Chopard - simple and elegant luxury

Chopard - simple and elegant luxury
Founder, Louis: Ulysses Chopard (Louis Ulysse Chopard)
1860 founding time
Founding Location: Switzerland

Ulysses, a body created by Louis Chopard's Chopard prominent watch in watches and clocks, has long advocated the unique taste of Chopard's top watch originality of design and technology, providing the unique taste of the watch, fine, as upper class people the choice of the most carefully . In over 50 countries, Chopard watch are considered simple and elegant, unique gourmet watch.

Chopard, a not unfamiliar name. Mention the word, your first reaction must be talented musicians who are world-renowned and his piano. However, this nor that Chopard is Chopard. It is not out by the spectrum of world music masters, but from the hand of the fine craftsmen; it does not linger on the 3rd of the residual sound absolutely not curl, but also to the continuous belt moving people to the art and joy.

140 years of history from the family watch - Chopard watch. The "Chopard" in the name of the invisible into the watch for the Chopard into the strong artistic temperament, so impressive to the brand itself has brought unexpected results. Reality Chopard watch watch altar in the world, like Francisco Chopard of the world's history, the same reputation and by actively promoting cultural and chariwatch causes, such as for each session of the Cannes Film Festival "Golden Palm" Award and the World Humane Society sponsored, not only to Chopard greatly admired the watch in the elite class, but also make it among the general established a good reputation in the minds of most people naturally become worth a lot of money Chopard watch has a positive reputation in the international watches.

Today, from the warm beaches of the Caribbean sunlight, to hot springs in Japan cherry blossoms fluttered, and then to France, Champs Elysees, and even the Pyramids of Egypt at the foot of the watch you will find luxury and fashion Chopard figure.

As of and for the classic

Chopard sheet tab with the idea of the order has been touched in love with its people, who are also the most faithful heart to respond to this great world brands.

Chopard watch family business is a different place, while 99% of the products are own production is another major feature. Some watch companies is part of their production, such as Piaget, but almost all of Chopard's energy has been wasted in the production and design aspects, then the sales outsourcing. Chopard watch is always doing a very emotional thing, the company's family of all decisions are entirely based on ideas to act, how to ensure that products can be recognized by consumers? Unique business philosophy that determined this particular philosophical enterprise. Many large companies follow the market research, production according to market-oriented products. The Chopard tabs do not make market research company, they only do they like the product, but their main job is to find that consumers - share their consumers.

Really laid the basis for international brands Chopard watch is the 1967 launch of the "Happy Diamonds" (Happy Diamonds) Series. When the embodiment of the snowflake-shaped, heart-shaped diamond expensive various shapes, such as the urchin-like chasing each other at the watches in mirror, laughing and playing, can not help but emotions are also easy to be happy.

This ingenuity has a unique design not only opened the jewelry watches designed another window, change the gem only static framed presentation of the surface, but also allow people to appreciate our jewelry watch, a little more interesting. This bold and create a unique great success, won the 1976 Golden Rose Award Baden, which has the world's highest honor award of a watch. With this fun and imaginative design, Chopard watch watch top jewelry industry gained a high status. Can be said that happiness Diamond Series Chopard has a significant place in the watch. Exaggerated point of speaking, it seems to have become a legend on the Chopard, or a miracle. In fact, the Diamond Series is a traditional craft, happy and creative design interpretation of nature was so harmonious, and it became a famous symbol watch Chopard. It makes the diamond watch with a new interpretation, this invention does not only amazing people they exclaimed.

Happy Diamonds on the origins, there are two different versions of the legend.

One version of a company Khodorkovsky's designers inadvertently glanced at the watch for a few diamonds, was badly flickering glare of light that unfettered impressed. Sudden inspiration to his hands would immediately How many pieces of the same size diamond bordered gold rings, enclosed in a crystal glass ring circle, then a small glass rings set of two needles in the classical gold sheet and reinforced with a gold ring , coupled with strap - Happy Diamond Table was born. It was the outer edge of a few diamonds, from time to time with the wrist movement to walk, blinking out of bits and pieces attractive light. Even superstitious gamblers also fancy it, that diamonds can be happy wearing luck has turned.

Another version is that designers Gaussian one day when walking in the Black Forest of Germany, along the road to waterfall, watching the thousands of small water droplets in the turbulent agitation of the water ejected let him whim, "If diamonds are no longer fixed to and fitted in the watch, but life can be as free as a happy turn, that time!" As a result, he really did. After carefully pondering, he put a layer between the diamond watch with sapphire crystal mirror, and then to 18K gold diamond wrap. In this way, many hearts filled with diamonds really began to slide freely inside the watch, not hinder the functions of watching time, but also adds to the fun.

No matter which version of the story is true, or the two versions are not enough to believe people can not deny the joy of Chopard diamond watch very beautiful, personalized fashion.

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