Introduce of Brand Watches: Hanhart

Brand Watch News Report: 1882 hanhart Johann A. Hanhart, founder of the Swiss watch manufacturer Diessenhofen created. He soon moved to the watch factory in Germany making watch city Schwenningen, since then, Hanhart rooted in Germany. 1924 began the production of machine-style stopwatch, because of its "strong and sophisticated Task" tab features make the time "hanhart companies to create" a high-performance, high-quality one of the representatives, the stopwatch has become the standard measurement techniques were used watch, followed by the German Navy commissioned the manufacture of the "operational and high visibility of timing instruments," the military statement by formally entered the field. hanhart watch the money available until 1938, PRIMUS and the launch of the TACHY TELE 1939 or 1939, the most famous flight watch it soon became the German Navy, the pilot and the importance of teachers to wear mechanical timing tool.

All businesses in Germany after the war waste, hanhart also will be discontinued. Until 1948, the French army orders Hanhart began to re-watch and stopwatch production, followed by Germany for the newly established Air Force to do the flight time watch. But did not last long, hanhart watch

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