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Brand Watch News Report: Hermes High Horse early in order to create a well-known in Paris, France, and after the launch of luggage, clothing, scarves, fragrances, enamel

Jewelry and household goods, make the brand more fully diversified. All of the products to the essence and beauty, impeccable, is the consistent aim of Hermes. Hermes has 14 products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, men and women clothing line, perfume, watches, most of them are hand-crafted, no wonder there are products called Hermes, profound thinking, high quality, content rich, exquisite works of art. Hermes boutique for people to return to the embrace of traditional elegance.

Hermes consistent brand image to establish its high-end, high quality and unique French principle of easy style, on this basis into the pop factor, which is the product never a reason for appeal. Maintain the high quality classic and will be first-class production technology, durable and practical performance and simple elegant and exquisite combination of elegance, Hermes is not only the identity, status symbol, but also can make your life known as the timeless fashion thing .

Hermes was founded in 1837 to manufacture a high horse started to get involved from the beginning of the 20th century, senior clothing, since the fifties and sixties of last century launched perfume, suits, shoes, jewelry, porcelain and other products across a full range of life grade representative. Adhere to self, do not follow the crowd of Hermes has been kept simple and natural style, "the pursuit of truth I return to nature" is designed to Hermes, so that all of the products to the essence and beauty, is the Hermes aim has always been impeccable. All products are brand Hermes finest selection of advanced materials, focusing on decorative, detail exquisite, with its excellent quality and won a good reputation.

Dating back to 1837, was born in Germany (1801), native of France Thierry HERMES, the founding of his harness manufacturing company, his first manufacturing business that is for the horse collar! In order for horses to wear the neck collar attached, Thierry HERMES spent a lot of time and effort, meticulous, and finally in 1867 won the world first-class leather business awards show, which also lay and carry out his harness leather series of solid foundation. However, the fat from the harness to make the family manufacturing business, when the advent of the car has been a great change in the third generation of the control of Charles-Emile HERMES, the Hermes has not eliminated the fate of endangered, Instead, leather series and the launch of "saddle stitch" the trunk, creating a new style of the spirit of Hermes, so that experience is like Hermes reborn as the cause of the growth, and established the unique style of Hermes.

1920, Hermes is also actively expand the development of routes to handbags, travel bags, gloves, belts, jewelry, notebooks, watches, ashtrays, scarves and so on. Even in the fifth generation of the take over after Robert DUMAS, but have launched a perfume, ties, suits, shoes, jewelry, bath towels, porcelain, jewelry, men and women clothing, watches and desk accessories series and other new products, so Hermes position across the entire life truly representative of the taste. Today's Hermes Group is divided into three systems, namely Hermes Sellier , La Montre Hermes and Hermes perfume; in the world with 186 stores, 56 retail counters, in order to Hermes has always been maintained by maintaining taste and image of the design of all products, on the pattern of each store design, even the display cases are ordered in the French original, it flown to the country, expected to keep the century-old persist.

The current Hermes Group headquarters is located in the famous Fu Bao Road 24, a responsible person is Jean-Louis Dumas-HERMES Dumai ‧ Hermes. The chief architect of one of the women is Martin Margiela (retired), the autumn and winter since 1998, the family began Belgian designer, has always been low-key style to style and the pursuit of exquisite perfection of creativity, so Hermes to keep women group is still elegant, nothing more than the rest of the design, but highlight the temperament of clothing, while functional clothes and show a high degree of comfort, is today continuing to Hermes captured an important figure in people's minds.

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