DeWitt Released Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon Jump Hour Watches

Brand Watch News Report: DeWitt launched a new Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W., its unique design, such as dial appreciated from the air in New York City high-rise overlooking the landscape, overlooking the broad prospects for meaning, looking forward to a better the future. Twenty-8-Eight jump seconds Tourbillon movement assembly DW 8014 Basel Watch Fair 2010 debut, immediately aroused attention altar watch. This new automatic movement, is the first developed by the DeWitt watch factory, with a patented automatic adjustment of the chain efficiency ASW function (Automatic Sequential Winding) tourbillon movement, driven by the outer ring placed Tuo stored energy.

DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon hop inspiration, from the 30's style New York Mets. At that time the new city of New York is a modern representative of ancient and modern blend of different cultures co-exist compatible; New York high-rise from the stone and iron to build, modern bridge and old church distant relative; New York avant-garde innovation, the dream of all, an architectural masterpiece See all looked up.

Twenty-8-Eight seconds Tourbillon Jumping the design concept, from the United States during the Great Depression, a very popular Art Deco style derived; when many American industrial designer this is very simple and geometric lines of aesthetic fascination, and by virtue of design Many highly innovative modern products, from cars, boats, factories and even a revolving restaurant all-encompassing. At that time most influential designer Norman Bel Geddes designed a unique new concept, convinced that innovation is the courage, he said: "We tend to believe that if the method of dealing with things that have existed for a long time, it means this is the best means of . comply with the old-fashioned though not bad riding the wrong line, but not the driving force, the lack of surprise value. Sometimes, you just put aside the burden of your heart line, life of the NES on the right! to move forward not only imagination, more have the vision and courage. "

Norman Bel Geddes's ideas, and Mr. De Witt of the tabulation process perspective is not without common. In 1932, Norman Bel Geddes published "Horizons", a book detailing its unique design concept and the understanding of the true meaning of design, many creative people became the name of the required reading; Coincidentally, this title, just is Twenty -8-Eight seconds Tourbillon jump design inspiration lies.

The outer edge of the inside of the ring placed Tuo wavy surface with a loop attached to this structure is the start function automatically adjusts the key on the chain efficiency, so that winding can continue on the chain of storage, so that movement of the spring torque in the best state (ie 92-96%) operate under the constant power to the drive wheel system to send an endless supply. In the process, the two arm bars scroll along the wavy surface, ensuring energy storage winding drum to 96%, and then a lever will release the pawl on the chain, so that instead of biting winding drum pawl idle gear; then the movement will depend on the kinetic energy of the rest of the operation of winding drums, until the stored energy decreased to 92% will automatically be biting pawl winding drum gear on the chain, so that stored energy back to 96% level. This innovative technology is especially suiwatch for manual winding drum on the structure of a single chain, but also avoid the automatic movement of the slide spring shortcomings.

DeWitt Mvt ASW 8014 Rotor

DW 8014 320 component parts by the movement, not only continues the DW 8028 Tourbillon movement technology base, and joined the very ingenious ASW technologies, to demonstrate the creative watchmakers DeWitt and attainments. In addition, the balance wheel assembly Phillips curve Straumann Hairspring ® springs, thickness of only 0.0001 mm, flat springs that are not easily broken automatic compensation of non-oxide magnetic alloy production, extreme even accurate, precise performance greatly enhance the balance wheel.

Tourbillon dial above the disk, according to the framework of four columns by the composition, with a deep distinctive Art Deco buildings in New York veneering to show the face of multi-cultural tribute to New York; the base of the building extending to both sides of the ring with the framework of the tourbillon, the base the surface of the sun ray pattern, a symbol of the gentle evening sun.

Dial other parts of the transparent and layered with chocolate stain and gently reflective crystal glass case and rose gold inlaid shiny buildings, but also perceive the movement of the mysterious structure. Double-edged sword-shaped hour and minute hands in the home indicating the time goes by, dead-beat jump seconds seconds tourbillon directly linked to the framework, every second beat and the pause is clearly visible, elegant display of accurate balance wheel swing, Yiling to seconds to display more accurate. Movement power reserve of 72 hours, dial 180 degrees 9 o'clock arc power display scale.

46mm rose gold case size adaptation, than the brand's first case of this series a little thin Academia, watch cylindrical ring 48 of the middle grooved bezel with polished and carved columns and white satin, reflective light effect is very pleasing to the eye; watch The enhanced curvature of the ear is more obvious, the overall appearance of the lines more beautiful and harmonious. Perspective on the back edge of crystal glass watch set on a chain Tuo dynamic two-way rotation, and advancement splint structure of Art Deco beauty, and the framework of the tourbillon and the small gear shaft lever attached to the jumping second hand gear teeth with the second order bite, driving the second hand to jump per second are crisp and a grid. Movement of parts of the Geneva stripes polished, satin polished, fish scale pattern grinding, polishing and processing the meticulous chamfering and other modifications, in full compliance with DeWitt watch the perfect plant for the production process requirements.

Movement: Automatic movement driven by the outer edge of the circular pendulum Tuo, ASW patented technology automatically adjusts the chain efficiency; movement developed by the DeWitt watch factory; jump the second hand is directly connected with the framework Tourbillon; dial with power reserve display

Hours, minutes, jumping seconds, power reserve display

Movement Type: DW 8014

Power reserve: 72 hours

Pendulum frequency: 18,000 times per hour (2.5Hz)

Balance: Glucydur Adjuswatch inertia balance wheel

Gossamer: Phillips curve Straumann Hairspring ® springs

Escapement structure: helical angle 44 degrees

Stones: 34 Jewels

Movement diameter: 37 mm

Movement thickness: 6.358 mm

Limited 250


Brand Introduction: Zenith

Watch Traveling Report: Watch the early fall of 1930, contributing to watch the processes, zenith at the same time develop a new watch - sport Watch. War was imminent, watch factory production rate must be faster, the price is reasonable, accurate and simple products, they are to meet the needs of the armed forces. So precise was originally designed for the Navy, short, light watch the trend continues, higher performance, and follow the aviation industry skills, try to break the durability of the distance or speed records.

Mission: "to bold ideas will be accurate mechanical watches blending with the feelings of the beautiful would"

1865, in Georges Favre Jacot, driven by one of the most advanced watches and clocks mystery Workshops was born. Faber - Jacques a discerning eye, at the age of 22 years of age to first create a truly advanced concept watch. At that time, he brought together all of the master clock to provide them with warmth and light, so that they enjoy the inspiration, threw himself into the watch designs. R in the Latin for hand manusr, so watch making begins with the word Manufacturer dexterous hands of these clocks in the master was born. In a quiet night, Farber - Jacques developed the one most satisfied with his movement. Him stroll under the stars at night, looked up overlooking the sky. At this time, he received the mystery of the universe to his enlightenment. Polaris running around a huge system of celestial bodies, so that he thought the gear around the axis of the watch operation sophisticated structure. So he decided to means the highest point of the universe Belgium ZENITH true word of his movements and watches for the workshop name. He stars as a corporate symbol of symbols, this indicates that enterprises will be under the guidance of the stars, embark on a road full of the future. Since then, a bright shining in the universe, ZENITH watch factory when the real interest laden with fruit through the twentieth century. A total of 1,565 items which design awards, including 50 rounds of high-quality mechanical movement. Their branches from New York to Paris, from Moscow to Tokyo, all over the world.


Fashion Watch News ReportYves Saint Laurent, Yves Saint Laurent is named in Chinese, is the world-famous fashion brand, mainly fashion, skincare, perfume, bags, accessories, YSL, many say the Chinese translation, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Hong Kong and Taiwan also have translated To: Yves Saint Laurent. Yves Saint Lauret is French, a lot of YSL fans often mistake their pronunciation, provide the correct pronunciation: Eve Sonn Lo're-en. YSL GUCCI Group currently belongs.

Forefront of the fashion industry executive Yves Saint Laurent, Paris Left Bank with innovative, unique fashion style and created a colorful, romantic and elegant Saint Laurent era. Since the 1964 launch of the first make-up series from, Yves Saint Laurent brand has always communicated with the elegant, mysterious and passionate spirit of Saint Laurent.

Yves saint laurent, founder of Yves Saint Laurent was born in Algeria in 1936, the most likely age of 21, any of the Dior fashion house's chief designer, but did not last long, as the old customers that Dior Yves - Saint Lo Long too radical, he was fired in 1960. In Paris in 1962 to establish their own company. • St. Laurent both the avant-garde and classical design, fashion models is not bra show Baotou he opened the precursor. • St. Laurent good at adjusting human body imperfections, often the arts, culture and other multiple factors and into the fashion design, drawing sharp and rich in inspiration, and strive to haute couture, such as works of art from beginning to end the perfect camel. • St. Laurent's flagship product is high fashion, the service is the world's only several thousand of the rich, luxurious materials, processing and pay attention to, is expensive, is unaccepwatch to ordinary people.

Yves. Mr. Saint Laurent in August 1936 1 was born in French North Africa Algeria, his family and lucrative, no lack of exposure in the growing opportunities for high fashion jewelry, accumulated over time from brewing enthusiasm for fashion. The age of 17 alone to the fashion capital of Paris to study art, and soon after transferred to the field of painting clothes. At 18, he was winning the fashion design contest winner, an introduction to Christian Dior's work, as Dior's assistant.

After Dior's death in 1957, Saint Laurent was pushed front, the age of 21, take on the role of Dior at the helm.

Pierre Berge in 1962 together with a close friend named create their own fashion brand, founded after the debut has caused great whirlwind, as published at the time a sailor suit, tulips and other lines, are becoming a fashion in the new look This has also allowed the upper class has always been regarded as the prevalence of exclusive fashion system, completely destroyed the collapse of the civilian clothing of the beginning of the promotion.

Saint Laurent broke taboos with its avant-garde spirit of the Saint Laurent brand into a peak in 70,80, and he went into perfume, cosmetics and other fields. In 1964, Yves Saint Laurent launched its first letter in the name of Y, named after the female perfume, YSL and perfume brands from time soon. Yves Saint Laurent perfume original philosophy, evident distinction between the unique personality and lifestyle of consumers, is typical of personalized perfume. But their names are highly controversial, such as opium, oriental perfume, Paris, France, the romantic Champagne perfume, champagne, perfume and even a complaint by French wine, not only losing money, but also to change the name. One popular Yves Saint Laurent Opium (YSL Opium) is the Yves Saint Laurent in 1977, traveling to China after the launch of the perfume, he was deeply moved by the Chinese culture, inspired by the shape from the snuff bottles, brewing a subtle fragrance floating, rich in oriental mysterious YSL Opium, which is named after the first break with traditional perfume launch world sensation, has continued to hold the fragrance world ranking; YSL Kouros fragrance gift to men, masculinity, and healthy atmosphere; YSL Paris perfume tells the fashion capital of Paris and the gentle and romantic girl in Paris; 1988 men came out YSL Jazz fragrance is like jazz-like flow drag in the international city, showing the style of freedom and optimism. 

Yves Saint Laurent perfume mainly are: RiveGauche1971, Opium1977, Paris1983, Champagne1993。
Male perfume are: YSLPourHomme1971, Kouros (1981), Jazz1988, opium male fragrance.

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Recommended Three ENICAR Watches

New Luxury Watches Report: Enicar originated in 1854, an old hand-made Swiss watch workshop. ENICAR name, is for the RACINE family, will write his name upside down so named to represent the membership of his family from generation to generation for centuries in the fine tradition of craftsmanship. Wagner to recommend three British high-end watch, let time stop in the wrist.

ENICAR CH327 Neelam
1. ENICAR CH327 Neelam

Enicar in its earliest days has been successfully locked to Saturn as a brand mark. Sapphire Neelam is an alias for one of the world's top five gems by the world known as Royal Blue. Muscular spend more than the entire series quadrilateral case design, the outer corners, inlaid with more set with screws, is rather masculine details. 100% of the entire series built by the Swiss official Observatory certification movement, witness the brand of traditional watchmaking.


Late last year, the British actor Nag invited to the five award winning film star Mr. Zhang Hanyu Nag has become the latest to join the British spokesman, its excellent acting, low-key personality, is in line with Britain and the United States Nag's intellectual image, to remind young people in fashion but also to look outside the individual talent.

ENICAR CH325 Versailles Diamond
3.ENICAR CH325 Versailles Diamond

Design concepts from 1624 by Louis XIV, Baroque-style building unique gardens of Versailles Palace, Versailles chronometer While this watch is a member of the family. Roman numerals on a 12-point and multi-level set with diamond bezel and diamond ring scale set off each time, filling the Royal magnificent temperament.

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Simple, Practical and Clear Brand - XEMEX

Latest Watches News Report: XEMEX still the United States to X at the beginning, the end of the brand name is reflected Külling the accuracy and stability, Xemex further deepened this impression and to highlight the unique style of the brand, the sum of the same letter, echoed the words of the child's play is not Külling to make, but extremely popular wonderful creation. Also trademark of the two "E" are three levels to reflect the horizontal line, and further highlights the Xemex trademark streamlined features, it also once again demonstrated Külling principles: simple, practical and clear. "For me, the best choice has been streamlined, when I think about creativity, it as clear as Xemex," says an experienced designer. However, to simplify, first there must be need to simplify things, here in terms of traditional watches. Ruedi Külling experience is the first Swiss Bahnhofsuhr, it was Hans Hilfiker designed in 1955, he was streamlined in 1989 to shape into a watch. "If you keep your eyes open fully observe the world, from the original stuff if you find some new things, this by no means accidental coincidence", Külling commented Bahnhofsuhr. At that time he gained from his experience the courage, to design their own watches at the same time, and most other watch manufacturers, not necessarily to create a movement. Külling movement does not want to indulge in manufacturing, but will complete the task entrusted to experienced manufacturers. So Xemex create all, but only not create movement.

Külling took 18 months to design graphics, not free to design a new watch, but to create a new series, a brand. He soon felt the cruel reality, when he ask the bank to self-financing, always get the same answer: the brand is too trivial, and not into the group's ranks. Külling did not feel uneasy, fortunately, Hanspeter Hanschick appeared, a project he is Bahnhofsuhr professional marketing staff. Show they are ready to release a program to Basel in 1995. "In order to achieve its objectives," they said, "because people have been interested in this watch." Steadfastly created two original numbers, Hanspeter Hanschick with their global travel sales, the reaction better, people continue to work. After just one year has sold 3,500 Xemex watches, the best time to reach the 12,000 block. Today the brand in the world set up representative offices in 20 countries, annual sales of 7,000 to 8,000 watches, priced between 700 to 4,000 Swiss francs.

Latest model is the "Calendario eserve 2005" belongs to the four models listed in 2005 the series "Piccadilly" series. The center of the watch is the number of weeks showed that surrounded the day in his side show, calendar display and power reserve display. Piccadilly model in some detail and unique brand mark on some differences Offroad series, Xemex unique strap interface for these activities provide the perfect wrist watch fit comfort.

Offroad is a typical Külling thin watch: round, simple, clear reading, just the right size of the pointer, and the luminous coating solid solid hour mark each other. Outer case wide attention, provide additional information, such as 24-hour display, or speed dial list, and it is very simple sub-cell lines, is Xemex sign, in addition to square the Avenue as well. , "Carved in polished outer case takes a long time, so as to reflect light", Külling recall the details of the deal of painstaking work. Material reflects the light rays, because the narrowing of the edges and corners are the perfect reflection of the basic structure is the best. "The first prototype was polishing the watch", he explained that "so instead of weakening the features." Therefore, changes in technology Külling matte treatment, people can quietly find a Xemex contains much in the precision machining. Speedway sinking crown and polished steel circular pattern on the dial have awakened the people's emotions. Use both sides of the Fat Boy with a watch movement and additionally used a stopwatch movement, not just for looks good, but to highlight the technology in a small structure within the watch. There are five holes on the rotor winding, you can see the brand's five letters, which also reflects the Ruedi külling engraved on each form the philosophical spirit.

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CITIZEN U600 Radio Controlled Chronograph


Remarkable Swiss Watch Brand - Westend

Brand Watch News Report: Westend people love to be known as the Westend love Hong Kong, Macao region known as the "West, Chinese clock"

1886, Droz & Amstutz Swiss company founded in Bombay West End Watch company. The purpose of the company was founded as the Swiss Jura the Alcide Droz & Fils production of watches distributors, as well as the West End brands sold in India. 1917, SociÉtÉ des Montres West End SA was established in Geneva to promote the brand to the world of marketing. In the next few decades, West End grew into a remarkable Swiss watch brand, produced for the European and Asian markets for millions of watch, sales area from the Red Sea until the Chinese. 2001, the brand was acquired and moved to Leytron, located in the Valais in the SAR, the heart of the Swiss Alps. To commemorate the anniversary of the brand hundred and twenty, West End Watch company decided to re-launch of "Queen Anne" modern version of the table. The original table in the first decade of the twentieth century developed, the new version remains the same with the original pure lines and features, especially his strap and thick curved beveled glass, which Glass now uses scratch sapphire crystal materials.

Once again, here are some are Westend stories, so that everyone understands this more well-known watch. Westend, famous Swiss watch, was founded in 1886, and in the 50's, has been in China have a certain reputation, in particular its military form, as the saying goes, "With the gas needle, not afraid of dark beard," in Sino-Indian border war, China to the table to reward triumphant victory in the military. to find the object when the other side a look at the PLA a gas-pin watches, that is, know that this division of the cadres, the cadres did not become a resident to marry the women of beautiful women preferred "Prince Charming." So famously appeared in "With the gas needle, not afraid of dark beard." As long as there it is a status symbol, no matter how good looks can go marry a beauty. Also pass Westend can be used according to the luminous reading. Although it is a bit exaggerated, but Westend does very well in the luminous performance.