Introduce of ETA Movement

Brand Watch News Report: ETA has a history to be traceable to the late 18th century: in 1793, establishing a watch factory in Fontainemelon. Also in Grenchen in 1855 opened a specialist manufacturing "Ebauches (semi-finished watch movements)" (blank movement) of the plant. It was later named ETA. In 1926, brings together the major gaps in the Swiss movement manufacturer's stock company Ebauches SA established. When the SMH in 1983 after the establishment, Ebauches SA changed its name to ETA SA Fabriques d'Ebauches. Switzerland and around the world now has a staff of more than 9 thousand ETA is the world's largest manufacturer of watches and movements. In 1996 the annual output reached 100 million units. Manufacturing and assembly plants located in Switzerland and France, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and China around the world.

Swatch Group's ETA as the cornerstone of the main activities are as follows:

Technical studies to ensure that Swiss watches;
Development of accessories at low prices, movement and mass production of the entire watch;
Watches and production machines to master all the technical; bulk movement and watch assembly.

To achieve these objectives, ETA has its own research and development laboratory: it is also responsible for their own production equipment design and development. For example, ETA one of the most successful products in recent years - Swatch production line (so far have produced over 200 million watches), which is to their own design, development and construction. Active in the ETA on the market 30 kinds of series of electronic and mechanical watch movements shall be in accordance with the provisions of the relevant quality assurance requirements of each production process through the quality inspection system. ETA has a global parts distribution network and after-sales service of the movement for the stock. Distributed to all markets through regular technical information and international training courses, ETA was significantly enhanced on the global impact of professional watchmaker.


Combination of Modern and Traditional - DUNHILL

Brand Watches Information Report: The early 20th century, Britain was the perfect gentleman, Alfred Dunhill has created a rich contemporary luxury brand, dedicated to the elegant, sophisticated products. It symbolizes the classical but it is not static. In the design of a race car driver costumes, porter clothing, novelty items, small accessories, lighters and other items in particular, DUNHILL again return to the perfume industry, launched a fragrance and elegant, extraordinary men's fragrance.

Established in 1894, the British men's brand, stressing the combination of modern and traditional, with a heavy taste of Dunhill fashion gentleman indeed very enjoyable.

Hundred years ago from the Alfred Dunhill opened his first store car accessories products start to the beginning of the twenty-first century, the international car races sponsored by such fearless spirit of adventure runs through the Dunhill Development throughout history, and become the style and characteristics of Dunhill. The spirit of adventure with a unique understanding of luxury Dunhill created a brilliant today.

"Dunhill Jiaju Zu" is a young company from the Alfred Dunhill name of this great career began in the early twentieth century London. At the time, only a small number of people driving the way for leisure and entertainment, these people are usually the son of wealthy, aristocratic adventurous, or those wealthy people and uninhibited behavior.

When the young Victorian racer finally be truly free hand, will be driving to the extreme, to enjoy the pleasure, crazy and exciting time, as the drive for service became a problem, be equipped with some special clothing. The Alfred Dunhill is to provide such equipment for their people.

Dunhill has a loyal and valued customer base, who are each one a leader in fashion at that time. The list includes: King Alfonso of Spain, Norway, Duke of Kent, Siam (now Thailand) King, King Farouk of Egypt, the Netherlands Prince Bernhard, Prince of India, and Somerset Maugham, Oliver * Hardy and so on. Almost everyone loved Dunhill perfume, enjoy the Dunhill cigar, hoping to know by the time Dunhill watches, pens and stationery with a Dunhill writing to friends and family.

Dunhill customers in times of war is the most famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. After the war, many stars also joined the camp of Dunhill customers. Today, people can view these famous stars Chartwell favorite products are unique antique style.

Dunhill in the United States has made remarkable achievements in the Rollagas Dunhill lighter is the "Elvis Presley" Elvis loved ones.

Alfred speculating on psychological aspects of consumer spending is a real genius. More importantly, he was driving a loyal fan, and even a bit fanatical. In 1903, Alfred, Portsmouth, because of the road in Cobham beyond the speed limit of 12 miles per hour the speed of the de Dion driving his car was caught by the police. Because of this incident, he invented the controversial "police probe." The detector from the outside like a cross between goggles and binoculars to drive the transition between the products. There after it, even if the police disguise themselves as a gentleman, car drivers

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Glorious History Page about DOXA

Brand Watch News Report: Swiss watch masters Giorges Ducommun were eleven years old has devoted himself to watch making industry, he is keen to watch the development process, has been eager to exact the perfect timepiece produced. With the firm belief, Ducommun was founded in 1889 and successfully DOXA brand, expand its glorious page.

As early as 1906 degrees will be awarded for the Italian watch presented the gold medal. In 1910, when the degree will be up for the brand still in use today, you now see when the degree of DOXA signs, one hundred years ago in use. Into modern times, when the degree of widespread in the automotive, football fields, has worn the World Cup in Germany in the year on the wrist of each player. Diving watches when the degree is also the founder of the watch.

Ducommun attaches great importance to quality, each finished at the factory by his personal check to make sure everything perfect. Insist on such a profound impact on the quality of the company's corporate culture, "quality first" production from the first principles of DOXA.

Hundred years, DOXA in watches and clocks to the reputation has been entirely consistent "high quality", "beautiful and practical," "making work fine," the three principles.

Into the twenty-first century, DOXA will be the future, follow the good tradition of excellence, to produce more perfect timepiece to repay the love and support from all walks of life, the closer to the market, to meet consumer demand.

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Accuracy Daniel Roth

Fashion Zone Report: Daniel Roth, also known as: Daniel Roth or Dannilusi.

"In learning to be a watchmaker, I met several very strict teacher, to develop a never satisfied with" good enough "such a standard to work habits. Instead, everything must be completely done right, do our best. Despite the need to spend considerable time and money, self-esteem of the watchmaker to be careful with tremendous technical and patience, careful completion of each process, the achievements of a self-perfect work. "--- Daniel Roth

While many people may not have been Gerald Genta, but his ultra-complex functions tabulation process, the classic cartoon hopping watch and watch the unique octagonal shape and other characteristics, but at least still catchy.

Daniel Roth Although his debut ten years too late, but in fact the evaluation of his watchmaking skills are no less Geral Genta. Daniel Roth and although I already left the company he founded single-handedly, but today the Daniel Roth brand not only carry forward his tabulation process, the spirit is still with his index, combining the advantages of Bulgari Group continued to sophisticated, to become Today, the altar watch in the production of small but quality refinement. Daniel Roth describes this masterpiece designed by the same time, to take this opportunity to introduce the Daniel Roth himself, should be quite help us understand the essence of today's Daniel Roth.

Ancestral home in the Swiss watchmaking city of La Chaux des Fonds of the Daniel Roth was born in a tab family, his grandfather and father are watchmakers. Grandfather as tired of the rainy La Chaux des Fonds, so moved to Nice in southern France, and repair watchs in the local opening of business operations.

From small shops in the watch and the work of Daniel Roth games grow up, I naturally have chosen to watch as his lifelong career. Watchmaking school in Nice complete their studies, he went to La Valle de Joux in Switzerland Jura mountains to seek opportunities. After working in several studios, the device is full and ambitious young man was appointed to the Audemars Piguet work. Audemars Piguet plants in seven years, Daniel Roth as a Familiarize watchmakers. Less than three years old, Daniel Roth Breguet to be bought under the Chaumet family appreciated, has been appointed to serve as watchmakers Breguet.

Although the brothers Jacques and PierreChaumet confident vision of Breguet, but in addition to a long watchmaking tradition and voluminous books information, then Breguet fact, almost only a name, sales of watches actually adopt outsourcing production. In full support of the family Chaumet, Daniel Roth in addition to the information day and night in the room studying Breguet Breguet watch the rich history and craft traditions, but also watch the school back to Le Sentier, Breguet valuable to study how the complexity of recovery function and create stunning new work times. In the efforts of Daniel Roth, Breguet studio and launch a homemade calendar watch, then get an enthusiastic response from the market. Later, Daniel Roth and the introduction of the calendar and the Breguet Tourbillon watches; more antique pocket watch by Breguet inspired to create a new classic 3130 Breguet watch storage display, not only full recovery of the function of the inherent complexity of Breguet, but also will once again push the top watchmaker Breguet's glorious stage.

In 1987, Chaumet family financial crises, the Breguet sold to Investcorp. Daniel Roth also leave their spent fourteen years with book all the way to thrive Breguet. This is full of their own expectations, and always adhere to the uncompromising focus watchmakers to create the perfect start to another great adventure of his life, created in 1988 to his name as a brand of Daniel Roth. In addition to complex still features ultra bright, Daniel Roth is also on the shape of beauty and texture to create a new classic, xxxvii procedures to complete the two oval-shaped case, set round, oval and other forms in an angular both distinctive personalized, and elegant mellow. You Xiangang crafted with the financial and economic Obscure surface, no wonder modern watchmaking history quickly became the totem of a dazzling and new classics.

Daniel Roth own brand after only one goal, that is to follow the tradition of watchmaking, meticulous approach to research and development and production of more sophisticated timepieces. Daniel Roth is still a very small number so far has asked the watch making technology watch factory, and including the tourbillon, the three asked the watch, watch calendar, moon phases and the Westminster bell watch watch so great masterpieces from the Ming, are watch collectors praise for the unique charm of the process best, popular appreciation and esteem.

 After several years of efforts, Daniel Roth growing reputation for superior watchmaking Chong Long, but focus on creating great profit when the dollars it is clear he is not so good, like the poet and painter of genius are often not good at personal gain just after sunrise Like a small profit. Support the creation of the original Daniel Roth claimed that investors Siber Hegner poor earnings, hoping to exit. Fortunately, the family of Singapore Tay The Hour Glass (THG) timely helping hand, in 1994 bought 51% of the shares (THG Also in 1996, bought the Gerald Genta 51% of the shares). The beginning, THG's Asian access to the capital and a great help Daniel Roth, Daniel Roth, but I am no longer on the company's business has ownership. Asian financial crisis hit in 1997, THG hit deep, had in 2000 and Geral Genta Daniel Roth sell Bulgari Group, Daniel Roth himself has officially left the brand of his own creation.

  Commendable is that after the Bulgari Group took over the Daniel Roth watches, not only continue to introduce new complex features stunning, Daniel Roth on the "precise timing" of the usual requirements of Bulgari Group has also been regarded as a model, this stubborn insistence In particular, touching. "It is the nature of time goes by, the watchmaker must try all the way, devoting himself to accurately calculate the time course of" This is Daniel Roth I have always believed the truth, there is still today the Daniel Roth brand watches emerged with a solid law. A clock master, the recording time can be easy, you can also racked mind, depending on how he reflects the view of the standard of time determined. Bvlgari took over from the wonderful performance, Daniel Roth today only in the production of each watch, when all the feelings of the most serious treatment to this point in time accurately especially under the foot effort. Daniel Roth emphasized that hundred percent precision and accuracy, even if the gear is a small palace, also seen as key to success. This is what today's Daniel Roth watch the good name can be correct reason accurate timekeeping by no means come in handy, but no reserved, bother from the pursuit. To be able to appreciate the unique good taste and want a sight to behold in terms of the performance watch fan, Daniel Roth is definitely worth your bother to understand the brand.


Develop of De Grisogono

Brand Watch News Report: De Grisogono from Geneva, Switzerland, the famous watch and jewelry brand, has 30 years of design by a senior jewelry designer brand leader and Mr. Fawaz Gruosi founded in 1996. De Grisogono, a Swiss high-end jeweler Chopard Watches a subsidiary, with bold ideas and the Black Diamond is known for, this four purple women's watches, not only has a beautiful appearance, and stylish appearance, workmanship, elegant expression of taste and luxury women's pursuit.

De Grisogono the world's first use of black diamonds to create jewelry and watch company. By the creation of the renowned and wealth, only a short decade ago, though junior, but unlimited creativity, to make a bold new attempt to black diamond jewelry famous.

De Grisogono the use of precious stones in their craft, the true spirit of innovation, daring and unique styles and their amazing success on a global scale. Fruit series of jewelry to luxurious and elegant style through design studded with diamonds and precious stones; pink sapphire bracelet dolphin, blue, green, yellow peacock ring and other precious stones, all kinds of color are concentrated in unique jewelry style works on If people experience its rich and diverse creativity.

In terms of technology, De Grisogono that the bar code can not ensure that the valuables in tracking accuracy when inventory and security requirements. Therefore, De Grisogono has adopted item-level RFID system, using data from the French manufacturer of RFID systems and tags, TAGSYS readers and automatic identification software from the Swiss solutions provider Solid software.

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Chopard - simple and elegant luxury

Chopard - simple and elegant luxury
Founder, Louis: Ulysses Chopard (Louis Ulysse Chopard)
1860 founding time
Founding Location: Switzerland

Ulysses, a body created by Louis Chopard's Chopard prominent watch in watches and clocks, has long advocated the unique taste of Chopard's top watch originality of design and technology, providing the unique taste of the watch, fine, as upper class people the choice of the most carefully . In over 50 countries, Chopard watch are considered simple and elegant, unique gourmet watch.

Chopard, a not unfamiliar name. Mention the word, your first reaction must be talented musicians who are world-renowned and his piano. However, this nor that Chopard is Chopard. It is not out by the spectrum of world music masters, but from the hand of the fine craftsmen; it does not linger on the 3rd of the residual sound absolutely not curl, but also to the continuous belt moving people to the art and joy.

140 years of history from the family watch - Chopard watch. The "Chopard" in the name of the invisible into the watch for the Chopard into the strong artistic temperament, so impressive to the brand itself has brought unexpected results. Reality Chopard watch watch altar in the world, like Francisco Chopard of the world's history, the same reputation and by actively promoting cultural and chariwatch causes, such as for each session of the Cannes Film Festival "Golden Palm" Award and the World Humane Society sponsored, not only to Chopard greatly admired the watch in the elite class, but also make it among the general established a good reputation in the minds of most people naturally become worth a lot of money Chopard watch has a positive reputation in the international watches.

Today, from the warm beaches of the Caribbean sunlight, to hot springs in Japan cherry blossoms fluttered, and then to France, Champs Elysees, and even the Pyramids of Egypt at the foot of the watch you will find luxury and fashion Chopard figure.

As of and for the classic

Chopard sheet tab with the idea of the order has been touched in love with its people, who are also the most faithful heart to respond to this great world brands.

Chopard watch family business is a different place, while 99% of the products are own production is another major feature. Some watch companies is part of their production, such as Piaget, but almost all of Chopard's energy has been wasted in the production and design aspects, then the sales outsourcing. Chopard watch is always doing a very emotional thing, the company's family of all decisions are entirely based on ideas to act, how to ensure that products can be recognized by consumers? Unique business philosophy that determined this particular philosophical enterprise. Many large companies follow the market research, production according to market-oriented products. The Chopard tabs do not make market research company, they only do they like the product, but their main job is to find that consumers - share their consumers.

Really laid the basis for international brands Chopard watch is the 1967 launch of the "Happy Diamonds" (Happy Diamonds) Series. When the embodiment of the snowflake-shaped, heart-shaped diamond expensive various shapes, such as the urchin-like chasing each other at the watches in mirror, laughing and playing, can not help but emotions are also easy to be happy.

This ingenuity has a unique design not only opened the jewelry watches designed another window, change the gem only static framed presentation of the surface, but also allow people to appreciate our jewelry watch, a little more interesting. This bold and create a unique great success, won the 1976 Golden Rose Award Baden, which has the world's highest honor award of a watch. With this fun and imaginative design, Chopard watch watch top jewelry industry gained a high status. Can be said that happiness Diamond Series Chopard has a significant place in the watch. Exaggerated point of speaking, it seems to have become a legend on the Chopard, or a miracle. In fact, the Diamond Series is a traditional craft, happy and creative design interpretation of nature was so harmonious, and it became a famous symbol watch Chopard. It makes the diamond watch with a new interpretation, this invention does not only amazing people they exclaimed.

Happy Diamonds on the origins, there are two different versions of the legend.

One version of a company Khodorkovsky's designers inadvertently glanced at the watch for a few diamonds, was badly flickering glare of light that unfettered impressed. Sudden inspiration to his hands would immediately How many pieces of the same size diamond bordered gold rings, enclosed in a crystal glass ring circle, then a small glass rings set of two needles in the classical gold sheet and reinforced with a gold ring , coupled with strap - Happy Diamond Table was born. It was the outer edge of a few diamonds, from time to time with the wrist movement to walk, blinking out of bits and pieces attractive light. Even superstitious gamblers also fancy it, that diamonds can be happy wearing luck has turned.

Another version is that designers Gaussian one day when walking in the Black Forest of Germany, along the road to waterfall, watching the thousands of small water droplets in the turbulent agitation of the water ejected let him whim, "If diamonds are no longer fixed to and fitted in the watch, but life can be as free as a happy turn, that time!" As a result, he really did. After carefully pondering, he put a layer between the diamond watch with sapphire crystal mirror, and then to 18K gold diamond wrap. In this way, many hearts filled with diamonds really began to slide freely inside the watch, not hinder the functions of watching time, but also adds to the fun.

No matter which version of the story is true, or the two versions are not enough to believe people can not deny the joy of Chopard diamond watch very beautiful, personalized fashion.


Well-known French Fashion Brand - Dior

Dior is a well-known French fashion consumer brands. Dior company mainly engaged in women's, men's, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics and other luxury goods. The men's brand is now an independent for the Dior men's.

Historical Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Normandy, France, "Dior" in French is "God" (Dieu) and the "gold" (or) the combination of the brand Dior gold later became the representative of the most common color. Dior is not a fashion design background, graduated from the Paris Institute of Political, but also as an entrepreneur son, his passion for art has never faded. Been drifting in the fashion field, the 1946, have reached the fourth decade of Dior Avenue Montaigne in Paris, only to open its first store personal clothing.

Since inception in 1946, has been synonymous with gorgeous and elegant. Whether in fashion, cosmetics or other products, CD has been ranked as the top in the fashion hall.

In 1935, the early independence, Dior has gone through a very dark time. He had a small daily newspaper advertising in search of work opportunities, he did not have a fixed address, sometimes living with friends, sometimes sleeping in the streets, hungry for a meal, eat a meal and eventually got tuberculosis. Nevertheless, Dior never collapse under. One day when they can not work Dior into deep adversity, a fashion industry friend suggested that he painted a number of fashion design, the plan has become very popular. Each design is fully revealed his unique talent show, he firmly grasp the dynamics of life, so in every design is brought to life.

In 1937, he finally became "Pignet" the company's fashion designers. At this time, the outbreak of World War II, Dior was forced to leave Paris with their families. When he return to Paris, his "Pignet" a fashion designer's position has been replaced by others, he had become an assistant. Dior was over and he has friends all around a successful career, the turn of Dior make things happen. Years of trying and failed to make the maturing Christian Dior, he clearly aware of her own talent. He was a born designer, from the never studied tailoring, sewing skills, but the concept of cut clear in their minds, feel they are very sensitive to the ratio.

Dior himself once said: "Fragrance is a door leading to the new world, so I chose to make perfumes, even if you only stay for a while in the bottle next to, you can feel the charm of my design, I dress up every emit a dim women are attractive Elegant, personalized perfume is an indispensable complement of women, it can only embellishment my clothes, and making it perfect, it makes women with fashion style of thousands. "
In 1973, the Dior company that set up their own R & D center Yan United States, they have nearly 200 researchers, biologists, physicians, pharmaceutical scientists with a global network of more than 20 university research centers and scientific institutions to work together to Yan and technology innovation and the forefront of U.S. efforts. For each of their products, touch has been the emphasis Dior, is that they insist on the same tradition. Silky touch, beautiful skin and charming aroma are the focus required of women; Dior skin care products bring the perfect combination of technology and pleasure

In 1947, Dior introduced his first fashion series: rapidly put away the waist highlight curves compared with the chest, and calf length black wool skirt with delicate folds point to, together with modified compact shoulder line, subversion everyone's eyes, is called "New Look", meaning Dior brought a new face of women. Indeed, Dior beauty of women post-war reconstruction, set the high 50's elegant taste, but also to Christian Dior's name, deeply imprinted in the minds of women and the history of 20th century fashion.

Dior has become a classic, in addition to its innovation with elegant design has also brought on many outstanding young designers. Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano at Dior died after having taken over, the extraordinary skill of the Dior design of the momentum into the vertex, and they uphold the spirit of the design are the same - Dior's exquisite tailoring. In 2001 the French designer Hedi Slimane took over the renamed DIOR HOMME, his design emphasizes the perfect line, ultra-small size of the garment through the lean, young male model takes on a somewhat morbid sense of beauty, attracts the world .

Today, Dior's brand range in addition to high fashion, and it has long extended to perfumes, furs, sweaters, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes and other fields, keep trying, innovation has always maintained an elegant style and taste. In 1947, after World War II, the world's fashion center of Paris in the reconstruction process, Dior and made indelible contributions; in 2005, Christian Dior's birth centenary today, Dior continued to bring new people to experience life and wear .

January 1905, was born in Normandy, France
1920 -1 925 years, studying political science
1928 -1 931 years, art dealers
1931 -1937, the freelance designer
1937 -1,939 years, Piguet (leather cover) assistant designer clothing store
1941 -1947 years, Lelong (Lelong) designer clothing store
1946, set up their own shop

In 1935, the early independence, Dior has gone through a very dark time. He had a small daily newspaper advertising in search of work opportunities, he did not have a fixed address, sometimes living with friends, sometimes sleeping in the streets, hungry for a meal, eat a meal and eventually got tuberculosis. Nevertheless, Dior never collapse under.

One day when they can not work Dior into deep adversity, a fashion industry friend suggested that he painted a number of fashion design, the plan has become very popular. Each design is fully revealed his unique talent show, he firmly grasp the dynamics of life, so in every design is brought to life.

In 1937, he finally became "Piguet" the company's fashion designers. At this time, the outbreak of World War II, Dior was forced to leave Paris with their families. When he return to Paris, his "Piguet" a fashion designer's position has been replaced by others, he had become an assistant. Dior was already over 40, and his friends are successful career around the turn of Dior make things happen.

Years of trying and failed to make the maturing Christian Dior, he clearly aware of her own talent. He was a born designer, from the never studied tailoring, sewing skills, but the concept of cut clear in their minds, feel they are very sensitive to the ratio.

In 1946, Dior by chance, Mr. chance encounter business tycoon Marcel Boussac, the two hit it off, with 85 employees and capital invested 6 million enamel Lang's first Christian Dior shop in Paris's most elegant and prestigious Montaigne Avenue 30, the official creation of the shop, decorated with Mr. Dior's favorite color and gray two main French Louis XVI style.

February 12, 1947, this is a glorious day, Dior opened his first haute couture show, launched the first fashion line, called the "new style" (New Look). The fashion has a distinct style: not drag skirt length, the stressed women breast abundant buttocks, slim waist, soft shoulder-shaped curve, breaking the post-war women's conservative old-fashioned lines. This style sensation in Paris and the whole Western world, people left a deep impression, so Dior fame in the fashion industry. When the model one by one in front, people could hardly believe their eyes: It put a big round table skirt, then waist, then the tall chest, there are half-covered her eyes with slanting to the label ... ... Suddenly people to scare up, sitting in the audience as the ladies themselves were wearing short skirts and jackets strapped to his body began to feel upset, disturbed. Dior this day a great success.

Soon, Dior fashion with his first series of the "new fashion" successfully rise to the career development of the other side of the Atlantic - the United States. The news quickly spread throughout New York, Dior finally Seventh Street in New York (famous for the street) to take root. Dior's coming to Europe once Zengyin war cut off contacts with the "Uncle Sam" bring home the unique charm of European style and color. People began to leave short skirts, lantern sleeves, flat heeled shoes and fancy hats broccoli. Dior's design also broke the pre-war blockbuster Chanel (Chanel) fashion. Dior that cover half the face of the wide-brimmed hat and put on a large rustling skirt, allow people to recall to the more classical era. This is a new style Dior stress.

Dior creation in the second bold use of black. That pure wool black dress skirt around the perimeter as much as 40 meters. Dior will be the second phase of work named "Dierame".

Subsequently, Dior planned his career to Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Britain and other countries. Just a few years around the world to establish a large business network.

1947, to "Miss Dior" perfume smell named the world's first bottle, followed by "Diorama", "Diorissimo" have known.

50's launch of the "vertical style" and "tulip shape" is the feminization of the Dior fashion design to promote the performance.

In 1952, Dior began to relax the waist curve, raising her skirt hem.

1953, which takes skirt bottom edge up to 40 cm from the ground, so that the European community uproar.

1954, designed to reduce the much shoulder width, increasing the skirt hem of the "H" type, and released the same year "Y-type", "spindle" series, are all sensational. The simple linear design of the young, he still embodies the kind of delicate ornate style, and always follow the traditional female standards.

1985, "Poison" appeared.
1991, "Dune" come out.
1995, "DolceVita" come out.


Certina the Leader of Sports Watch

1959 ushered in a Certina DS double insurance concept has become a milestone in the history of its development. Suspension shock movement, strengthen the case, sapphire watch glass, handle special O-ring shaft, crown and case back cover of a special construction of greatly enhanced the self-winding watch was waterproof and vibration levels, to consolidate the snow in one fell swoop satisfied that the brand of iron in a waterproof, shock and durability of excellent quality.

As a Swiss sports watch brand, Certina since the seventies from the twentieth century, began to participate in many art movement in history, he also hosts a number of outstanding athletes of the success stories, such as the generation of boxing champion Muhammad Ali, Moto GP's Person of the Year Mike Doohan, Alex Crivillé, Petter Solberg and Sete Gibernau and so on. Sauber Petronas Team in 2005 as a full partner, Certina brand entered the F1 competition. In 2006, BMW Sauber F1 Team and then became an official partner of the world, and successfully invited talented driver Robert Kubica as the official brand ambassador to further deepen the partnership with the F1, and then lay their sports brand in Switzerland in the mid-range leadership .

As a leader in the Swiss mid-range sports watch, Certina always approachable price, and strive to provide the best quality products. Titanium alloys, 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass and the famous Swiss ETA movement, double the insurance system and the Swiss watch brand symbol of high quality, combined with the market retail price of RMB 2,000-10,000 irrefuwatch interpretation of the brand of "high cost" of characteristics.

Has been committed to Certina sport style design concept as the core, such as continued integration into the modern, elegant, classic and other innovative elements, to produce a strong campaign-style DS Action , C-sport , DS Cascadeur , with modern flavor DS Podium , DS First, and elegant, the classic representative of DS Prime , DS Tradition , and the New Classic and other highly regarded for the general consumer products.

September 12, 2007, the world's largest watchmaker Swatch Group to bring its well-known brand Certina Certina watch the historic landing in China again, Certina Certina brings the legendary Himalayan Series Wrist DS 1 watch. Organizers will be available for selection in the Beijing ceremony's Qiaobo ski, creative main Himalayan range from watches and blood born to the mountain spirit of adventure with the extraordinary. Certina Certina Global CEO Adrian Bosshard expressed the hope that the market will surge in the Chinese market, blowing winds of the Himalayas Certina.


Time Lines of Casio

The company in April 1946 by the (Caine) tail and the male was founded, he was a master assembly engineer. The company's name from "Jian Mei" in Japanese pronunciation of "Kashio", the first product is cigarettes ring, users can set the ring on the cigarette, which may be when there is no ashtray, no need to mouth or fingers Nayan. World War II had just ended, Japan at that time cigarettes is a value product, so cigarette ring which was very successful, bring pot of gold for the Jian Mei.

Jian Mei Ginza in Tokyo in 1949 at the electric calculator to see commercial development, they and his brother, the money earned from the ring development calculator. At that time, many calculators are manually or motor push. Jian Mei view of this, they know their own electrons to the solenoid manufacture calculators, and in 1954 successfully developed Taiwan's first electronic calculator, the selling price was up to 485,000 yen. Mechanical calculator with the same period of comparison, he's only 10 units of electronic products the number keys, and mechanical products are in the single digits, but also need to separate more than 10,100 other number keys.

In 1957, Casio introduced 14-A-type calculator, but also the world's first fully electronic calculator. The same year the company changed its name to Casio Computer Co., Ltd., specializing in the development of electronic products.

Casio watches are one of Japan's three major brands, over the years to truly multi-functional G-SHOCK watches known to the world. Casio watches represents vitality, young, fashionable, multi-brand by the public. Casio has always been the technology leader in the peer-duty, there will be technology breakthroughs over the years.

The high precision and advanced technology and a new LCD technology, properly applied wrist timepieces and continuously improve the level of development of wrist time - Casio has always been advocated by the "wrist technology" in China is also the spirit of be able to follow the and dissemination.

The first phase (1946-1957)
In April 1946 in Mitaka City, Tokyo, Japan produced by the establishment of Jian Mei
December 1954: Completion of the first small electric calculator test products (relay style)
June 1957: sales of the world's first small electric calculator (Casio 14-A type), the establishment of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
The second phase (1958-1973)
In April 1960 in Tokyo, North Tama County Japanese-cho (now East Japanese city) set up its Tokyo factory (now Tokyo cause)
In March 1962 set up the sales department, using double sales system, sales agents and direct sales that
June 1965 to lift and Uchida Co., Ltd. signed an exclusive agency contract Matheson, Casio has more than 50 sales agent
In September launched the "Casio 001" - with storage capabilities of desktop electronic calculator
June 1966 Headquarters moved to Tokyo, Japan North Tama County town (now city of East Japan)
Desktop electronic calculator for the first time in September exports
In March 1967 set up the European office in Zurich, Switzerland
October launch of the world's first desktop software programming available electronic calculators (AL-1000 Series)
In October 1969 in Yamanashi Prefecture in koma-gun Yu-spike-cho Kofu factory built
September 1970 Casio listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Part II
In April 1971 launched the world's first inkjet printer
February 1972 launch of the first function calculator (fx-1 type)
August launch of the world's first personal calculator "CasioMini", Casio's first stock into the Tokyo Stock Exchange
September Casio listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange's first
October in Hamburg, Germany, set up overseas sales companies - Casio (Germany) Computer Co., Ltd.
June 1973 Hachioji factory (now the Institute Hachioji) started operation in
September Casio in Amsterdam Stock Exchange
The third phase (1974-1986)
November 1974 launch of the electronic watch CASIOTRON
September 1975 set up overseas sales company in London - Casio Electronics Co., Ltd.
July 1976 to launch electronic cash registers (ECR)
December launch of the first combined electronic calculator (CQ-1)
January 1978 launch of the first business card-sized calculator CasioMiniCard (LC-78, thickness 3.9mm)
February set up overseas production companies in Taiwan - Taiwan moment when the House Co., Ltd.
January 1979 at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Casio
January 1980 launch of flower Casiotone201
September 1981 launch of Solar Calculator (SL-801)
October launch of the first electronic dictionary (TR-2000)
November 1982 launch of analog watches (combined)
April 1983 launch of the first shock only watch G-SHOCK (DW-5000C), introduced the electronic keyboard with a ROM
May the Department launched the first electronic notebook (PF-3000)
June launch of mini LCD TV TV-10
Launched in January 1984 can store phone numbers Databank Watch
July Casio Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. established
September launch of the first LCD shutter printer (LCS-2400)
November launch of PD sources using digital synthesizers (CZ-101)
March 1985 launch of ultra-thin digital watches (PELA)
May launch of Pocket LCD Color TV (TV-1000)
July launch of personal Japanese word processors (HW-100)
In August to set up offices in Beijing, China
Launched in February 1986 with word processing capabilities of the new calculator (Data-Cal)
March release function with a sampling keyboard Sampletone (SK-1)
Phase IV (1987-1997)
Launched in August 1987 with a variety of electric guitar sound selection function
In September launched a porwatch video recorder with LCD TV (VF-3000)
February 1988 launch of a porwatch copier (CP-100), introduced with a built-in acoustic guitar synthesis (PG-380)
February 1989 launch of the sensor with a digital watch the weather forecast BM-100WJ
April launch of the office does not require user programming information processing equipment ADPSR1
April 1990 Casio Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, responsible for equipment sales.
In October 1991 set up the Singapore office
February 1992 launch of watch type blood pressure or BP-100
In April the establishment of Casio Information Systems Co., Ltd.
In December 1993 to set up offices in Moscow, Russia
September 1994 launch of the electronic keyboard with LED keypad
In March 1995 in Guangdong Province, China set up two joint venture companies: Casio Electronics (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. and Casio Electronics (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., the former production and marketing of electronic organs, which produce and sell scientific calculators and electronic notebook . Introduced with the QV-10 LCD digital camera
In November in Shenzhen, China joint venture Casio Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., is responsible for watch design and parts procurement
January 1996 New Delhi, India joint venture Kaxiouba Timor Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. (now Casio India Co., Ltd.), production and sales of pagers
July 1997 launch in Japan CASSIOPEIA Pocket PC (Japanese model)
Phase V (1998 -)
April 1998 launch megapixel digital camera QV-5000SX, introduced computer-compatible PC-UNITE watches
November launch mini PC CASSIOPEIAFIVA (MPC-101), operating system Windows98
Launched in March 1999 Color Pocket PC CASSIOPEIA (E-500) Japanese models
May 2000 to develop fingerprint authentication systems (VeriPat )
Casio was established in April 2001 Singapore Ltd, received a digital camera photo printing kiosks (Let'sPhoto) orders
August Casio Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in Jiasidake Stock Exchange.
In February 2002 the company started from the hands of users recall the old computers and other office equipment.
March successfully developed the mobile information device using high-performance fuel cells for small
June launch of the world's first ultra-slim card-sized LCD digital camera EXILIM.
September and Flextronics (Flextronics) companies, their production of electronic equipment, introduction of waterproof LCD TV XFER, users anywhere in the room can see a clear image
March 2003 launch of slim digital cameras EXILIMZOOMEX-Z3. Japan launched the first non-English (German, French and Chinese) of the electronic dictionary
April Casio (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. started operation
South Korea's LG in July and companies, cell phone in Korea market
March 2004 launch of long-life battery for digital cameras EXILIMZOOMEX-Z30/Z40. Introduction of built-in 50 kinds of dictionary, electronic dictionary XD-W6400
In April a joint venture with Hitachi - Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., for mobile phone development. Introduced EXILIMPROEX-P600, which is the highest EXILIM series models, with 6 megapixels CCD
In October to provide CDMA1XWIN KDDI Mobile (W21CA), which is Japan's first with a 2.6-inch QVGA LCD screen mobile phone, the establishment of Casio Entertainment Co., Ltd., specializing in digital products
In January 2005 with Renesas Technology for semiconductor mounting technology
May 2006 to provide G'ZOneW42CACDMA1XWIN compatible phones KDDI to launch with a 10.1 million-pixel CCD fashion EX-Z1000 Digital Camera
In February 2007 launched the world's slimmest 7x optical zoom digital camera EXILIMHi-ZoomEX-V7
June launch of slim stylish all-metal solar radio watch OCEANUSManta, to the United States to provide waterproof, shockproof phone G'zOneTYPE-S. Launch has 12 million pixels digital camera EX-Z1200
August launch of acoustic sounds built-in 100,000 English words XD-SW6500 electronic dictionary
In February 2008 launched the world's smallest, thinnest, with 10.1 million pixel EX-S10
March launch of the world's fastest continuous shooting function EX-F1


High-grade and High-quality Carven

Brand Name: CARVEN
Watch Origin: Swiss
Shirt Origin: France

Founded in 1945, Mrs. CARVEN brand, and Carven Fashion House, opened in Paris, the most luxurious Champs Elysees. At the same time this magnificent building is the headquarters of Carven. As Carven brand clothing manufacturing techniques keep improving, so Carven cut division is hailed as the industry - "Goldfinger." After Carven brand continues to advance and to provide for the fashion, including clothing, perfumes, watches, jewelry and many other products. Source: Sunshine Stainless

Tradition and the future trend of nostalgia and often run counter to the cultural differences between individual Swiss watchmaking today is the challenge. The Carven French romantic style and the integration of Swiss-made watch top technology, combines plain classic design and elegant style, has maintained a very contemporary design, and adhere to mid-range line, the appearance of a unique and approachable prices.

Carven Watch the brand value and spirit:
1 Carven brand value = high quality products + talent + leading + service quality reputation
2, CARVEN Timepiece uphold the brand - "high-grade and high-quality" traditional
3, "to shape the character in the cast list" is consistent with the beliefs Carven
4, leadership style, pay attention to the fine classical style is Carven
5, product diversification as well known 60-year history, won Carven brand is "high-grade and high-quality" symbol, at the same time Carven also represents French culture spread to the world.


Cartier Wrote a Glorious Chapter in History

Cartier SA is a French manufacturer of watches and jewelry, in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris, Rue Montorgueil 31 established. In 1874, his son Ya Faka Cartier inherit its management rights, to his grandson Lu Yika Asia, Pier Ka ska plot to Asia and to Asia to develop into world-famous brands. Compagnie Financière Richemont SA subsidiary. 1904 Airbus pilots who have plans Santos degree door design is only the world's first watch worn on the wrist - Cartier Santos.

Cartier - king of jewelers, jeweler of kings
Founded Year: 1847
Founder Location: Paris, France

Hundred and sixty years of history with Cartier, the magnificent matchless, representing the Jewelry and Watch wrote a glorious chapter in history, the name of Cartier jewelry, like its bright sparkling, light can not watch intently.

In 1847, Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris to undertake the Master Adolphe Picard Street 29 Montorgueil jewelry workshop, Cartier brand was born here. Then colored gemstone jewelry with innovative noise imperial court, not only well received by Napoleon III praised, more famed in Europe, reputation as far as Russia, India and South America; King Edward VII, who appointed him crown made for the coronation of Nianqi use, and was rated as the jeweler of the emperor, Emperor of the jeweler; European countries have also sent him royal commission. In 1888, Cartier try gold bracelet set with diamonds, machinery installed on the female form; to 1904, Cartier is an old friend of Santos gold watch made a hit. Since then, Cartier watches, high society has been a pet, long lasting.

Cartier in 1899 moved to its present site, the Paris Peace Street 13. Subsequently the three brothers by Cartier Louis, Pierre and Jacques family business. They traveled all over the world, from India to Russia, from the Persian Gulf to the New World. 1902 and 1909, respectively, Cartier set up branch offices in London and New York, from laying the foundation of Cartier. Cartier was soon won the favor of the royal family in Europe. Forthcoming accession to the throne in 1902 as the prince of Wales, Edward VII Cartier praise as "king of jewelers, jeweler of kings." And in 1904 he was appointed Cartier jewelry for the British royal family royal suppliers. Cartier three brothers traveled the world to experience the exotic culture, and deeply influenced the style of Cartier boutique.

Cartier is not only a talented set when the teacher, more sophisticated mind, continue to study technology, the clock is the magic charm charm jewelry inlaid stunning masterpiece, but will watch the decline of the production process into the new era. Today, each selection of Cartier watches are Swiss parts, as good as the perfect combination of creativity and technology. Cartier continued to expand the field of art, in addition to jewelry watches, including leather goods, eyewear, writing instruments, lighters, fragrances, scarves and a variety of beautiful accessories. Hundred and fifty years of continuity with the romantic classic, Cartier entered the new area, a series of limited edition designs, and in Beijing, China's first boutique opened, distributed magnificent bright light. Diamond jewelry family love is unconditional giving, love is priceless in return --- this is the essence of the world in the good.

Seventies, the sound of peace in the war, people began to retrace a long-forgotten love. At the same time, Cartier from life, people, the love of all things, creating a series of jewelry of gold and brilliant metaphor of love, with diamonds on behalf of the eternal, coupled with the conception of the design, play for love Acura. Love is life's brilliant, Cartier to the world the most precious material, Ming-chi, a passion, so that the spark of life forever warm. Platinum, with its elegant glory bright, Hing loved by the modern. By the ancient Egyptians to gold, palladium and copper and other precious metals from the platinum refining, light has been buried with the Egyptian civilization, until the introduction of platinum Cartier jewelry series, may only reassert bright.

The corporate brand in the World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) prepared in 2006, "World Top 500 Brands" list ranked one hundred and seventy ninth.

Cartier from 1847. Louis Francois Cartier (Louis Francois Cartier) under the master disk jewelry shop in Paris, formally established the Cartier jewelers, then Paris, after a scramble for the throne, after some turbulence, but also restored Huadu former Vanity Fair weather, greatly promoted the prosperity of the jewelery industry in Paris. Cartier fortunate to have a young cousin of Napoleon III, the recommendation of the Princess Mathilde, the business continues to grow. In 1902, Cartier opened a shop has moved from Paris to London and New York, New York, Cartier has become the headquarters of the Kingdom. According to legend, only two generations of father and son, Cartier has become the world's "King of jewelry."

With the reputation as the Kingdom of jewelry, a Cartier Queen's royal jewelers in Europe and known as the "jeweler of the emperor, Emperor of the jeweler." Cartier British royal family had ordered 27 crown for the coronation of use. In addition, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, the Prince of Orleans family of France, Morocco and Albania, the royal prince has also appointed the Royal Cartier jewelry business.

Cartier is not just satisfied with the third generation of the shops in the ornate reception distinguished guests, three brothers also been traveling around the world, found Jane adventures. Pierre went to Russia, to find the best quality enamel and precious jade carved animals. Jacques then to the Persian Gulf to find a perfect pearl; He also traveled to India, the local king of the beautiful jewels of soil transported back to London studio, re-design modification; brothers also acquired a partner from India, where a large number of pearls and precious stones Prince. Eldest son Louis is a talented designer, his revolutionary use in jewelry inlaid platinum. Cartier jewelry by Russia, Egypt, Persia, Paris, France, the influence of local culture, especially the oriental inspiration inspiration, through the formation of completely abstract geometric design, the characteristics of exotic culture expressed through special channels.

Not only have the good taste that he is a genius and business savvy designers, and gathered around him a lot of famous jewelry designers and skilled craftsmen, so accessories are uniquely designed in harmony reflects the graceful style of Cartier. Cartier launched since 1888 to watch the famous models, including 1911's Santos Watch in 1909, patented folding clasp cover, 1919, Tank watches. During 1928-1930, platinum, diamond-shaped quartz and mixed long become "white time? Quot; an important symbol. Under the management of the Louis Cartier continued to expand, continue to disseminate the infinite charm.

Cartier "Love" bracelet series, a symbol of faithful love, faith, for decades, "Love" bracelet charm always makes Xinjing shaking. By its oval design began, as if a love of the "shackles", representing the specificity of each other and loving the sea. Many stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, have always worn "Love" bracelets.

The new millennium, the combination of the 150-year history of the Cartier jewelry debut in Beijing. Representative of the Cartier classics, including Marrakeh and Fleurette diamond necklace, Tetes Croisee rings, Panthere Five diamond necklace and bracelet watch Lakada so each piece is intricate, perfect forging. In European feelings Cartier boutique, as if the East favorite.

In 1847, Cartier jewelry was born in Paris, its founders, Louis Francois Cartier.

Napoleon III took office, Paris to restore the Vanity Fair weather, dance feast become a regular social activities. Cartier by Napoleon Princess Mathilde of young cousin recommended, business growth, and in 1859 entered the fashion center of Italy, the city of Paris Avenue.

Cartier's third-generation family Louis Joseph is a Cartier soul of culture. He has an outstanding artistic talent, but also a shrewd businessman. He find a designer Charles Jason Library Charles Jacqueau as he created a world-class jewelry, but also to find is called "Puma" Ni Dusang outstanding female designers, Ms. Jeanne Toussaint, and to the Americas Leopard-type jewelry as a sign of Cartier. like the poet, the pursuit of perfection, like a magician, a perfect dream come true can he lead the Cards to Yamai into a new era.

In 1973, Cartier Collection Cartier launched, including lighters, watches, stationery, leather goods, perfume, desk clock, glasses, and even tableware and other products, named Lse Must Cartier.

It is worth mentioning that both the world's first modern decorative and functional watch is designed by Cartier. Cartier watches, jewelry inlaid into the design concepts and skills, watch presents another gorgeous and dignity. Cartier magnificent classical style made him a necklace, bracelets, watches, rings, earrings greatly welcomed by the upper crust. In addition to the classic three-ring design, the natural world of animals such as elephants, birds is Cartier jewelry recurrent theme. Introduced in the 20th century, 90's Panthere jewelry collection, has become one of the classic Cartier.

Cartier is not only the characterization of high society, but also witness the eternal love classic brand. 100 years, Cartier has witnessed numerous ancient eternal love and commitment. Therefore, the status of whether a certain person, or young couples, Cartier has always been irresistible to pass the magic of love.

Louis Cartier to commemorate the founder of the memory of his wife and love, according to her perfume named after the nickname "So Pretty De Cartier" also witnessed the long-lasting, unique feeling.

Classic jewelry design aesthetic needs, but also combined with the spirit of the interpretation, to more contemporary works, which were accepted. Cartier has a long history there were many important design topics, including "series of theme creation", "reproduce the essence of the art of fine jewelry," and so on, these traditional design of Cartier far-reaching. Characteristics of the times is the charm of the traditional process with Cartier jewelry collection has been pursuing advanced the highest level. In the smooth lines, clear and the colors, Cartier interpretation of the true meaning of the United States - the United States is simply not that complicated, is harmonious rather than to conflict.

Cartier Love with Hollywood's luxury

Be respected by others as a brand, Cartier play on stage with their own unique charm, and the star of the luxurious forged a century Love. Whether in the theater screen, or in the classic red box and against the background of silk, Cartier reveals the dazzling brilliance. With the development of Hollywood Pictures, Cartier became the ideal partner for producers. They hope that the European royal jewelry supplier of its background, to improve the positioning of film. Cartier attracts directors, stars and audience, creating a unique charm of the movie myth.


Citizen Main Events

Citizen is also known as the Citizen Watch, the company was founded in May 28, 1930, the company name "CITIZEN" meaning the public, by the then mayor of Tokyo named. Citizen Watch Company is the main industry, a diversified multinational group of companies. Japan's Citizen Watch Company is the parent company of Citizen Group. Citizen in Japan more than 30 of the state-owned enterprises, employees in Japan is about 10,000 people in over 40 overseas enterprises, overseas employees 20,000 people. Citizen group has annual sales of about 3.8 billion U.S. dollars, in addition to watches, the Citizen company also produces liquid light display, jewelry, glasses, calculators, electronic printers, miniature televisions, cameras, computer drives, high capacity floppy disks and other information products, medical devices, optical components, quartz vibrating child (year over 1 billion, the number of the world's first), CNC precision machine tools, robots, automated production lines, its product variety, wide operating range.

Citizen Watch Company has two very important cause. One is located in western Tokyo city, Tokyo, "with nothing to manufacture", this is equipped with eight departments, mainly engaged in Citizen for key product development, production and sales of Chinese customers are very familiar with the "special stall Business Division "Just inside this; Another cause is the account, easier in turn Lian Ze City" by Ze cause ", which are equipped with technical institutes and two departments Precision Machinery Division. These two cause of Citizen brings together the company's elite talent, is Citizen's core strength is to promote the Citizen of this great ship to continue moving forward the two most important engines.

It was on the scientific management, strict quality assurance system and perfect service, make this Citizen watch industry giant, can watch industry focused, and lead the watch industry innovation, to enter a new world.

Citizen Creative Events

Citizen's predecessor, still working for the Japanese Institute of homes timepieces, founded in 1918, mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of watches, in 1924
In creating the first pocket watch. Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. was established in 1930, in the second year (1931) produced only the first Citizen brand watches. In the ensuing time, Citizen is committed to innovation, creating many "first" and miracle!

1. Chronograph watch is a precision instrument, after experiencing a strong vibration is easy to mechanical deformation, watch the error occurs even stop running away. Citizen company developed from the early 50's earthquake watch, the success in 1956, and conducted aerial fall watch experiment would stir the world.
2.1962, the developed world's thinnest mechanical watch three needles.
3.1966 years, developed Japan early electronic watch;
4.1975, the world's first error of not more than three seconds on the Analogue quartz watch.
5.1976 years, developed a solar-powered Analog quartz watches.
6.1978, the world's first dual-display with digital and quartz watch pointer.
7.1978, the first only the thickness of only 0.98 mm of the world's thinnest quartz watch movement.
8.1980 years, the world's first quartz watch only the smallest pointer.
9.1995 Citizen just launched the first light powered watch.
10.1997, the error in 10 seconds on high-precision kinetic energy form of light.
11.2003, the world's thinnest light powered watch, the thickness of only 4.4 mm.
12.2006 in March, Citizen watches in Basel, Switzerland, at the launch of the world's first optical kinetic energy only three repeater watch.


Time Lines of Concord

Concord in the early 20th century, by the creation of two young watchmakers to manufacture high-quality timepieces for the purpose, one of the series of more sophisticated timing functions, demonstrating the extraordinary form Concord The boldness of vision, in 1979 and 1980, they were created 1.98mm and 1mm thin watches, a temporary altar watch stories.

In addition to sophisticated technology, Concord also uses high quality diamonds and precious stones, production of jewelry watch for the brand and good taste had a close relationship.

Concord watch factory in Biel, Switzerland, was founded in 1908. Founding, has been renowned for its design, create and watch both the appearance and function are highly coordinated. In fact, Concord is because of this "harmony" named after the co-ordination.

1915, Concord began to watch the famous brand OEM high, such as Tiffany & Co. And Cartier. These watches are very luxurious, and many more refined platinum and set with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. So, Concrod will create its high-quality watches are known for.

The world's thinnest watch

1930 and 1940, Concord began the pursuit of watches and movements slim compact. Decades of the liver that, with this spirit of perseverance created, and finally succeeded in 1979 to design the world's thinnest watch - Concord Delirium. This design has become the focus of global coverage.

This is the only form the world's first body thickness of less than 2 mm (only 1.98 mm) of the watch, this manufacturing process that C0NCORD tabulation technology is unmatched. In just two years after the birth of the new Delirium has reported, the watch itself is only 0.98 mm, the thickness is half of the original Delirium.

In 1992, Concord watches jewelry in Europe exhibition "Mariner V Centenario", once again shocked the world. This series of full five watches, not only their own characteristics, the same time with a very complex mechanical movement. Recently exhibited at the show, the set of watches sold it to 3.2 million Swiss francs. The reason why these valuable watches with special characteristics, not only because of its superior materials and more sophisticated in its structure, complex movement. These watches watchmaking technology to create a new standard.

In 1995, Concord prelude for the Saratoga Exor, this unique watch will watch with glittering gems of art together. Exor has a variety of complex functions, making high quality watches. In addition, the surface has mounted a rare platinum and 118 D class clean diamonds. Since the advent of Saratoga Exor, it sold 200 million Swiss francs.

In 1996, Concord Saratoga to celebrate the tenth anniversary, will introduce the Saratoga SL (Sports Luxury) series, with a modern style, Saratoga interpretation of the original design.


CVSTOS Swiss Watch Brand

CVSTOS Swiss watch brand was launched in 2004, just three years that much attention, through the Swiss tradition of watchmaking and innovation, create the future of watchmaking technology leap. CVSTOS for the Latin "Guardian" means, from time to brand the two founders backing small, Sassoun Sirmakes Franck Muller Group is the majority shareholder and chairman Vartan Sirmakes son, watch industry has been in contact since childhood, joined the 17-year-old Franck Muller temper, this year Founded only 22 years old have their own brand. Another founder Antonio Terranova, 40, 16, has been studying the age of micro-mechanical technology, has played for Cartier, Piaget, Yubao watch, Zenith and other brands, and experienced.

A new brand to succeed, we must first make an unforgetwatch case, so it is the first release of cask-shaped design, or was introduced 50mm round case, CVSTOS has successfully displayed its "modern design Creation of traditional watch "style.

2010, CVSTOS launched Challenge CTR-S Tourbillon sports watch. The watch by the Pierre-Michel and Jean-Pierre Golay.


Boucheron Modern Luxury Synonymous with Jewelry.

Boucheron is Gucci Group jewelry company. In 1858, only 28-year-old jewelry designer Boucheron set up their own brands and most fashionable in Paris to open royal palace area boutiques, design and sale of a number of valuable jewelry, watches and perfume. In 1893, Boucheron moved to Paris, Place Vendome, became the first opening of the jewelry brand in one place. Founded at the beginning of Boucheron that is favored by the elite dignitaries, the cause of so flourishing. Boucheron always hold the pulse of the times, from the Russian ballet, Cubism, decorative arts, African art and pop art inspiration. The 21st century, Boucheron adhere to the brand's unique tradition of meaning, a bold modern luxury synonymous with jewelry.

Boucheron GUCCI Group, the Italian jewelry company, in 1858, only 28-year-old designer Boucheron set up their own brand, and the most fashionable in Paris to open royal palace area boutiques, design a lot of expensive jewelry, watches and perfume.

21, Boucheron uphold the brand's unique tradition of meaning, a bold modern luxury synonymous with jewelry.

In 1893, Boucheron moved to Paris, Place Vendome, became the first opening of the jewelry brands here, shop the square where the 26, was a French Second Empire mansion of the Countess Castiglione ladies. Founded at the beginning, Boucheron is favored by the elite dignitaries, and thus the cause of flourishing. Russia Nvsha Huang, actress France Sarah Bernhardt, the United States millions of Rich Wives Mackay and Vanderbilt, Polignac countess, Lady Curzon have a Boucheron customers.

Boucheron always grasp the pulse of the times, from the Russian ballet, Cubism, decorative arts, African art and pop art inspiration. Boucheron's brilliant career continues to advance its unique design process has conquered Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon and other world stars, but also independent native states of India by the Patiala master, the Shah Riza of Iran, and the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Egypt royal favor.

These days, Boucheron into an international brand, in Europe, Russia, the United States, Japan, Korea and China Taiwan etc. to open boutiques, and in mainland China to open first boutique - Bund 18 shops. Boucheron is the world's few consistently maintain high-level jewelry and watches exquisite craftsmanship and traditional style one jeweler.

To mark its debut in mainland China, Boucheron designed to Bund 18, 18 limited edition Reflet Grosgrain watch, exquisitely elegant, and the dangerous beauty series, the simple and sacred Symboliques series such as Boucheron classic presentation of its flagship store at the Bund 18. Bund 18 boutiques and other fine stores worldwide, like, ready for some loyal and valued customers tailor-made fine jewelry.

Boucheron Kaczorowski, president of China region, said in an interview, Cartier in the nurture and expand the market a step ahead, but not the purpose of Boucheron and Cartier competition, "We tell our customers that we are Who. Boucheron customers are pyramid in the selection, in Europe, our clients generally are celebrities, such as the late British Princess Diana and the royal family of Jordan and so on. "Kaczorowski Cartier had several years of work and directly involved in flagship store opening.
Boucheron, does not belong to the middle class

Extravagance of the aristocracy, unfettered Bohemian family. Promote traditional bold charming Angels. The new Boucheron inspired by the sexy goddess: they show up in the upstream communication area and the two extremes of social dance music, they are studio easel next to the swing position of the angel.

Durian courtesan, fin-de-siècle divas, their choices in life, or dignity, or abandon dignity. They are emotional, sometimes even outrageous, but it will not be pretty down to earth. They do not belong to the middle class. The laughing in the opposition, with a reserved carnival. They wear jewelry with great courage, when took up as easily as clothing, as if nothing had happened when lowered.

Finest gold jewelry made of jade, not the middle class. Fine pure gold to create the wide sleeves decorated, seemingly mesh, and as dancing girls, stockings. Number of thread into a beautiful black gold imitation jade Chantilly or Bruges, teardrop-like strings of red sapphires or diamonds in which a special necklace dark elegant lady.

In the dangerous and sexy walk the balance beam between the jewelry, not the middle class. Bold and seductive pendant suggests far away from the danger, which is distinguished decline. Slender neck like a ruby necklace painted in bright red roots, a blood ruby pendant hanging Dangzhao, set off by the skin Twinkle, twinkle. Shop diamond studded string a few inches long, bent S circle, an Elizabethan collar crepe mini version. Ring formed by a ruby lip Bouche, sultry lips Yan surreal power distribution.

Treatment of the ecstasy of nature show gaffe, doting, and funny beyond words, it does not belong to the middle class. Bright spots of bright chameleon gems strung together and wrapped in hand to the wrist extended, the tail of the second button in the ring take the chain; ivy leaves around the faucet, a crown for the Pre-Raphaelite all. Pendant is a small nude, body jewelry hanging rattan, legs apart, across the Opal accessories, mannequins as if hastily glimpse, suddenly distracted.

Art Deco ring was covered with very faint spiral of the master stone, which does not belong to the middle class. A huge black jade sapphire or treasure shop Xiang string in bright ruby chain, set in their hands. 1 large orange, pomegranate red jasper gemstones placed in the pad. The jewelry and women of the Duke of graceful, dancing girl, calm each other. These rings evoke the passion of women miss the Jazz Age - look at Josephine Baker's photograph, covered with jewelry, and look sly charm

Hot sexy precious stones, which does not belong to middle class; avant-garde design, to real challenges, which does not belong to middle class. Boucheron is the true interpretation of this new product, it is hard to predict from a group of passionate inspiration for women who do not belong to the middle class. Exquisite works of timeless pendant, change the way superior interpretation of jewelry.