Zenith El Primero Tourbillon Chronograph Watch

New Watch Models Report: With 145 years of Swiss watchmaking skills of professional mechanical watch brand Zenith, this year's return to the classic simplicity of the watch design, abandoning the previous set of complex facial disc, showing the face of a simple multi-Zenith watch the performance and high precision , although the return to "simple", but delicate and precise movement of the production process equipment, still maintain the highest quality of years, so at the moment, let us to rethink the behalf of the Swiss watch industry's top brand-Zenith.


AD 1865, at the age of 22, young businessman Georges Favre-Jacot, driven by one of the most advanced watches and clocks with a mysterious sense of Workshops was born, and the first truly high-level watch-making concept. At that time, he brought together all of the master clock to provide them with warm light, so that they enjoy the inspiration, heart and soul of the input clock designs. In a quiet night, Farber - Jacques developed a movement of his most satisfying, he walk under the stars at night, looked up Looking to the sky, then he got to his mysterious cosmic revelation. Polaris running around a huge system of celestial bodies, so that he thought the gear around the axis of the watch operation sophisticated structure. So he decided to highest point of the universe ZENITH word, movement and watch for his workshop name.

In 1962, ZENITH decided to design an automatic movement with time performance, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of construction, the final product of the entire Swiss watch industry. After more than five years of research and development, ZENITH in 1969 created the world's first vibration frequency of up to 36,000 times the automatic chronograph movement, timing devices up to 1 / 10 second accuracy. ZENITH this movement called El Primero, which is Spanish, the "first" means. This high standard of movement, 40 years no one can match his. This year, El Primero movement is the high standard market grown up after the first 40 years, we have the footprints of the past, this one beats 36,000 times per hour, the heart of the historical achievements, creating a ZENITH.

Zenith El Primero Tourbillon
Case: Rose gold case
Diameter: 44 mm
Movement: El Primero 4035 movement, earthquake frequency transfer 36,000
Kinetic energy: 50 hours power reserve
Function: Tourbillon eleven o'clock, the patent date display (around Tourbillon)
Mirror: sapphire crystal

However, this century's century-old brand from the overall appearance of crafted art, to the more complicated watchmaking technology, ZENITH the amazing art design and clever integration of a watchmaking. Original technology introduced a variety of movement and performance of a variety of gorgeous complexity of fine mechanical watches. ZENITH the expression of the new era of human atmosphere, because of this, laid the ZENITH brand in the market a unique style.

About El Primero:

Legendary originally developed by Zenith El Primero movement in the January 10, 1969 launch, making an El Primero movement needs: 5,500 procedure | dial grinding process requires 50 | bridge deck grinding processes require additional 77 | per a part process required 5-50 | classic watches need to use 18 different metals. Although all manufacturers have been able to watch the traditional mechanical watch manufacturing automatic movement, no such movements have the ability to create such a stopwatch enterprising system. In the history of watchmaking, which is recognized as "the first by the pendulum mechanism Tuo rotating around a central ball bearing self-winding movement," which is unique in that the frequency stability of the earthquake, El Primero movement, transfer high vibration frequency of 36,000 also exceeds the other brands. The movement to join in the development of a number of breakthrough innovations Shihai, including ensuring the stability of long-term excellent dry lubrication technology, a higher vibration frequency need to consume more energy, so movement of the power reserve is also improved. Until today, the movement is so superior manufacturing technology is still in the leading position in the industry and used in the sections of the Zenith watch.

El Primero Tourbillon Chronograph

Tourbillon, the world's greatest invention of complex mechanical devices, using the framework of the rotating movement of the balance wheel and escapement from the box and boldly confront the effects of gravity on the mechanical movement can be reduced to reduce because of gravity caused by the time the error value is no doubt in accuracy, the tourbillon device installed in the hour of high vibration frequency of 36,000 rpm in the El Primero movement, like an impossible task. However, ZENITH watch factory in the best engineers do, and to overcome such a difficult task, creating the world's fastest vibration frequency Tourbillon movement.

Zenith El Primero Tourbillon
Case: stainless steel case
Diameter: 44 mm
Movement: El Primero 4035 movement, earthquake frequency transfer 36,000
Kinetic energy: 50 hours power reserve
Function: Tourbillon eleven o'clock, the patent date display (around Tourbillon)
Mirror: sapphire crystal

2010 New Zenith El Primero Tourbillon watch, simple but has a top face plate configuration fine watchmaking, and the most powerful in the heart-El Primero movement, in addition to the performance of a stopwatch, there Tourbillon around the unique date display, 50-hour power reserve, high precision and swatch vibration frequency, showing a perfect example of the top watch. Watches rose gold and stainless steel there are two options, I believe it is your most valuable collection.

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Brand Watch Introduce: IWC

Brand Watch News Report: IWC was founded in 1868, the watch 130 years of history. Founding place called Buddha Hauser summer, the local history of watches and clocks can be traced back to the early 15th century, a full 459 years earlier than the IWC. But the plant by IWC watch, the time accuracy, it came to be firmly in their hands.

IWC is the founder of Boston engineer Florentine A. Jones, his factory on the Rhine in the creation of the Swiss mechanical watchmaking factories of the earliest to realize his new vision to replace part of a mechanical artificial create more accurate parts, and then leading the watch by the exceptional quality teachers assembled into a watch.

1868, IWC introduced the first pocket watch, and since then, IWC in the Swiss watch industry has made a special status in many ways, but also the world's watch manufacturing industry has a pivotal position.

IWC agents around the world, the efforts of the last three years sales growth of five hundred percent, a startling achievement, making the plant more big push, to expand the Asia-Pacific market. Basel, April 1998 published a new watch more that the first step in the March first appearance in the Asian region, to be published teletext, showing the importance IWC Asia-Pacific region.

IWC founder was an American watch industry, Rio Tito Jones. In 1868, Jones for the use of Swiss watchmaking technology and local water resources, cheap labor and to produce and export large number of new watches and clocks, watches and clocks to deal with the U.S. company's competition, from the northern part of the United States moved Ruishi Dong Stockhausen create IWC ( International Watch Company).

Since then, IWC watch the company produced the popular late 19th century, early 20th century watch market: in 1868 the development of the "Jones" brand pocket watch movement, a large pocket watch improve the accuracy of travel time and temperature constant level, so as to hit the IWC brand; launched in 1890 "GRANDE COMPLICATION" pocket watch, not only won the International Watch & Clock Association Certificate of Merit Kar and quality, but soon became collectors snapping thing, even when the pope, the emperor of Bulgaria and, later, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill are The data type has a IWC watch.

Early 20th century, IWC to shift the focus to the production and operation of the watch. World War I, it provides a large number of military and practical watches with a luminous surface. World War II, it successfully launched a pilot developed for magnetic watch. To 70 years, IWC is based on the magnetic sheet, the development of the timing function and the combination of directional compass compass watch, and further facilitate the professional user. After launch of MARK is world famous.

60 years of the 20th century, IWC quartz electronic watches the face of Japan initiated the impact of Swiss watch, with the tide, using new technology and strategies to meet the challenge. It also launched the titanium watches for divers to use the "OCEAN" series, "VTRA SPORTIVO" ultra-thin watches, and "PORTOFINO" series, the first Swiss watchmaker IWC among the ranks. The newly launched the world's first diving watch with mechanical depth gauge, and further shows the IWC incredible earth-shattering creativity and imagination.

Since 1868, IWC produced only watch for each login in the watch factory log book, hundred years, the number of those log books have been integrated large volumes, this log book is the only world record book. Old records of the characters to take the contract number, after the case number, the material used, the weight of the watch, watch the master's name, date of completion, and the watchmaker's name or the order form and other information. Russian Tsar Ferdinand I, Pope Piye Si IX, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, etc. have owned more than a pocket watch IWC.

At the same time since the 1868 years, IWC factory produced important spare parts are stored in the high kitchen cupboards, so the watchmaker IWC to completely overhaul or even the most ancient form the core in order to ensure many years later still the cousin precise timing. Because this, IWC posttherapy watch next few generations as heirlooms.
mportant spare parts are stored in the high kitchen cupboards, so the watchmaker IWC to completely overhaul or even the most ancient form the core in order to ensure many years later still the cousin precise timing. Because this, IWC posttherapy watch next few generations as heirlooms.


Brand Introduction: Hublot

Brand Watch News Report: 80s of last century, the Italian Carlo Crocco in the Swiss town of Nyon Lac Léman Lake, the creation of Hublot watch brand, the brand appears at odds with the watch industry, known as the "alternative", to put it nicely a number, Hublot is a cutting-edge brand.

80 years on the watch is a turbulent period, as the invention of quartz watches, the Swiss watch factory are in the major traditional state of near collapse, which undoubtedly also provide a good opportunity Hublot, which relied on the unique design being easily break into the market. It is said that the first collection of this watch is a big man - the King of Greece. He bought two watches that he retained one, another one sent to the Spanish royal family.

Hublot is French, meaning the hull side of the light with the "windows", which gave the designers a very good tips, so we now see the Hublot collection of watchs created mostly using multiple heavy metal case, heavy metals very strong sense of , which in the design of the Swiss watch is extremely rare. Hublot rubber strap is another major contribution. watch gives the wrist to alleviate discomfort caused by the skin, after years of research and development, in large quantities of rubber, this technology broke the Swiss watch's style, led to an exotic fashion. Even the most advanced, most traditional also introduced rubber watch, even if many French classic watch shop very dissatisfied with this point, but the final decision by the consumer, the market faster than the watch industry accepted the Hublot.

Hublot from the beginning gives the impression that changing the founder Carlo Crocco was promoted by "Fusion", means "fusion." He is Italian, the Italian style and the integration of Swiss craftsmanship that he has been pursued. Changing the design style which also happens to run into a "changing" the CEO, so that Hublot is even more powerful.

Let - changing experience, read his resume, they learned that "quit" up to what. Talk about his school experience, from the 1980 start.

In 1980, he left the Audemars Piguet , to the Omega as a product manager; 1982 he and his friend Jacques Piguet bought from 1956 to suspend operations Blancpain (Blancpain) brand; in 1992 he will also treasure Perot sold SSIH Group (now the SWATCH Group), and he himself was appointed to Omega brand marketing; the end of 2003, he left the big companies concentrate on building a small but very unique company - we Now that the Hublot "Yu-ship."

Experienced people to see this series of dazzling, but how many know how his strength in the end. Let - to many years of experience, heart perfusion in Hublot's marketing, in April 2005, he successfully launched a revolutionary watch Big Bang series.

Hublot Big Bang series is definitely a classic, even if the watch industry, to find it very difficult to watch the same style. Faint color with a son can not tell you the deep, still looks a bit shock, completely, "heavy metal" style. Matt with black and dark blue, do not have some charm, showing some of the "Paris Fashion" feeling. Is this feeling, so that the traditional high-end watch industry to accept it a little.


Introduce of Brand Watches: Hamilton

Brand Watch News Report: Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of watches and clocks, a member of Swatch Group, the innovative design and watch technology is world renowned, but also because with Hollywood strong roots and a reputation, has been in more than 300 Department of frequent appearances in Hollywood's top movie.

Hamilton watch with a strong American spirit and unparalleled accuracy, and the most advanced Swiss-winding movement and technology, but also because of the profound ties with Hollywood and beyond.

The brand was founded more than a hundred years of history, Hamilton continued to write and create the legend and glory. The late 19th century, Hamilton's first series of pocket watches Broadway (Broadway) Limited Edition, with unparalleled accuracy and reliability, as was a serious railway incidents to an end, and created a timer as a great course.

In 1920s, Hamilton has become a Zhuoyou Wei Wang of the United States armed forces military statement suppliers; Yankee watch launched in 1928, established the Hamilton lead the United States leading fashion watch; 20th century, 40 years in During World War II, Hamilton stopped the manufacture of civil list, the U.S. armed forces to focus on the production of special watches, the U.S. military during World War II provided a total of up to 1 million watch as a timing tool, the other about 1 million Hamilton Marine chronometer block the Second World War witnessed the baptism of the watch; Hamilton in 1957 launched the world's first electronic watch (battery powered)-Ventura (adventure); 1971, Hamilton made the world's first digital electronic released in Pulsar.

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Introduce of Brand Watches: Hanhart

Brand Watch News Report: 1882 hanhart Johann A. Hanhart, founder of the Swiss watch manufacturer Diessenhofen created. He soon moved to the watch factory in Germany making watch city Schwenningen, since then, Hanhart rooted in Germany. 1924 began the production of machine-style stopwatch, because of its "strong and sophisticated Task" tab features make the time "hanhart companies to create" a high-performance, high-quality one of the representatives, the stopwatch has become the standard measurement techniques were used watch, followed by the German Navy commissioned the manufacture of the "operational and high visibility of timing instruments," the military statement by formally entered the field. hanhart watch the money available until 1938, PRIMUS and the launch of the TACHY TELE 1939 or 1939, the most famous flight watch it soon became the German Navy, the pilot and the importance of teachers to wear mechanical timing tool.

All businesses in Germany after the war waste, hanhart also will be discontinued. Until 1948, the French army orders Hanhart began to re-watch and stopwatch production, followed by Germany for the newly established Air Force to do the flight time watch. But did not last long, hanhart watch

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Brand Introduction: Hermes

Brand Watch News Report: Hermes High Horse early in order to create a well-known in Paris, France, and after the launch of luggage, clothing, scarves, fragrances, enamel

Jewelry and household goods, make the brand more fully diversified. All of the products to the essence and beauty, impeccable, is the consistent aim of Hermes. Hermes has 14 products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, men and women clothing line, perfume, watches, most of them are hand-crafted, no wonder there are products called Hermes, profound thinking, high quality, content rich, exquisite works of art. Hermes boutique for people to return to the embrace of traditional elegance.

Hermes consistent brand image to establish its high-end, high quality and unique French principle of easy style, on this basis into the pop factor, which is the product never a reason for appeal. Maintain the high quality classic and will be first-class production technology, durable and practical performance and simple elegant and exquisite combination of elegance, Hermes is not only the identity, status symbol, but also can make your life known as the timeless fashion thing .

Hermes was founded in 1837 to manufacture a high horse started to get involved from the beginning of the 20th century, senior clothing, since the fifties and sixties of last century launched perfume, suits, shoes, jewelry, porcelain and other products across a full range of life grade representative. Adhere to self, do not follow the crowd of Hermes has been kept simple and natural style, "the pursuit of truth I return to nature" is designed to Hermes, so that all of the products to the essence and beauty, is the Hermes aim has always been impeccable. All products are brand Hermes finest selection of advanced materials, focusing on decorative, detail exquisite, with its excellent quality and won a good reputation.

Dating back to 1837, was born in Germany (1801), native of France Thierry HERMES, the founding of his harness manufacturing company, his first manufacturing business that is for the horse collar! In order for horses to wear the neck collar attached, Thierry HERMES spent a lot of time and effort, meticulous, and finally in 1867 won the world first-class leather business awards show, which also lay and carry out his harness leather series of solid foundation. However, the fat from the harness to make the family manufacturing business, when the advent of the car has been a great change in the third generation of the control of Charles-Emile HERMES, the Hermes has not eliminated the fate of endangered, Instead, leather series and the launch of "saddle stitch" the trunk, creating a new style of the spirit of Hermes, so that experience is like Hermes reborn as the cause of the growth, and established the unique style of Hermes.

1920, Hermes is also actively expand the development of routes to handbags, travel bags, gloves, belts, jewelry, notebooks, watches, ashtrays, scarves and so on. Even in the fifth generation of the take over after Robert DUMAS, but have launched a perfume, ties, suits, shoes, jewelry, bath towels, porcelain, jewelry, men and women clothing, watches and desk accessories series and other new products, so Hermes position across the entire life truly representative of the taste. Today's Hermes Group is divided into three systems, namely Hermes Sellier , La Montre Hermes and Hermes perfume; in the world with 186 stores, 56 retail counters, in order to Hermes has always been maintained by maintaining taste and image of the design of all products, on the pattern of each store design, even the display cases are ordered in the French original, it flown to the country, expected to keep the century-old persist.

The current Hermes Group headquarters is located in the famous Fu Bao Road 24, a responsible person is Jean-Louis Dumas-HERMES Dumai ‧ Hermes. The chief architect of one of the women is Martin Margiela (retired), the autumn and winter since 1998, the family began Belgian designer, has always been low-key style to style and the pursuit of exquisite perfection of creativity, so Hermes to keep women group is still elegant, nothing more than the rest of the design, but highlight the temperament of clothing, while functional clothes and show a high degree of comfort, is today continuing to Hermes captured an important figure in people's minds.

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Brand Watch Introduce: Girard Perregaux

Brand Watch News Report: Girard Perregaux, one of the world's Top Ten Lists; Girard Perregaux's two founders Jean-Francois Bautte and Constant Girard, Creative design of the watch are those who recognized. Girard Perregaux was founded in 1791.

18th century, Bautte launch ultra-thin sheet, the combination of reduced complex parts, excellent skills is impressive. Constant technological upgrading is more emphasis, he continued to design more sophisticated timing mechanism, but also obsessed with delving into more complex movement, that the famous "Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon" come out.

Really should stick to their own watch factory production, Girard Perregaux is able to design and production of a few Swiss manufacturers of the movement. Each movement Perregaux only, by the experts assembled by hand, carved and decorated by several different manufacturing steps of the quality test; most models have stainless steel, rose gold, gold and platinum versions; all Case comes equipped with a sapphire crystal glass; each model has a different surface for selection.

Girard Perregaux brand of two founders Jean-Francois Bautte and Constant Girard, Creative design of the watch are those who recognized. Girard Perregaux brand according to the two founders Jean-Francois Bautte and Constant Girard tabulation ideas and experience, launched the Cat's Eye series of high jewelry watches, watch factory produces the GP033R0 assembly automatic mechanical movement, case strap mosaic Up to 394 top diamond.

Girard Perregaux Swiss movement, few manufacturers can design and produce one, Cat's Eye series of high jewelry watches the movement of every watch just by the Girard Perregaux watch factory completion of experts assembled by hand, carved and decorated by several different manufacturing steps of the quality tests. Cat's Eye series of high jewelry watches retained the Cat's Eye series of the most beautiful and unique oval lines, master craftsmen in the case and bezel set with 87 rectangular diamonds, while the dial and bracelet set with 98, respectively, and 204 rectangular United States drilling, together with the crown on the five star diamond kite, a total of 394 rectangular drill Bright flashes (about 52 carats).
Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye series

This set of highly technical and production of artistic beauty in one of the best hugely time-consuming, involving, and 10 working places strict implementation of the long and extremely precise process, each step must not be lost, just watch the process will be set by the system on 1200 hours. Watch factory first have to decide upon the watch and record the location of each diamond rectangular pieces and size, and then the diamonds from the most pure materials carefully selected for the rectangular cut and polished, and then follow the lines of curvature form of the watch one by one set; paved determine whether the precise location of the diamond can neatly reflected the most brilliant light, this process of skill and experience of craftsmen stones is crucial. Complete the process and then again from inlaid stone polished craftsman, a senior taking over, so that the whole blooming magnificent gold watch 

After more than two hundred years of refinement and the glory days of classic watch brands Girard Perregaux watch, those who still love the watch unanimously by the respected and beloved; well-known pathway in Tainan, Chinese watch now on Girard Perregaux held in honor of Hall Classic Series watch list Appreciation. Girard Perregaux store display watch an unparalleled master of technology should be the test of time to make, and the opening of the classic watch display and limited futures, attracting a large number of tour players to stop and appreciate the watch.


Brand Watch Introduction: Gerald Genta

Brand Watch News Report: Despite the Gerald Genta, founded by history is not long, but whether it is in a complex process, and the movement or the field of R & D and other advanced tab, have an achievement, the same is in bold, eye-catching foil shape Next, wearing charm. Gerald Genta of the strengths, in addition to the avant-garde exterior profile, jewelry inlaid detail, but also in terms of mechanical construction innovation.

Touching, the Gerald Genta of retained a large number of early watchmakers. La Sentier in Gerald Genta of the factory, many watchmakers are working two or three decades. Gerald Genta of their loyal, and strive to uphold the brand's high quality. The chef has his own life and the Gerald Genta of the future firmly locked together, they work overtime, even weekends without a break it all the people who work for the company, after all, is worth Respect.

Gerald Genta of each of a watch design drawings and technical guidelines have been carefully preserved, that customers do not worry about repairs and maintenance was the follow-up questions, and only up to such as Gerald Genta for the brand, have the ability to provide the rolling time warranty service.

Gerald Charles Genta, Italian, born in Geneva, fifteen-year-old to study jewelry design, advertising and the age of nineteen after entering the fashion industry, set up their own studio in 1969, launched in 1981, the ultra-thin thickness of only three questions form 2.72MM , launched in 1994, more than complex watchs from the Ming to the unique octagonal pagoda-style design with perpetual calendar and self-ming asked the three functions, a watch in the history of one of the most complex models. In 1996, the Pioneer, Ambassador copper, introduced when the reverse jump jump pointer designed to promote the transfer sheet when the pop era, during which more famous but joined the Mickey Mouse design. Year 2000, Bulgari Group acquired GERALD GENTA SA, to obtain the right to operate.

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Time Lines of Glashutte Original

Brand Watch News Report: 
Glashutte Original is nicknamed the Friends watch GO, founded in 1845, renowned German city of Glashütte watches, Glashutte Original is produced Glashütte watches authentic meaning.

Glashutte Original joined the Swatch Group, due to the excellent quality, many brands in the Group's foreign operations in the third place ranking, behind well-known in the Chinese market Omega, Longines, Tissot, roda.

Double platinum Glashütte watch winding boxes last year, "the international watch magazine" Readers Choice favorite watch the game got the first place. The traditional "hand-made in Germany", fine watchmaking, and the simplicity of the German people love is this section designed to watch the key to success.

Glashütte early as 1845, the watch maker ALange funded by the German government, in eastern Germany Glashütte established a production base of watches and clocks. But after two world wars, the Glashütte watch industry suddenly cut off, until after the recent restructuring of the company after Glashütte entrepreneurship. Senator introduced 99 large double windows more access to the calendar watch calendar watch the Year award in Vienna. They made a lot of watch technology is absolutely beyond the Swiss brand. 1930, invented a flying tourbillon (a word is extremely complex micro-devices used to offset the force of gravity on the mechanical result of run-time error), the Western world 90 years to be exhibited in Basel, "the world's first a flying tourbillon. "

1845: Fernand A. Lange founded the town of Glashütte, Germany in the first watch factory;

1852: Julius Assmann's pocket watch available;

1863: Birth of Glashütte first code watch;

1874: The first birth of the female form is only 25mm in diameter;

1893: Germany established the town of Glashütte watchmaking schools;

1904: Glashütte chronometer set up in here;

1921: Original Glash? Tte name for the first time a mark on the dial;

1927: Glashütte watch factory in the town after World War I composed Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glash? Tte AG (UROFA), tide over the crisis;

1951: Glashütte watch factory in the town after World War II, composed of VEB Glash? Tte, re-production;

1990: the state-run VEB Glashtte Uhrenbetrieb transition to a Co (Glash? Tter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH);

1994: The Glash? Tter Uhrenbetries GmbH is a conglomerate, a private enterprise, and to "Glashütte Original" (Glash? Tte Original) for the product labeling;

1996: loyal to the history of the 3 / 4 plywood 1845 watches available;

1998: German Ceramics of plants, "the United States Chen" (Meissen) began co-production of painted enamel watch;

1999: Need for a floating tourbillon watch available;

2000: Senator calendar watch to obtain a large window, "watch the Year," first prize;

2001: total in the history of when the first mechanical watch countdown to the official listing, "Glashütte Original" Add Swatch Group, and get another "watch the Year" Grand Prize

Center of the watch set with 100 Tuo automatic winding movement, movement diameter of 31.15mm, thickness 5.6mm. Have a large calendar display function, frequency of 28,800 times per hour swing, with 55 hours power reserve, polished corners of the movement, 51 jewel-axis eye, recorded by Gabriel shock absorbers, 18 gold balance wheel screws, double springs barrel, Glash Cong te Microhyla, 21k gold hollow end of a transparent sheet placed Tuo. Case is made of solid steel, leather strap with steel folding clasp.

Brand Watch Introduce: Gruen

Brand Watch News Report:From 1874, High Road cloud family in Ohio, created the "Gruen" has been recorded countless time in the history of art and culture into account bit by bit. When World War I period, the high-road goes for the U.S. military has been providing production wathes and pocket watches, and in order to meet the needs of U.S. forces, particularly the high road production of the whole cloud of silver military watch, the movement with 15 stones, 32 mm case and ceramic surface, the pointer and reading numbers also have luminous feature. 1924 High Road cloud produced a special limited edition watch, only 600 worldwide to commemorate the high road was the 50th anniversary celebration of the cloud, the cloud which represents the high road each month over the past 50 years, is a very collectible pocket watch. 

1874 High Road cloud family in Ohio, created the "high road goes" beyond a century later, the wheel of history in a long, documented history of numerous timepieces drip culture and art.

Early 20th century, most people still use the watch when the clouds have a small number of high-road production of watch manufacturers of men and women, when the First World War, High Road, Cloud has been providing production for the U.S. military watches and pocket watches, and in order meet the needs of the U.S. military, more particularly the high road production of the whole cloud of silver military watch, 32 mm case and ceramic surface, the pointer and reading numbers also have luminous feature, coupled with the movement of 15 stone.
In 1924, blast furnace and the production of a special, only 600 worldwide limited edition watch to commemorate the high road at the 50th anniversary of the cloud, the 600 limited edition watch, to represent the high road goes through the past 50 years every month, and this watch is a very precious commemorative watch, as it is with most of the parts made of 12K gold, matched with ornate carved leaf pattern on the case, and is a very collectible pocket watch.

GRUEN SWISS launched new series of colorful and luxurious style, the young and lively, with stainless steel case, vacuum plating, 50 meters water resistance, enhanced calendar Swiss quartz glass with a hard 1 / 10 of a small second hand movement, the Italian leather belt, all stainless steel watch deduction.

 From 1857 onwards, American businessman AARONDENNISON many aspects of the stimulus by the birth of a new watchmaking concept: mechanization and mass production of watch parts, and allow the same degree of precision parts used in any form without manual debugging. This part of the current standards for reading, and nothing but the gun was in addition to the system lay not with the production model, not to mention the watch such as the need is to produce high-precision products. With EDWARDHOWARD (Howard, founder of the watch cards) partners, they laid the next few years the development of mechanized production form the basis for the United States. But they founded BOSTONWATCHCOMPANY failed, mainly due to large investment funds, the product price is too high, the market demand is too small. They note a large number of successful technology mechanized production watch is feasible, but also exposed the failure of the final mass production of the required resources watch. A few years later bought BOSTONWATCHCOMPANY jeweler ROYALEROBBINS technology and materials, successful establishment of a AMERICANWALTHAMWATCHCOMPANY (Watson form the company, sometimes called the American Watch Company), became the ancestor of the U.S. watch industry.
High Road, close to the same cloud and love, gave MzBerger acquisition.

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Brand Watches Story: Graham

Brand Watch News Report: 
Graham, Port Name: Graham, Green Han. 17,18-century England in order to extend these watchmakers are the brainchild of enthusiasm and idealism, in 1995, Eric Loth together with two elite in the Swiss watch manufacturer The British Masters set up the company, inherited the British practical and elegant steps, the development of Watches and clocks forward a series of achievements in the UK watch, watch today's market, both traditional and modern into an English atmosphere.

In the Swiss watch industry booming, many of the people may ignore the history of British watchmaking industry in an important position. In fact, in the watch manufacturing industry several hundred years, the United Kingdom occupies a very important position. Timer in the UK history of the development, the most famous watchmakers such as Thomas Tompion, George Graham and John Arnold and so are most admirable. Thomas Tompion (1639 ~ 1713) invented the world's first pendulum clock is still in the Royal Greenwich Observatory; George Graham (1674 ~ 1751) the first person to invent the timer; John Arnold (1736 ~ 1799) is Royal longitude calculating instruments Competition first prize winner, he was making all the adventure sailing fleet timer is essential equipment.

In order to extend the 17,18 century watchmakers were the brainchild of enthusiasm and idealism, in 1995, Eric Loth together with two elite in the Swiss watch manufacturer The British Masters set up the company, inherited the British practical and elegant steps, to develop Watches and clocks forward a series of achievements in the UK watch, watch today's market, both traditional and modern into an English atmosphere.

George Graham was born in 1674, aged 14, will join him in the watch industry watch history in the United Kingdom plays an important role, invented the world's first timer. Green Han watch in addition to the works of George Graham as a blueprint, but also in the functional design and innovative spirit inherited, each watch Jieneng stunning.

Green Han as global CEO, Eric Loth said they will continue to uphold the British watchmakers watchmaking passion for, those who love the table in the future to bring more features watch more features, more integration so that the world witnessed the United Kingdom when the traditional and modern elements into account.

Graham Chronograph history from 1674, the first British born George Graham developed a timer, and known as the Abraham Louis Breguet watchmakers par. Graham watches in the series, Chronofighter the most unique shape, its large-scale leveraged timing button is for the convenience of World War II pilots, 8,000 feet altitude in the heat wearing thick gloves on, can not bother to press time the button as such, it is for military pilots at the time, it is very important.

Then end of the war, Chronofighter has gradually been forgotten, until 1995, Graham watches are in Switzerland, the British Master watch factory was established to support, to be reborn.

Graham, the "Switzerland of the British brand", has established the spirit of its own unique personality by collectors and art connoisseurs in the affirmative. Now, Graham watches in the traditional industries continue to play with his innovative, avant-garde, the role of personality.

Graham Greene Han is known to design large size is ideal for stylish and burly stout Takeo wear!


Swiss Brand Watch: Glycine

Brand Watch News Report: Since 1914, after the establishment of the Eugène Meylan, Glycine has been in Switzerland Bern own watch factory production.

Meylan is a firm watch craftsmen, he has been committed to producing the perfect watch. His deep understanding of market needs and the possibilities offered by technology can advance. Soon he produced for the success of Ms. dedicated extreme precision movement watch, then, Glycine invested in the market, a small movement watches, silver or gold case, often inlaid with diamonds.

Glycine supply began to watch some of the rich, and these watches are really from these customers get a high rating. However, Meylan not complacent, stagnant, around 1931 or so, completely on his own creativity, he designed a good performance on the list automatically, but the reasons for lack of funds, not put into commercial production . Even now, those of Glycine Eugène Meylan SA auto collectors on the list can still see the market.

1934, issue of the time-watch series, a production line quality inspection by the official sector, the Swiss precision inspection. 30 years of economic depression and world war is coming very high taxes, so the Swiss cut off all its export markets.
Watch Online

However, Glycine tenacious persevered and became the 1938 Basel Fair, 29 exhibitors in one, and become annual event to be unbroken routine.

After World War II

In 1945, with the end of the war, once again the possibility of initiation into the world, industry began to recover.

Soon, Glycine also began to accelerate the pace of production using the most advanced production technology will soon provide the market with a complete set of automatic watches. In 1952, the birth of the vacuum time watch, this watch features a super waterproof and shockproof features, designed to work in harsh conditions, long-term users of the design. The good performance of the watch completely out of the prior forecast.

In 1953, pilot watches, all series of products to display, immediately received a warm welcome. In addition to the normal local time is now also the world's schedule available.

With the steady development of the aerospace industry and some regular travelers need to watch the time the two areas.

Glycine has been a pilot series of flagship products are then also has been a pioneer product.

70 years, the Swiss watch industry in the Far East by the mass production of quartz watches in shock.

Quartz movement to bring the technology revolution, the world's industrial decline, the Swiss franc's value to promote a lot of factories into bankruptcy.

Glycine products because the quality has always been known in the mechanical quality of the customer, but suddenly is not a large number of orders. Customers started buying the Japanese throughout the quartz watch or a U.S. electronic form. The advantages of mechanical watches has gone, the price plummeted mechanical watches.

The value of the market with a huge change in the performance of the original expensive quartz and mechanical watches are the same in the fall of a very low price. Often share a lot of lost industrial crisis lasted for about 6 years or so, about 6 million people lost their jobs. Glycine at the time of production has also been a great shock, but tried survived

1984 Brechbühler acquired Glycine, Brechbühler is private label experts, in fact, switched into the brand watches in the industry, but also for Brechbühler new page. With product development, Glycine also gradually in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries have achieved some success.
Watch Forum

Quartz series also been developed and established international marketing network. HEAVY DUTY TJALK and other series on the market has greatly increased the brand reputation.

Market acceptance of the gold-plated products, and the gold standard Glycine also other brands unparalleled. Complex features ultra-thin sheet AMARANTH Italian and U.S. customers by the warm welcome.

Company entered a new stage began in Brechbühler daughter Katherina took over the company, Katherina 1962 was born, she joined the company after the successful implementation of the idea of her personal brand, making mechanical watches sales climbing. Her strategy will be successful in the years Glycine positioned as experts in the production of mechanical watches.

Always watch the pilot

Back in 1953, Glycine has started his first production model of the pilot watches, after years, this watch has become a legendary myth. The design and characteristics of the watch by working with civil and military pilots arrived after the close cooperation.

There is no doubt, Glycine in the World Time watch is the reputation of a pioneer in the field from the pilot series of watches. Over the years, the pilot series of watches from Glycine watch the series has never missed, even in the quartz watch in the international market best-selling time. In order to repay the market, Glycine and design and production of two new pilot series of watches, ETA quartz movement, and has been in Japan and the United States two of the world's largest market, the demand schedule made some of the results.

Pilot 2000 Series Watch is a pilot series of the leading forces in 1998 to market, product number 3764. By using ETA2839-2 quartz movement, Glycine to provide customers with a can show 3 time zone clock when the field in 24 hour time is unique. The second year, the pilots launched a series of large 46mm dial list, and there is the bell at the top of the rotation has a lockable system.

In the 2002 Basel Watch Fair, one the real world of innovative products to the people - the pilot series 7, this watch features 3 separate self-winding movement, in three separate dial display four different time zone. Case diameter is 53mm, just for a normal wrist. After see-through mirror is inside you can enjoy a wonderful watch self-winding movement.

According to market demand, the first copies of the pilot watches are produced and put into the market, and marked with the name of the pilot, 8, commodity numbered 3831. The watch was immediately recognized and welcomed the general public. No doubt, the pilot series of the family in the near future will also be some new members to join.

Today, Glycine sales network through the gradual development of the world are welcome, but the company never give up on quality. Widespread and reliable service centers during the company's growth is a very important factor, and Glycine have been in this area every effort to provide you perfect service. At a reasonable price based on the value of the perfect idea of Glycine's always been. The company's strong fundamentals, coupled with his quality and attention to product features make Glycine today has become a Swiss watch manufacturing industry respected brands. Watches

1934 Glycine Watch SA launched the first time clocks, this statement by the Swiss government quality inspection department of rigorous testing, access to a quality certificate.

After the war Glycine Watch SA has the ability to produce one of the first automatic movement of the manufacturers. In strengthening the technical preparation, 1948, Glycine Watch SA can automatically form a completely independent production.

Glycine Watch SA in 1952 to market its famous vacuum time watch, this watch with its incredible water resistance and is known for anti-collision performance. It can be long hours under harsh external conditions of use.

Air Force launched a series of 1953. This watch is unique in that it is a 24-hour movement. It is designed for pilots, but also take into account the development needs of business people groups - this time around the world can be worn on the wrist.

Swiss watch in the early seventies by the impact from the quartz movement, Swiss very late when it developed its own quartz movement. This has led to the loss of Swiss industry billions of Swiss francs and sixty thousand working position. Glycine Watch SA has tickled suffer, but ultimately it still survive. Watches

1979 a new quartz watch design success, winning the respect in the international market.

The new family of watches with special features gradually formed, such as the Netherlands and Belgium markets specially developed Tjalk ([Netherlands] A large flat-bottomed boat) series. It is highly unusual request, a special water requirements, with anti-wear the sapphire glass.

There Amaranth (purple) series. Ultra-flat, elegant style is very popular in Italy and the United States. 1989, the company's first pilot form of quartz was born in the eighties the nineties again, this time wearing a mechanical fashion. Glycine Watch SA conforms to the requirements of the market, it has never given up the production of mechanical watches.

Glycine Watch SA as of 40-micron gold-plated production line watch welcome by the majority of customers, so Glycine Watch SA's mechanical watch more quickly penetrate the market.

Glycine Watch SA in 1996 began the first piece of their own design style super-automatic watch: it is a 40 mm diameter polished stainless steel case quality; have gray, blue or black dial available; fluorescent indicators show the number; 40 mm diameter of 44 mm in diameter and two watchs are available in the 1997. All aspects of the response even more than expected in the United States and Italy have whipped up a wave of buying. Watches

In the fifties and sixties the famous watch Glycine Airman 2000 models in the Air Force installed automatic mechanical movement ETA 2893-2, also showed three time zones. One window shows the 24-hour function. Today is the best sales Glycine Watch SA's aviation watchs Incursore and KMU 48.

1953 Glycines made the first piece of aviation watchs, its high quality, classic and elegant design.

Incursore is a type installed Unitas 6497 watches manual winding movement, 44 mm stainless steel case, an Italian scout underwater special watch. Divers training and combat is very hard and long. They often wait several hours or even under water all day long; these elites tend to stay in the enemy's ships in the harbor or around the enemy.

KMU 48 is also a famous military from a watch developed using the modern technology and improved to meet modern aesthetic point of view. This striking style with a three-pointer Unitas 6497 movement, and with a transparent bottom of the watch, the KMU 48 special section where you can see beautifully decorated with Geneva stripes movement.

In the second quarter of 1999 Glycine Watch SA produced the first time a named Stratoforte watch. The watch with Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. Waterproof 10 ATM with a solid steel case 46mm in diameter.
At the end of 2000, released two really surprising other than the quartz watch, these two remarkable features of the watch is 3 atm water quality stainless steel case, curved sapphire glass watch mirror

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Brand Watch Introduce: Franck Muller

Brand Watch News Report: Franck Muller, a very experienced watchmaker. Ten years ago he founded his own watch brand name. Barrel type of meter body image and the digital scale is exaggerated Franck Muller brand characteristics and symbols. Barrel-type watch in the global set off the retro feeling, making the reputation in Franck Muller. Until now, although the brand is only ten years of history, but has become a classic watch brands.

Barrel-type watch brand in order to consolidate its leading position, Franck Muller is currently a total of eight barrels dial size. Casablanca in 2004 introduced a limited form of the tenth anniversary. The style of the giant surface design, than the average gift to the royal grandeur Casablanca, set off by the Franck Muller watches vintage barrel-type cyclone, and the subversion of the traditional surface of the color figures for Franck Muller shine in the last couple of years, coupled with professional tabulation process, so many quickly Franck Muller watch collectors of all ages.

Since 1983, FRANCK MULLER with his energy and talent, as the Swiss watch an artistic renaissance driving force behind. In the past 20 years, FRANCK with a variety of titles and the world's first patented invention, together with the challenges and significant achievements, so that everyone dizzying. This impressed the complexity and aesthetic art of watchmaking technology, by watch lovers around the world in hot pursuit!

FRANCK, MULLER have been published in 2001, LONG ISLAND 900,1000 and 1100 series, launched in 2004, LONG ISLAND flagship re-watch 1200 series. FRANCK MULLER LONG ISLAND series is 20-30 years in the architectural aesthetics to the popular Art Deco style, as well as geometry and surface memorable case the number of moldings, so that from Paris, France, a great influence on later aesthetic style , in the confusion between find it all.

To re-add color to make the world a long time to wash nine hundred and eleven incident lingering, FRANCK MULLER specially designed to show the pleasures of life a new watch COLOR DREAMS. This new design allows you to relive the old carefree days filled with laughter.

While another CRAZY HOURS watch, then watch FRANCK MULLER superb fusion of technology and creativity to new heights. If it is not witnessed, but also with many watchs that FRANCKMULLER fans joke! Because CRAZY HOURS Arabic numerals on the dial arrangement, the dial shows the inherent laws broken! Hidden watchmakers unique ingenuity.

Most people are familiar with the well-known watch brands, and its short history in 50 years, or as long as more than a century, the time to accumulate not only help brand awareness, but also watch a guarantee of quality books. However, in nearly 10 years of rapid popularity of the watch brands FRANCK MULLER, although there is no such strong background, you can still watch the market in the sudden emergence of high prices, the reason is very intriguing. With the same name brand designer watches Franck Muller, who is an independent watchmaker Association (AHCI), a member of the association were created by the watchmaker's watch, are advertised highly complex and unique, which FRANCK MULLER is the reason after the fame. FRANCK MULLER 1983 to the formal establishment of the brand name, several unique features, such as the Crazy Hours watch jumping watch, Color Dreams watch the time scale of color, have demonstrated FRANCK MULLER creative characteristics and complexity of the brand .

In July 2007 a new watch just listed, except for the deconstruction of time to add another sort of brand features a masterpiece, the classic design of Black Diamond and Cintrée Curvex case, also appear in the new watch design. And the strong Japanese style design "Sakura" series, Franck Muller is the new series.

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Brand Introduction: Frederique Constant

Brand Watch News Report: In the early 18th century, Geneva has been the creation and manufacture of precision timepieces one of the main centers. Since then, the Geneva watchmaker clocks in their field of art that plays a very important position.

Frederique Constant watch from two names:

Frederique: Frederique Schreiner, 1881-1969;

Constant: Constant Stas, 1880-1967.

Mr. Constant Stas founded in 1904, his company, to manufacture the surface plate as the main hand business. Frederique Constant watch factory in its current form was established in 1988. Frederique Constant watches the idea that fans in the provision of the Value of a beautiful and rich, high-quality watches, so that consumers at reasonable prices with more choices. Frederique Constant also argued that development should watch the trend line with consumer preferences. Frederique Constant is active since 1995 Jewellery & Watch Fair in Basel.

Frédérique Constant When first met, and when they know a good working relationship will be long-term and mutually beneficial win-win start. Two happy marriage proved it all.

Uphold the passion for watches, Frederique Constant be involved in all stages of watchmaking, from design to final assembly, and by modern technology and design of computer software design and development process of the watch. Frederique Constant watches the idea that fans in the provision of the Value of a beautiful and rich, high-quality watches, so that consumers at reasonable prices with more choices. Frederique Constant also argued that development should watch the trend line with consumer preferences.

In the early 18th century, Geneva has been the creation and manufacture of precision timepieces as a major center. Since then, the Geneva watchmaker clocks in their field of art that plays a very important position.

Like most of the world the best and most well-known watch makers are based in Geneva, where it is also located in the factory Frédérique Constant suburban Chêne-Bourg Geneva town.

Because each individual watch must be combined by hand, so watch factory watchmaker is often the most important asset. Most of the work in the watchmaker Frederique Constant is located in Geneva and graduated from La Chaux-de-Fonds watch professional schools. The two places of the world's most nurturing watch personnel. Many technicians in the Frederique Constant watch before they repair the other well-known brands already have experience. Of course, in addition to professional knowledge and experience with these basic requirements, all work watchmaker Frederique Constant are all also must have a great enthusiasm tab.

Unique Frederique Constant Highlife ™ Series watch is the flagship watch. Highlife ™ Series watch with metal chain section of the original design of the watch is used Yacht Timer watch, and to symbolize the winch on the boat. Due to the majority of consumers, Frederique Constant Highlife ™ family also decided to use the same style. Arab variant of large numbers and patent registration special "with the head" design consistent, reflect each other. With complex performance or ultra-thin movement for selection. Use made of the highest quality mechanical movement, and strive to meet the exact requirements of precision timepieces, Frederique Constant Highlife ™ Series Swiss watches and obtain official certification of the Astronomical Clock certificate.

Highlife ™ Series Automatic watch movement most of the board are engraved "Haute de Gamme" Knurled decorations, and enjoy through the transparent back after the end of the movement operation. Hand-polished circular case with sapphire crystal, water resistant up to 100 meters. Centre for oval face plate factory Hui pattern decorative translucent shades, brand recognition works fine inlay logo Zeyi 18K gold is Highlife ™ series of other unique design

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Brand Watch: Fossil

Brand Watch News Report: Fossil was founded in 1984 by brothers Tom and Kosta Kartsotis founded. Fossil is a collection of creative haven in the fashion world, Fossil in four seasons to market new products, the mainstream philosophy emphasizes the fun, fashion and quality. Fossil different products with many brands of philosophy, but the purpose of consistent and reasonable prices are a unique product. Fossil at this point is very good.

Fossil was founded early, creating brand inspired by the '50s, was when the Second World War, the United States and even the world is full of hope and joy of the atmosphere, the heyday of American happiness index. Kent said Retail Director Asia Pacific, the creation of other brands of jewelry was gone most of the modern line, do what I do is too boring; and the Fossil age for Levi's and not as a historical topic to talk about, so will be located in the modern and retro Fossil the middle, more partial to a little bit retro, "modern retro" (Modern Vintage) a Fossil brand spirit.

Although the short history of Fossil brand, only the scene twenty years, but the Fossil watch the United States of the power of community is like a hundred years old in general. Every product the company has created a unique sensitivity Fossil, "I think this is related to the quality we put" fashion watch brands, president of Richard Gundy said, "look at the Fossil brand, we have been using strong case and bracelet, good quality leather products. Fossil watch has a unique feel and appearance. I think that customers can distinguish between a Fossil product. "

FOSSIL (Chinese translation of "fossil" spirit of the brand as a "fun, authentic and natural," a long history in the United States is a well-known brands, locking the young population, combined with the quality and fun to create a consumer favorite fashion goods, and reasonable prices and provide great value to consumers

King of Chinese Watch: FIYTA

Brand Watch News Report: December 23, 1987, in Shenzhen, China set up a small company Mingjiaofeida Watch, the company set up only when the registered capital of 1.86 million, 20 square meters of factory buildings and nine employees work, she is FIYTA (Group) Co., Ltd., the predecessor.

18 years, Fiyta adhering to the "pursuit of perfection, excellence," the entrepreneurial spirit, continuous learning and go beyond the world's advanced design concepts and tabulation process, with effort and passion to lead the world watches FIYTA temple of the brand. After 18 years of hard tempered and progress, today's FIYTA has grown into China's flagship national brand watch, become a "king of Chinese watch", the industry's only "Famous Chinese Trademark" and "China Famous Brand" titles of the three public listed company, and successfully developed in 2003 to create China's first private astronaut to wear a watch.

Inception of the company, the domestic watch industry competition has been fierce, but FIYTA the direction of the brand strategy is always to remain, since then, every one has experienced designer watches Fiyta outstanding creativity, tab-carved and factory technicians rigorous testing.

In 1988, the first new exhibition FIYTA held in Beijing, 100 a variety of novel design, excellent workmanship Beijing debut FIYTA watch, stir the domestic watch industry and watch shop in Beijing Hendry professional sales record at the same a record 143 brands, the most exciting is the G/L208 on the watch, so far sales have exceeded 1 million, became a classic masterpiece watch.

Fiyta brand started in the near future, the company that is keen market sense will sell the network from the central city of the radiation. At the same time, the introduction of Group strategy Fiyta, have been established in supporting the establishment of the six product-related enterprises, with a sapphire vacuum ion plating and processing of advanced production lines, the development of the brand and lay a good foundation.

Since 1989, the watch began to frequent appearances FIYTA International Watch Fair at the Hong Kong Watch and other international event, with exquisite design and outstanding quality with the Swiss, the Japanese brands competing against their foreign counterparts so amazed.

Was an important year in 1993, the year the company reorganized into a joint stock Fiyta, Fiyta A, B shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, FIYTA brands from the international rules-based mode of operation of a modern enterprise, the pull opened to the international brands to enter the regiment.

We must first of its profits. Passed ISO9001 quality certification in 1994, 1996, to achieve a computer integrated manufacturing CIM S, FIYTA through continuous technological upgrading, with a world-class R & D and manufacturing capabilities.


Brand Watch: Ebel

Brand Watch News Report: The early twentieth century Europe, is full of vibrant new atmosphere, the rise of a busy city, the development of a sophisticated culture and art, active trade, science and technology Mengjin, comforwatch life. Planning the creation of many centuries in this period there, the Swiss Ebel Ebel watch is born in such a prosperous era.

1911; Alice and Eugene Blum couple, in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking – La Chaux-de-Fonds the creation of Ebel Ebel watch factory. Technology and design excellence, full of art, function, value the perfect combination of the three, Ebel Ebel watch Thus was born the legend of history.

Time Architect

Always form a perfect designer inspired an endless supply of inspiration, especially in the art that accentuates modern architecture. Legendary architect LeCorbusier one of the most important works - VillaTurque, is the spiritual symbol of Ebel also Ebel watch public relations center.

Andrew, the famous interior designer. Andr'eePutman under the command of refurbishment has restored the old brilliant luster. In this, the birth of new ideas and creativity, the spirit during the last forever - as the top watchmakers Ebel Ebel lead us to truth, goodness and beauty of the realm.

Time marker
 1914 National Exhibition in Bern, Switzerland was awarded a gold medal.
 1925 Paris ExpositionDesArtsDecoratifs won awards.
 1933Ebel Ebel watch to be the first to use Vibrograph, law of vibration of the watch movement manufacturers.
 1955 published "Caliber96" - the world's thinnest watch movement (1.7 mm, 14K gold).
 1961 by the Swiss National Exhibition of "jewelry timepieces," first prize.
 1968Ebel Ebel watch issued at a new lubrication method used to increase the stability and accuracy of movement.
 1977 published "SportClassic" Ebel Ebel watch case with the first wave only Monocoque belt.
 1980's sports competition sponsored by Ebel Ebel watch - Tennis: Davis Cup, Monte Carlo Open, Boris Becker, AndreAgassi and other players. Golf: Ryder Cup, EbelEuropean MastersCrans-Montana, Payne Stewart, SandLyle.
 1989 for the first time published "Voyager", the first 24 time zones can display the watch.
 1995 for the first time published "LeModulor" series, as Ebel Ebel watch own R & D was awarded the certificate automatically Chronograph watch.

Five-year international guarantee
Ebel watch design and production, has been pursuing two basic principles: use the most sophisticated technology, made the highest quality. Each group watch parts, including the design of the case 30 meters waterproof, anti-wear sapphire crystal surface, must be meticulous and highly rigorous verification tests, such as mechanical assembly to run fine, the case of the polished, strap Mosaic and other highly proficient and meticulous process, all hand crafted tradition.

After the completion of assembly, and then after seven days of rigorous testing, such as pressurized water tanks, temperature testing, three-dimensional simulation, the accuracy of testing and a variety of the force, erosion and vibration testing, the quality is perfect, after all, only the factory, Be sure to do "is not perfect is not manufactured," the quality standards, but also with a Ebel watch unprecedented five-year international warranty, this assurance rarely seen in the watch sector, as Ebel watch belief in the "Clock master architect" in the world is absolutely is cumulative.