EPOS and Peter Hofer

Brand Watch News Report: When dreams come true, passionate to become a reality, developed a mechanical art products, you can watch in one sentence summary of Peter Hofer Arts, Peter Hofer for his life's work and his choice of motto epos series. Peter Hofer on the fine art of watch the passion from an early age, established in 1983 in his own watch company montresepossar reached its peak. His choice of name for the product can best express his love of watchmaking. When the movement of all Aibo factories in their own assembly, which is the traditional watchmaker device called the special properties of complex r ndash; must be a separate assembly and carefully modulated by the watchmaker himself.

Aibo valleedujoux with the famous watchmaking craftsmen and engineers worked closely to create energy storage, jumping hours, fine-tuning the complex r, or reset devices. Retained from the 1741-1776 year watchmaker watchmakers Lake Union records joux r, is joux Valley tabulation of the earliest records. Infinite attention to detail and precision and make the fanaticism, and the creation of more complex knowledge of micro-mechanical miracle challenges, success to the region's reputation and the reputation spread around the world.

Peter Hofer has its own unique style. His design is left to the world heritage and the highest level of aesthetic attempt. He cultivated land near the modern design and classic shape combined with the ultimate showcase for the art of watch creation of the environment.

Located in the historic, the most prestigious Swiss watchmaking center biel City, the members of this small team, by peter and ernahofer Superman Peter Hofer also excited passion to the love of their chosen career devoted to each product in. That is also how some of the sensitive and subtle differences to give each character watches, and to love each time a masterpiece unique treasure, a very high value for collection of micro-art.

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