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Brand Watch News Report: To "always have their day" to describe the current status of Waldan does not seem appropriate because it is in his early watch brands. However, these words used to describe the founder of Oscar Waldan Waldan Internetional to most appropriate. Because of its founder Oscar Waldan indomiwatch fighting spirit, in order to set up in 1979 Waldan International international reputation. Oscar Waldan watches a young man has an interest, which his father was alone in the bag clean and repair the watch is evident. "In the absence of any help, I break up his father's watch and drawing shows how the combination of parts." Later, he studied horology in Germany and for a number of Europe's best watchmakers work.

In 1955, his first job - in Switzerland's Le Locale for Charles Tissot (Tissot second generation descendant of) work. Waldan a motivated employee is, he quickly Bianxiang Charles Tissot watches to submit their design, but also be promoted soon. Universal Geneve 1959, he moved to watch the universe, and he is both the company's sales representatives, purchasing and also served as vice president of design. There, Waldan met the world famous Mr. designer Gerald Genta. Understanding of the Gerald Genta, Waldan to Mr. designers and watch manufacturers to develop.

Through his contacts in the watch industry, Waldan quick access to the famous Rolex series. His meticulous study of these watches. He discovered the antique watch in terms of interest, while the versatile mechanical watch is staggering. The advent of the 1970s brought a new technology - quartz. Since then, great changes since the world watches. Mr. Waldan not only did not cherish this new technology, but focus on the complicated mechanical watches. He began to watch the production of high-quality and multi-functional watch. Waldan purchased from the Swiss manufacturer of watch movements in major parts. Waldan know the storage of enough parts to help repair his watch manufacturing. Waldan collecting as much as possible in the market with all kinds of watch movements and parts. It was expected that the Oscar Waldan mechanical clocks will again prevail.

Founded in 1979, Oscar Waldan Waldan International Corporation, Bienne in Switzerland, set up watch factory, to open an office in New York and maintenance center. With the establishment of the new company, he began to create the most beautiful, elegant design of the multi-function watch. He chose to use high quality materials and decided to focus on the development of platinum, 18K rose gold, 18K white gold and other series.

Waldan International company has set up more than two decades, Waldan International around the world with discriminating collectors to provide quality clocks and watches. Waldan also produced some well-known jewelers jewelry watches. You can also Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Tourneau jewelry and other stores to find the shadow.

Today, with more than four years in the watch industry experience, Oscar Waldan still produce high-quality and multi-function watch list. Waldan International is still a small number of existing privately owned, and since beginning operations still watch the company founder.

Waldan International business practices in the watch industry peers regarded as a smaller number. It produces high-quality watches and clocks, but the price thousands of dollars cheaper than the brand name watches. We can not help asking: Why Oscar Waldan can supply the best price good quality watch? Oscar Waldan years of experience in the watch industry; his knowledge of design and production; his watch prime quality requirements, are Oscar Waldan success. In terms of price, Oscar Waldan Bienne in Switzerland have their own factories. He does not employ any marketing company, not regional and international promotional activities. Waldan collectors and customers rely on word of mouth. "From the beginning, my goal is to provide high quality, competitive price, complex mechanical watches and clocks"

From Waldan International's products and strong appreciation of the collectors and from customers confirms Waldan International commitment to quality. Waldan International time-watchs, astronomical clock value.

Waldan chronograph has always been my favorite of the best. Such as the 0195 GMT series, hand-rolled code watch movement, Analog calendar, 18K rose gold case, sapphire surface and back through the end, 38MM diameter, with a moon phase loss and profit. I believe that a fully functional chronograph every minute and second hands is the first choice for men. The energy display with 0800 masterpiece is my favorite, simple and classic. Waldan International has been low-key, even the printed atlas watches, the same place shows its simplicity and simple. If you like the chronograph, may wish to consider the sincerity of Oscar Waldan for - Waldan International.

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