Introduce of ETA Movement

Brand Watch News Report: ETA has a history to be traceable to the late 18th century: in 1793, establishing a watch factory in Fontainemelon. Also in Grenchen in 1855 opened a specialist manufacturing "Ebauches (semi-finished watch movements)" (blank movement) of the plant. It was later named ETA. In 1926, brings together the major gaps in the Swiss movement manufacturer's stock company Ebauches SA established. When the SMH in 1983 after the establishment, Ebauches SA changed its name to ETA SA Fabriques d'Ebauches. Switzerland and around the world now has a staff of more than 9 thousand ETA is the world's largest manufacturer of watches and movements. In 1996 the annual output reached 100 million units. Manufacturing and assembly plants located in Switzerland and France, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and China around the world.

Swatch Group's ETA as the cornerstone of the main activities are as follows:

Technical studies to ensure that Swiss watches;
Development of accessories at low prices, movement and mass production of the entire watch;
Watches and production machines to master all the technical; bulk movement and watch assembly.

To achieve these objectives, ETA has its own research and development laboratory: it is also responsible for their own production equipment design and development. For example, ETA one of the most successful products in recent years - Swatch production line (so far have produced over 200 million watches), which is to their own design, development and construction. Active in the ETA on the market 30 kinds of series of electronic and mechanical watch movements shall be in accordance with the provisions of the relevant quality assurance requirements of each production process through the quality inspection system. ETA has a global parts distribution network and after-sales service of the movement for the stock. Distributed to all markets through regular technical information and international training courses, ETA was significantly enhanced on the global impact of professional watchmaker.

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