King of Chinese Watch: FIYTA

Brand Watch News Report: December 23, 1987, in Shenzhen, China set up a small company Mingjiaofeida Watch, the company set up only when the registered capital of 1.86 million, 20 square meters of factory buildings and nine employees work, she is FIYTA (Group) Co., Ltd., the predecessor.

18 years, Fiyta adhering to the "pursuit of perfection, excellence," the entrepreneurial spirit, continuous learning and go beyond the world's advanced design concepts and tabulation process, with effort and passion to lead the world watches FIYTA temple of the brand. After 18 years of hard tempered and progress, today's FIYTA has grown into China's flagship national brand watch, become a "king of Chinese watch", the industry's only "Famous Chinese Trademark" and "China Famous Brand" titles of the three public listed company, and successfully developed in 2003 to create China's first private astronaut to wear a watch.

Inception of the company, the domestic watch industry competition has been fierce, but FIYTA the direction of the brand strategy is always to remain, since then, every one has experienced designer watches Fiyta outstanding creativity, tab-carved and factory technicians rigorous testing.

In 1988, the first new exhibition FIYTA held in Beijing, 100 a variety of novel design, excellent workmanship Beijing debut FIYTA watch, stir the domestic watch industry and watch shop in Beijing Hendry professional sales record at the same a record 143 brands, the most exciting is the G/L208 on the watch, so far sales have exceeded 1 million, became a classic masterpiece watch.

Fiyta brand started in the near future, the company that is keen market sense will sell the network from the central city of the radiation. At the same time, the introduction of Group strategy Fiyta, have been established in supporting the establishment of the six product-related enterprises, with a sapphire vacuum ion plating and processing of advanced production lines, the development of the brand and lay a good foundation.

Since 1989, the watch began to frequent appearances FIYTA International Watch Fair at the Hong Kong Watch and other international event, with exquisite design and outstanding quality with the Swiss, the Japanese brands competing against their foreign counterparts so amazed.

Was an important year in 1993, the year the company reorganized into a joint stock Fiyta, Fiyta A, B shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, FIYTA brands from the international rules-based mode of operation of a modern enterprise, the pull opened to the international brands to enter the regiment.

We must first of its profits. Passed ISO9001 quality certification in 1994, 1996, to achieve a computer integrated manufacturing CIM S, FIYTA through continuous technological upgrading, with a world-class R & D and manufacturing capabilities.

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