Epoch-making Significance of Ernest Borel

Fashion Zone Report: 1856, "Watch Kingdom" Ruishiniucha map, young Jules - Borel With the belief to create a classic sound, began his long career in the watch manufacturer. In 1859, his wives and brother Paul Luo Gaohua Borel and Courvoisier who founded the company.

Borel and Courvoisier company's production workshop, a large number of clever use of technology is an expert watch maker Gustav - Peddie Pierre precision polishing machine; very professionalism Fode Le - Visa who led the watch for the watch maker product installation music box. Artisans and flint as inspiration for its electro-optic dynamic witness every detail, so that time becomes more personal style. Embroidered wedding dress is not the sun

Borel and high-Hua Shi knew from the start timer Standard Neuchâtel Observatory for the authority, if the design and manufacture of watches to get it approved, no doubt get a watch means that global sales of products pass . Vision of the future, time has become a cause of the eternal pursuit. In 1866, a remarkable achievement finally ripe, they produce watches live up to expectations, has made the first game of the Observatory, from laying a solid watch this rare position. Effort, a series of honors followed: 1876 in Philadelphia, products awarded quality certificate; 1878 in Paris, France received more grant the Swiss watch industry's only a precious gold medal. In the company's development process, a revolutionary initiative is still at the time the birth of: with a crown and a push rod or bolt to the clock winding, the invention includes a new system and set the time on the article a new method. The patent history of the development in the watch industry has epoch-making significance.

In 1860, the company exported to Uruguay, the first watches, products to South America; 1867, they began to advance Spain, the sales network extending ... ...

In 1894, Gao Hua Shi elderly retire, Jules Borel taking over the son of Ernest Borel, the company changed its name to Borel-Courvoisier.4 years later, Ernest Borel, and in charge of technology Adamir Debrot, co-operation, and the company was renamed Ernest Borel and again Cie.

In recent years, according to Bo Road almost exclusively on China, sponsored a lot of the Chinese team, has also set up counters across China.

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