Brand Watch News Report: FabriquedeMontresVulcain launched in 1947, Cricket Cricket is worth mentioning that the first alarm watch. Previously, many attempts to try the alarm into the watch can not be convincing, because the sound is too weak, people who used to wake up sleeping less reliable. After a group of watchmakers and engineers five years of research and development, Vulcain (it was founded in 1858, the corporate history is littered with masterpieces) was the owner RobertDitisheim show barrel with two separate - one for movement, one for the alarm - the new manual winding movement, which can produce more than ever chime sound. 25 seconds seems like a general alarm sounds of crickets sure even the most lazy people can wake up Nansi Hou. Therefore, in this small insects Vulcain this new watch named Cricket cricket. Immediately after the listing successful, the company then produced this interesting to watch hundreds only.

Waterloo Road, was founded in 1858, Kennedy, after a period of silence, finally reborn. September 2001 to President Bernard R. Fluery headed by Mr PMH SA, Kennedy purchased the Waterloo Road and Cricket are two brand names, including its exclusive right to use and the production of the famous Cricket mechanical alarm movement sound production tools.  

Available in the Wo Road 1947 Kennedy Cricket alarm clock, an introduction will be popular around the world. Period of time in the 1950s, the banana experts who watch the Top Ten Lists have set it out people.

In the 1960s, it had been line on behalf of the U.S. president used. Including the Truman, Eisenhower Wei Li, Nick Sun, about Hanxun (Hong Kong newspapers accuse "Jason") and so on. Out in the White House more than letters, about its reliability. Nixon first visited China after 5 years are still using Wo Road wrote to Kennedy, where precision thanks. Advertisements in Chinese newspapers that year to such common words: Waterloo Road, U.S. President Kennedy alarm clock.

Waterloo Road, a new generation of Kennedy, basically only stainless steel or 18K red gold of the two case. Two-tone room watch at the end, acts like a tuning speaker HiFi speakers bear on bare benefit greatly enhance the sound, of course, continue. At the same time, comply with the influx of slightly enlarged diameter which is larger elements of the sound. It's made for up to 20 seconds or more, will form on the inside door Que on the door, the sound can be heard outside. A little bit of high frequency sound, it sounds like it's the same name, like crickets in the bark. Cricket's name, enough to popularity.

Cricket Classic1951 Fu system is the alarm clock function. Its shape, felt from the 1950s, Kennedy works Wo Road, which is the line of U.S. presidents wear style. Its size is 38 mm case, waterproof up to 50 meters. Can choose as many as 10 surface types except species. I believe more popular in the market, will be decorated with carved surface of a transparent blue enamel plaque, and the surface of red gold case charcoal line styles.

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