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Latest Watches News Report: Since 1979, Wyler Genève watch Dakar Rally has been the official timer. As of 2009 Dakar Rally (South Station), Wyler Genève has served as Official Timekeeper of Dakar rally 30 years. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this meaningful, Wyler Genève will introduce the new Wyler Genève watches, sports watches. By then, Wyler Genève watch ambassador in Dhaka, the most successful race driver Stéphane Peterhansel set off in 2009 will be wearing this section stations 9,000 kilometers of the race in South America.

A century ago, the Swiss watchmaker Paul Wyler upon request to proceed to strictly meet the daily needs of the design watch. In 1927, Wyler successful design of a revolutionary damping balance pendulum, and named "Incaflex". Wyler Genève watch in subtle but important part of this has a revolutionary design, in order to clearly demonstrate the advantages of this design, Wyler Genève in 1956 the company organized a simple demonstration. Presentation to the form of public performance, the two Wyler Genève Incaflex watch from the top of the Eiffel Tower in 300-meter fall to the ground. This sensational event certified by a notary, two hit the ground after heated watch, still accurate timing.

After A Decade of his business, Wyler Genève Watch Company and Milan entrepreneurs Innocente Binda work together to sell their products. Wyler Genève Binda engineering talent and business acumen is absolutely perfect match, just a few years, Wyler Genève watch in Binda's domestic market had become a household name. Wyler Genève cooperation with the Binda family has been going on for over a century, today's Wyler Genève has become the Binda Group one of its luxury brand, the Group President of the Innocent's grandson Marcelo as . 1972, to Jennifer Love watch Eternaz for producers.

Binda Group, owned by former Italian brand Wyler-Vetta, now abbreviated to three or four years ago, the brand Wyler Wyler-Vetta was in the 'classic' mid-range position. Surprisingly, the positioning and inspiration from the 50 and 60 years of mechanical models, did not achieve the success the company anticipated. Perhaps because, at that period of public favor high-end segment, the price positioning a 'low'. Binda Group to re-launch of the single name Wyler (the name of the source is a very ingenious Basel watchmaker Paul Wyler, he was in the early 20th century Italian entrepreneurs Innocente Binda and co-founded the brand), not only to high-end market move and in accordance with the basic principles of the brand repositioning.

Paul Wyler 1927 invented Incaflex, is actually a can withstand shocks and protect the balance of violent revolutionary pendulum system. Which in 1956 took a watch that dropped from the Eiffel Tower on the famous demonstration has been verified. Today, Wyler brand of products is also located in this same principle of defensive impact on: Incaflex balance placed against the lateral oscillation, Incabloc system to prevent the vertical vibration, the movement to accommodate four to resist the violent collision of the supported titanium frame buffer containers, the design of such a powerful intention to highlight the watch strong, and through the rubber or Kevlar (a synthetic fiber texture, strong and light weight) produced a thick watch chain to further stressed.

Wyler Genève dissemination activities are focused in the automotive sector, which is fine by Wyler Genève watches reflected in design features, such as the timing button just like pedals, including a grooved rubber tires and crown-like shape of the tire surface, style and other unique natural rubber strap.

Held in Basel, Switzerland 2007 World Watch and Jewellery Show, the famous Italian actress and producer Maria Grazia Cucinotta shows the new Wyler Genève watch, and announced that the brand as the 2007 Paris - Beijing Century Journey (1907, Itala car company hosted the first Beijing - Paris Rally) the main sponsor and official time-watch. In this up to 16,000 km, the trip across Asia and Europe, the Iittala racers will be wearing Wyler Genève Chronograph, and under harsh conditions in the way of its triple protection test. Wyler Genève is also FORMA in Milan organized by International Center of Photography 1907 Itala sponsor the exhibition of historical photos.

Geneva Motor Show in 2007, Wyler Genève and the use of limited editions and famous for the world's top sports car design studio in Milan ZAgato had cooperated. Bilateral cooperation for the first time the idea of making cars, Zagato successfully transferred to the timing of this prestigious brand. The end of 2007, the two sides will jointly offering a special version of "Zagato with Wyler" watch  

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