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Fashion Zone Report: Daniel Roth, also known as: Daniel Roth or Dannilusi.

"In learning to be a watchmaker, I met several very strict teacher, to develop a never satisfied with" good enough "such a standard to work habits. Instead, everything must be completely done right, do our best. Despite the need to spend considerable time and money, self-esteem of the watchmaker to be careful with tremendous technical and patience, careful completion of each process, the achievements of a self-perfect work. "--- Daniel Roth

While many people may not have been Gerald Genta, but his ultra-complex functions tabulation process, the classic cartoon hopping watch and watch the unique octagonal shape and other characteristics, but at least still catchy.

Daniel Roth Although his debut ten years too late, but in fact the evaluation of his watchmaking skills are no less Geral Genta. Daniel Roth and although I already left the company he founded single-handedly, but today the Daniel Roth brand not only carry forward his tabulation process, the spirit is still with his index, combining the advantages of Bulgari Group continued to sophisticated, to become Today, the altar watch in the production of small but quality refinement. Daniel Roth describes this masterpiece designed by the same time, to take this opportunity to introduce the Daniel Roth himself, should be quite help us understand the essence of today's Daniel Roth.

Ancestral home in the Swiss watchmaking city of La Chaux des Fonds of the Daniel Roth was born in a tab family, his grandfather and father are watchmakers. Grandfather as tired of the rainy La Chaux des Fonds, so moved to Nice in southern France, and repair watchs in the local opening of business operations.

From small shops in the watch and the work of Daniel Roth games grow up, I naturally have chosen to watch as his lifelong career. Watchmaking school in Nice complete their studies, he went to La Valle de Joux in Switzerland Jura mountains to seek opportunities. After working in several studios, the device is full and ambitious young man was appointed to the Audemars Piguet work. Audemars Piguet plants in seven years, Daniel Roth as a Familiarize watchmakers. Less than three years old, Daniel Roth Breguet to be bought under the Chaumet family appreciated, has been appointed to serve as watchmakers Breguet.

Although the brothers Jacques and PierreChaumet confident vision of Breguet, but in addition to a long watchmaking tradition and voluminous books information, then Breguet fact, almost only a name, sales of watches actually adopt outsourcing production. In full support of the family Chaumet, Daniel Roth in addition to the information day and night in the room studying Breguet Breguet watch the rich history and craft traditions, but also watch the school back to Le Sentier, Breguet valuable to study how the complexity of recovery function and create stunning new work times. In the efforts of Daniel Roth, Breguet studio and launch a homemade calendar watch, then get an enthusiastic response from the market. Later, Daniel Roth and the introduction of the calendar and the Breguet Tourbillon watches; more antique pocket watch by Breguet inspired to create a new classic 3130 Breguet watch storage display, not only full recovery of the function of the inherent complexity of Breguet, but also will once again push the top watchmaker Breguet's glorious stage.

In 1987, Chaumet family financial crises, the Breguet sold to Investcorp. Daniel Roth also leave their spent fourteen years with book all the way to thrive Breguet. This is full of their own expectations, and always adhere to the uncompromising focus watchmakers to create the perfect start to another great adventure of his life, created in 1988 to his name as a brand of Daniel Roth. In addition to complex still features ultra bright, Daniel Roth is also on the shape of beauty and texture to create a new classic, xxxvii procedures to complete the two oval-shaped case, set round, oval and other forms in an angular both distinctive personalized, and elegant mellow. You Xiangang crafted with the financial and economic Obscure surface, no wonder modern watchmaking history quickly became the totem of a dazzling and new classics.

Daniel Roth own brand after only one goal, that is to follow the tradition of watchmaking, meticulous approach to research and development and production of more sophisticated timepieces. Daniel Roth is still a very small number so far has asked the watch making technology watch factory, and including the tourbillon, the three asked the watch, watch calendar, moon phases and the Westminster bell watch watch so great masterpieces from the Ming, are watch collectors praise for the unique charm of the process best, popular appreciation and esteem.

 After several years of efforts, Daniel Roth growing reputation for superior watchmaking Chong Long, but focus on creating great profit when the dollars it is clear he is not so good, like the poet and painter of genius are often not good at personal gain just after sunrise Like a small profit. Support the creation of the original Daniel Roth claimed that investors Siber Hegner poor earnings, hoping to exit. Fortunately, the family of Singapore Tay The Hour Glass (THG) timely helping hand, in 1994 bought 51% of the shares (THG Also in 1996, bought the Gerald Genta 51% of the shares). The beginning, THG's Asian access to the capital and a great help Daniel Roth, Daniel Roth, but I am no longer on the company's business has ownership. Asian financial crisis hit in 1997, THG hit deep, had in 2000 and Geral Genta Daniel Roth sell Bulgari Group, Daniel Roth himself has officially left the brand of his own creation.

  Commendable is that after the Bulgari Group took over the Daniel Roth watches, not only continue to introduce new complex features stunning, Daniel Roth on the "precise timing" of the usual requirements of Bulgari Group has also been regarded as a model, this stubborn insistence In particular, touching. "It is the nature of time goes by, the watchmaker must try all the way, devoting himself to accurately calculate the time course of" This is Daniel Roth I have always believed the truth, there is still today the Daniel Roth brand watches emerged with a solid law. A clock master, the recording time can be easy, you can also racked mind, depending on how he reflects the view of the standard of time determined. Bvlgari took over from the wonderful performance, Daniel Roth today only in the production of each watch, when all the feelings of the most serious treatment to this point in time accurately especially under the foot effort. Daniel Roth emphasized that hundred percent precision and accuracy, even if the gear is a small palace, also seen as key to success. This is what today's Daniel Roth watch the good name can be correct reason accurate timekeeping by no means come in handy, but no reserved, bother from the pursuit. To be able to appreciate the unique good taste and want a sight to behold in terms of the performance watch fan, Daniel Roth is definitely worth your bother to understand the brand.

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