and does not provide mail order or online ordering service. The remaining channels are basically purchased fake Tiffany jewelry, note identification.

Tiffany since 1837 inception, has been designed in stunning beauty of the original works as a purpose. Also proved, Tiffany jewelry lovers can voice his right, and its original silverware, stationery and tableware is fascinated.

Tiffany classic design is the definition of work, that is amazing each masterpiece can be the perfect generation to generation, the eternal charm. Tiffany's design never meet the ups and downs of fashion and, therefore, will not be out of date. It is completely above the trend of the above.
Tiffany's creative ideas are brought out the essence and rich with American characteristics: simple clear lines tell sober clarity and exciting move of God's grace. Harmony, proportion and well-organized, in the design of every Tiffany blend naturally present.

Tiffany's design emphasizes excellence. It can free things to get inspiration from nature, leaving cumbersome and feminine affectation, just simple and clear, and each masterpiece reflects the American people are born straight, optimism.

September 1837, Charles Tiffany and John Young 259 Broadway in New York created the "Tiffany - Young" stores, specialty stationery boutique. The store with the price tag of all goods are priced, do not allow customers to discuss discounts, which was regarded as a new distribution methods. In the same year, the store changed its name to "Tiffany" and start using the unique blue box. Even today, Tiffany's shopping bag, merchandise manuals, advertising posters and all promotional items are still using this blue, blue then became the Tiffany brand-specific colors.

In 1851, Tiffany introduced beautifully designed silver, attracted wide attention. Since then, it is the first to use 925 silver, this became the standard of American silver. In 1861, Tiffany was invited to design for the inauguration of President Lincoln Memorial pitcher, gave his wife a set of Lincoln was also a Tiffany pearl jewelry products. During the American Civil War, Union forces for the provision of Tiffany sword, flag and surgical instruments, and later as General Grant and General Sherman produced the sword embedded with precious stones.

1867 World's Fair in Paris, because of its fine silver Tiffany became the first brand to receive the Fair Award. 4 years later, it introduced the Japanese inspiration for the design of the natural landscape of the Audubon series of silver tableware, this series is still one of Tiffany's best-selling product.

1886, launched the most classic Tiffany Setting Series ring. It will be designed platinum six claw diamond ring set in the ring, the maximum bring out the diamond, it reflects light to full. "Six feet Mosaic Law" was published, it immediately became a diamond engagement ring inlaid with international standards. The 19th century, Tiffany's strength has been comparable with European jewelers, its customers include the European royal family and rich, were Charles Tiffany, founder of the U.S. media as the "Diamond King."

In 1902, Charles Tiffany died, the succession of his son Lewis Nepal, and the company's first design director. I was a little Tiffany jewelry designers and master glass, Tiffany lamps he designed to send self-contained, highly successful. At this point, Tiffany had become an outstanding representative of American Craft, the quality and design worthy to compete with European counterparts.

During World War II, Tiffany boutiques gathered in the headquarters moved to New York's Fifth Avenue. After the war, the brand has ushered in a golden period of development. Early 60s, starring Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast of Tiffany" swept the world, the United States in the classic film, and Tiffany appear in the film, but also to brand fame spread all over the world.
Tiffany has been in New York as a base in San Francisco in 1963 opened the first store outside New York. Tiffany out of the country in 1972, came to Tokyo in 1986, shop in London, has now entered the European market. In 1987, Tiffany New York Stock Exchange. Tiffany created to commemorate the 150th anniversary, when the United States Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston Art Museum, respectively, Tiffany silver and jewelry organized a retrospective exhibition.

Tiffany's constant innovation in the global jewelry industry it has been a leading position. In 1999, it launched the latest diamond engagement ring Lucida, the Latin word meaning the Milky Way stars. Lucida diamond is square, clean lines and attractive, layered diamond crown diamond cut makes more sense of depth, not only eye-catching light distribution inside and outside, and also have different moves luster.

Today, Tiffany is not only the world's leading jewelers, it is silver ware, china, crystal and watches and other aspects of technology and design is also an international reputation. Museums and collectors around the world are regarded as the collection of Tiffany's masterpieces.

Classic Tiffany design advocate, never follow the trend, not kitsch, totally above the trend of the above, so each piece have a timeless charm.

Connecticut, a miller's son Charles Lewis Tiffany (Charles Lewis Tiffany), came to New York in 1837 Broadway, opened a humble little shop, business stationery and textiles, jewelry and changed to business. Ugly duckling became a swan can not think of a long, shabby little shop several changes, finally became the United States, becoming the first one refers to high-end jewelry stores - Tiffany jewelry company, its strength is comparable to Europe to compete against the jewelry dynasty , brand reputation than Cartier in Paris. End of the century, Tiffany's customers include the British Queen Victoria, King of Italy, and Denmark, Belgium, Greece and the United States a number of big-name millionaire. Charles himself won the "Diamond King" crown.

Charles Tiffany really is a talented businessman. That year the United States across the Atlantic telegraph cable in a need to be replaced because of damage, he learned the news, decided to buy this cable. People are still looking at him in amazement bought the cable in the end want to use the occasion to send what he had in his own Tiffany store, the cable cut into 2-inch-long short short, as a historical souvenir sale, so a lot of money. On another occasion, he bought the Queen Eugenie rare bright yellow diamonds, but in no hurry to hand, but comfortably held a exhibition in New York from all over the world flocked to rush to see the charisma of this rare treasures Visitors who earned billions of dollars.

Charles Tiffany's son Louis Comfort Tiffany (Louis Comfort Tiffany) was born in 1848. His father, though not with the sale of unique courage, but the same creative spirit. Tiffany jewelry design process has been in his hands carried forward. After he went to Paris to study to become a specialist glass products to create Tiffany Studios and the invention of a unique texture and multi-faceted spiral-shaped diamond-cutting process, so that a more brilliant diamond flashing brilliance, he designed the lighting is also large by the success. Tiffany became the outstanding representatives of the new process and make the U.S. craft to become the rage of the goods.

Tiffany was founded soon designed a beam of white ribbons of blue box, as its famous landmark. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the first use of stainless steel jewelry brand Tiffany box, stressed the need to silver, not gold.

Tiffany Celebration Rings awarded the new-born babies from the grand anniversary, each day is worth celebrating important, bearing in mind. Tiffany Celebration Rings in the memorable moments for life enriched by Albert.

Tiffany Bubbles intoxicating reverie, platinum and gold inlaid with diamonds and colored gemstones each other, Full, full of touching joy. Flying bubble shape, passion, vitality, joy all in one.

Tiffany Legacy inspired by the Art Deco-style platinum diamond jewelry series. Huagui Yan Li, amazed.

Tiffany Lace transcend time and space boundaries. This compact eye-catching design, inspired by the designer Louis Comfort Tiffany20 Theme of the century.


Tutima - German Government Designated Air Force Pilots Watch Brand

Brand Watch News Report: Tutima German government designated the Air Force pilots must wear the only watch brand. Dating back to 1927.

World War I broke out, expensive precision form instantaneously collapse the market. Riots followed a turbulent 10 years, to 1926, almost deserted Glashütte region. The end of 1926, some companies want to end the crisis. Established Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glashütte Corporation (UROFA) and Uhrenfabrik Glashütte Corporation (UFAG), led by the Dr. Ernst Kurtz, the company began to develop and produce their own watch, the movement to produce products comparable with the Swiss. The best quality models named "Tutima", the name derived from the Latin "tutus", meaning "safe" or "protection." Tutima soon for quality and earned a reputation for excellent service.

Tutima German government designated the Air Force pilots must wear the only watch brand. Dating back to 1927. World War I broke out, expensive precision form instantaneously collapse the market. Riots followed a turbulent 10 years, to 1926, almost deserted Glashütte region. The end of 1926, some companies want to end the crisis. Established Uhren-Rohwerke-FabrikGlashuumltte Company

(UROFA) and UhrenfabrikGlashuuml; tte company (UFAG), by the leadership of Dr ErnstKurtz, the company began to develop and produce their own watch, the movement to produce products comparable with the Swiss. The best quality models named Tutimar, the name derived from the Latin tutusr, meaning safety or protection r r. Tutima soon for quality and earned a reputation for excellent service. May 8, 1945, on the eve of the ceasefire, Russian bombers almost flattened Glashütte, Germany tabulation center suffered heavy losses. However, Tutima lucky enough to stay behind and built a factory in West Germany. Because the coincidence is: ErnstKurtz Bo Shiqia Fortunately, the day before the bombing with property left Glashütte. In the same year, he set up in southern Germany, a new company UhrenfabrikKurtz. In 1951, the company moved to Lower Saxony Ganderkesee, a collection of the original employees, Kurtz departure from the place before the pause. Kurtz engraved dial traditional Glashütte r unequivocal intention that the standards to maintain the original watch.

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