Time Lines of Glashutte Original

Brand Watch News Report: 
Glashutte Original is nicknamed the Friends watch GO, founded in 1845, renowned German city of Glashütte watches, Glashutte Original is produced Glashütte watches authentic meaning.

Glashutte Original joined the Swatch Group, due to the excellent quality, many brands in the Group's foreign operations in the third place ranking, behind well-known in the Chinese market Omega, Longines, Tissot, roda.

Double platinum Glashütte watch winding boxes last year, "the international watch magazine" Readers Choice favorite watch the game got the first place. The traditional "hand-made in Germany", fine watchmaking, and the simplicity of the German people love is this section designed to watch the key to success.

Glashütte early as 1845, the watch maker ALange funded by the German government, in eastern Germany Glashütte established a production base of watches and clocks. But after two world wars, the Glashütte watch industry suddenly cut off, until after the recent restructuring of the company after Glashütte entrepreneurship. Senator introduced 99 large double windows more access to the calendar watch calendar watch the Year award in Vienna. They made a lot of watch technology is absolutely beyond the Swiss brand. 1930, invented a flying tourbillon (a word is extremely complex micro-devices used to offset the force of gravity on the mechanical result of run-time error), the Western world 90 years to be exhibited in Basel, "the world's first a flying tourbillon. "

1845: Fernand A. Lange founded the town of Glashütte, Germany in the first watch factory;

1852: Julius Assmann's pocket watch available;

1863: Birth of Glashütte first code watch;

1874: The first birth of the female form is only 25mm in diameter;

1893: Germany established the town of Glashütte watchmaking schools;

1904: Glashütte chronometer set up in here;

1921: Original Glash? Tte name for the first time a mark on the dial;

1927: Glashütte watch factory in the town after World War I composed Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glash? Tte AG (UROFA), tide over the crisis;

1951: Glashütte watch factory in the town after World War II, composed of VEB Glash? Tte, re-production;

1990: the state-run VEB Glashtte Uhrenbetrieb transition to a Co (Glash? Tter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH);

1994: The Glash? Tter Uhrenbetries GmbH is a conglomerate, a private enterprise, and to "Glashütte Original" (Glash? Tte Original) for the product labeling;

1996: loyal to the history of the 3 / 4 plywood 1845 watches available;

1998: German Ceramics of plants, "the United States Chen" (Meissen) began co-production of painted enamel watch;

1999: Need for a floating tourbillon watch available;

2000: Senator calendar watch to obtain a large window, "watch the Year," first prize;

2001: total in the history of when the first mechanical watch countdown to the official listing, "Glashütte Original" Add Swatch Group, and get another "watch the Year" Grand Prize

Center of the watch set with 100 Tuo automatic winding movement, movement diameter of 31.15mm, thickness 5.6mm. Have a large calendar display function, frequency of 28,800 times per hour swing, with 55 hours power reserve, polished corners of the movement, 51 jewel-axis eye, recorded by Gabriel shock absorbers, 18 gold balance wheel screws, double springs barrel, Glash Cong te Microhyla, 21k gold hollow end of a transparent sheet placed Tuo. Case is made of solid steel, leather strap with steel folding clasp.

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