Develop of De Grisogono

Brand Watch News Report: De Grisogono from Geneva, Switzerland, the famous watch and jewelry brand, has 30 years of design by a senior jewelry designer brand leader and Mr. Fawaz Gruosi founded in 1996. De Grisogono, a Swiss high-end jeweler Chopard Watches a subsidiary, with bold ideas and the Black Diamond is known for, this four purple women's watches, not only has a beautiful appearance, and stylish appearance, workmanship, elegant expression of taste and luxury women's pursuit.

De Grisogono the world's first use of black diamonds to create jewelry and watch company. By the creation of the renowned and wealth, only a short decade ago, though junior, but unlimited creativity, to make a bold new attempt to black diamond jewelry famous.

De Grisogono the use of precious stones in their craft, the true spirit of innovation, daring and unique styles and their amazing success on a global scale. Fruit series of jewelry to luxurious and elegant style through design studded with diamonds and precious stones; pink sapphire bracelet dolphin, blue, green, yellow peacock ring and other precious stones, all kinds of color are concentrated in unique jewelry style works on If people experience its rich and diverse creativity.

In terms of technology, De Grisogono that the bar code can not ensure that the valuables in tracking accuracy when inventory and security requirements. Therefore, De Grisogono has adopted item-level RFID system, using data from the French manufacturer of RFID systems and tags, TAGSYS readers and automatic identification software from the Swiss solutions provider Solid software.

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