Omega Seamaster Limited Edition Watch

Fashion Watch News Report: Omega Introduces World's First Ceramic watch with Liquidmetal ® alloy

October 28, 2009 in Beijing, the Omega Seamaster officially released Liquidmetal ® limited edition watch, which is also the world's first ceramic watch with Liquidmetal ® alloys.

Swatch Group R & D personnel in the product development team with the sincere cooperation of Omega under the extraordinary ceramic diving bezel turned out - Liquidmetal ® alloy showing the number and scale of eye-catching silver, and black ceramic bezel contrast. Ceramic dial shine black light the same color, the perfect match with the bezel. Only pioneer innovative technology, only achievement Watch this aesthetic masterpiece of the field.

The very style of the world's first ceramic material with Liquidmetal ® alloys sale 1948 limited edition watch to commemorate the Omega watch the popular series of the birth of the hippocampus year - 1948.

Liquidmetal ® alloy non-crystalline metals, which is a disorder with a non-crystalline atomic structure of metal material. Liquidmetal ® alloy melting point is only half the melting point of conventional titanium alloys, but as it cools into a solid state, the hardness is up to 3 times as much steel. Liquidmetal ® alloy makes it a non-crystalline structure with ceramic bezel seamlessly into one.

Liquidmetal ® is a zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel and beryllium metal elements of a five amorphous alloys. With its own very low cooling rate, non-crystal alloy can be formed slightly larger than 0.1 mm thickness of the structure. In the Liquidmetal ® alloy and the zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) ceramic materials in the composition, the composition of zircon is extremely important elements.

Ultimately, both the superior hardness of the fusion material, making an extremely smooth bezel has a strong anti-wear and corrosion resistance.

First of all, first the formation of ceramic bezel. After etching the ceramic bezel with minutes scale and represent a number of fine lines, and for polishing. After heating the alloy is pressed into grooves etched into the ceramic, and then remove the excess of Liquidmetal ® alloys. Comparatively, in the watch manufacturing often used for other metals, Liquidmetal ® alloy can be carried out at a lower temperature processing, which makes the heating process will not cause any damage to the ceramic bezel.

After Liquidmetal ® alloy on the number and scale of the Lassa polished. Harder than the alloy of ceramic, so meticulous and will not affect the Lassa polished ceramic bezel. Finally, the number and scale with the smooth ceramic bottom circle in sharp contrast.

Omega Seamaster Liquidmetal ® limited edition watch, with stainless steel case and bracelet material, and carrying 2,500 Omega Coaxial revolutionary movement. Precision watch movement ensures the reliability of long-run performance, the perfect match of the ceramics and Liquidmetal ® material is formed on the external corrosion and wear full protection. This reflects the pure Omega origin: a masterpiece of the world's first watch design, inherited the classic look and feel, integration of innovative coaxial technology.

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