Bvlgari 2011 Serpenti Series

Fashion Zone Report: Contains many different cultures have the same eternal values ​​and the image of the snake and the human civilization has always been inseparable. This is also reflected in the development of a long history of Bulgari in New Serpenti Series watch make this a symbol of eternal youth to the classic reborn. Once, twice ... ... 2011 will be amazing new watches Serpenti 7 laps wound reproduce their enduring charm. Serpenti iconic Bvlgari watches with the perfect combination of feminine qualities, the essence of the historical heritage of natural affinity for the beauty of my highest consideration.

Adhering to the new Bulgari watches Serpenti decades of classic style, watch making and jewelry techniques to explore the perfect combination between. It is through such a winding snake-like body fluid, and the wisdom of continuing re-interpretation, excellent handmade jewelry combines with full color and glaze, gold and tabulation process, in order to give this timeless classic carry the logo of the immortal Powerful unique, unparalleled vitality. Meanwhile, the relentless process of this study perfect reproduction of the eternal charm.

A symbol of land and water, knowledge and life symbols, a sign of immortality and regeneration, there are many different connotations from the Neolithic to contemporary civilization in the entire history of human civilization, the snake's presence everywhere. This inexhaustible mystery of the totem culture is an integral part of a long history of Bulgari a valuable asset: since the 20th century, since the late 40s, through endless evolution of technology, combined with colorful enamel and precious diamonds, gold and colored stones, Serpenti series has become since ancient times has become the jewelry and watch the world since the permanent theme. The shape of the snake symbol of eternal youth, is the aesthetic core of Bvlgari essence and value, and effectively ensure Serpenti series beyond the age of 60 years, the fetters of leisurely, to the classic reborn.

As many classic interpretation of the source of inspiration, Serpenti series achieved snake and Bulgari brand to another symbol of the perfect integration of product Tubogas bracelet. Smart winding wrist, unlimited charming enchanting. Tubogas Bulgari bracelet is 50 years in the 20th century to create the fine jewelry, until today still is a unique boutique. As the classic symbol of unique charm and exquisite handicraft work with great concentration to create the results, Tubogas exquisite bracelet shows the unique Bulgari jewelry making skills. Smart at the wrist lap winding up to 5 meters from the steel or rose gold delicate woven, which means Serpenti Series 7 laps winding up to 35 meters of steel is required, or rose gold. Woven structure need to go through a long period of preparation and molding processes, and ultimately can be the basis of Bulgari's unique production process for assembly, so that feels like another layer of skin Serpenti watch as the ultimate quality.


Spyker Appeared In 2011 Shanghai Auto Show

New Luxury Watches Report: Dutch luxury sports car brand - Spyker participated in the 2011 Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition. Spyker C8 Aileron 2011 model with the brand's legendary co-C8 Spyder appeared. With exhibitors, as well as launched a new Spyker C8 Laviolette Special Edition. According to the news of our site, C8 Aileron sale price of 500 million since 2011 for managing C8 Aileron officially on sale starting in April delivered to Chinese customers, while its global order have been scheduled in December this year .

The exhibition Spyker C8 Aileron 2011 Spyker craftsmen from the hand-built, all-aluminum chassis with longer wheelbase, while using the texture of leather and aluminum top-touch button to create a luxurious interior. As a new generation of top-level sports car Spyker, C8 Aileron will be based on the needs of customers carefully orchestrated so that each one C8 Aileron will become the exclusive top-level sports car can not be copied.

Appeared with the Shanghai auto show, but also include the Spyker C8 Laviolette China has just introduced the Special Edition. The C8 Laviolette special edition body is orange, the Dutch signature supported by the Dutch tulip red, white and blue flag decorated with the same time, its new engine tuned to 500 hp / 373 kW. According to general manager of China Mr. Ma Tai Spyker introduced the special edition Spyker C8 Laviolette is the first appearance in the world.

The exhibition is another model C8 Spyder C8 cars in the most classic sports car. Several times in the European Le Mans Series and FIA GT race for the SPYKER gains winning C8 Spyder GT2R The model is based on the crafted.

C8 Spyder body to lightweight construction and pure design elements for the features, the vehicle body and the external parts, such as mirrors, beautiful inlets and wheels and other aluminum choose to use the best materials, gold, super frame used in all pressure from one cast aluminum alloy. Prototype body shell go for technicians to complete by hand. Manual six-speed gearbox to be ultra-light aluminum body.

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Van Cleef & Arpels Décor Makis Top End Jewelry Watch

Fashion Zone Report: Platinum jewelry bracelet, set with diamonds, sapphires, pink and onyx stones. White gold diamond-studded case, mother of pearl dial. Swiss quartz movement. A Global Limited

The SIHH's most dazzling star, is still based on the French novelist Jules Verne (Jules Verne) fiction-inspired. It describes: an extraordinary adventure when coming to an end, the balloon landed in the African jungle, is surrounded by dense lush vegetation surrounded by dazzling.

Outlines the abundance of stems and leaves of the delicate beauty of flowers, emeralds and sapphires inlaid with mosaic, sandwiched two diamonds, black onyx tail monkeys in the forest free shuttle, a sublime wrist decoration.

While this fine jewelry watch shows the remarkable Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry production process. Jewelry used in the watch are in line with each jewel jeweler established strict brand standards - green too green, so blue and deep, powder was tender and beautiful - only those with extreme quality and beauty of the soul gem to show the people resist harmonious tone. Watch the flowers form the center can be opened or closed, made of mother of pearl dial.


Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Watches

Latest Watches News Report: 950 platinum case, the diameter of 47.5 mm, thickness 16.84 mm, bezel engraved with the text side, is about the technical details of this watch. Hollow dial with small seconds and power reserve display. String assembly GF 02s hand movement, a total of 385 parts, the main framework of the 6 o'clock position was 30 ° deflection of the axis tourbillon, the outer one revolution every 4 minutes (so Tourbillon with four seconds on the direction of time) the inner one revolution every 60 seconds. The results show that the deflection of the axis tourbillon and the center axis than the average travel time is more precise tourbillon. Install 4 barrel movement, providing up to 120 hours of energy, the watch can run more than 120 hours a day, but accuracy decreased.

Key words: complex creative, independent watch brands
Music effect: line poems
Product Style: super complex, full of imagination, the appearance of the head start
Main Series: Invention Piece 2
New Quantity: 2 (IP2 of the platinum and red gold models)
Editors watch: Invention Piece 2

Review: Greubel Forsey 4 tourbillon works anyway I do not understand, it is estimated the whole world, few people can ever understand, but that does not prevent us appreciate it, praise it, but the real money will not prevent those who people buy it, collecting it. Greubel Forsey not significant reputation in the country, as too young, the output is too low, the price is too high, but it is the reputation of the Swiss watch industry is quite good, even beyond the big number in the usual sense.

Because as the quintessence of the Swiss watchmaking is the real heart GF mind to form business sense, rather than to concentrate on the money spent on PR. As the product manager said, GF staff are idealists, they treat product development from design to final completion without a shred of compromise, the movement of the grinding is the industry's top, even the invisible parts are decorated very beautiful. In addition, GF's work always makes one feel incredible, because they have a 6-person lab, responsible for trying a new way to find out the possibility of continuous improvement.


CHAUMET Jewelry Watches Show

New Luxury Watches Report: Chanticleer French jewelry brand jewelry watches CHAUMET will celebrate its 200th anniversary of creation. CHAUMET 2011 April 29 to June 19 at the Hong Kong flagship store and organize the world's first museum to create Two centuries

Watch Fair emotional moment for the public display of the brand from France, "First Empire" during the 1990s that two hundred years in terms of jewelry making watch history.

CHAUMET first ever on the watch

Exhibition will showcase about thirty rare treasures, many of works are shown to the public for the first time. Most of the exhibits from the museum CHAUMET France, while some from the descendants of Napoleon. The following is some of the treasures:

CHAUMET first ever on the watch, is the founder of Nitot created in 1811. This watch is the son of Eugene Queen Josephine de Beau ha rnais Prince to his wife -  Princess Augusta of Bavaria gift.

Napoleon Watch logo

The gold emblem decorated with Napoleon's watch, was created in 1813 from Nitot, particularly for use as a gift. Round case made of blue enamel, inlaid with pearls, and in the central crown is a crown logo with the letters N.

Dark blue enamel pocket watch

The pieces of dark blue enamel pocket watch by the Joseph C ha umet created in 1910 from. In good years (Belle Epoque) period, the case design more flat and rounded. This watch golden eagles through the color blue enamel dial surrounded by a circle of emerald, also set with a central rose cut diamonds and emeralds.

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Classic Luxury Watches Review

Fashion Zone Report: Round watch is of course classic style, but if you want to add something new, it is better to try to find a new style wrist, this issue, we recruited a total of 18 non-circular shape of watch and let you understand the world not just watch Round watch shall be your new love can be.


Most of the special form in electronic form, but in terms of the mechanical watch is a new challenge, diamond, octagon, bracelets and even simulated car-shaped form, we can see the competitive focus of the brand not only in movement, from the vision to win attention is also important.

Square Models

Square in an elegant watch is not lost on the degree of circular section, and the intensity of right angle so that the wearer is more masculine, wear them walking the streets of London after the rain, gentlemen Fan is so cast.

Tonneau-shaped and cushion-shaped 

Vintage watch the hottest this year, and this is exactly the same shape to watch the two retro charm greatly increased, if matched with brown, imagine you are enjoying a classical concert.


Omega Coaxial Skeleton Platinum Limited Edition

Watch News Center Report: Omega Hour Vision Platinum Limited Edition coaxial hollow every detail of themselves freely at all to the United States, this timepiece demonstrates a perfect system from an extraordinary treasures watchmakers hand.

Omega Coaxial Skeleton Platinum Limited Edition 

Let us start with 41 mm of the outer case bar. Case by the hand-crafted platinum 950, 360 transparent sapphire case embedded in one of the main match exactly. Watch through the transparent sapphire case the side edge of the main body, Motor This exceptional omega coaxial watch the exclusive operation of 8403-type movement is clearly visible.

Sapphire dial with striking polished by the grinding of the groove-hour black ring, and engraved with "Limited Edition"characters. Bright polished 18K white gold hour markers for the material.

Omega Coaxial Skeleton Platinum Limited Edition 

Located in the heart of this master watch movement parts Omega equipped with a revolutionary three-tier coaxial escapement device, and with the time zone feature - no need to take the time to stop the clock can be adjusted separately, ideal for travelers required. 8403 Omega coaxial screw-type movement polished, 18K gold with a sapphire on the floor automatically thallium, Omega logo engraved on the floor, the English name of the movement, and limited number (00/88). Omega discarded on the floor and Itabashi unnecessary material, to present the unique hollow visual effects, fully watch the ultimate essence of beauty.

Omega Coaxial Skeleton Platinum Limited Edition with matte black leather strap, polishing material 950 platinum clasp. Watch water resistant to 100 meters.

Omega Hour Vision coaxial hollow Platinum Limited Edition is only for sale on 88.



Watch News Center Report: "Create more quality watch, more proficient in the production process, more innovative vitality ...", HUBLOT Form Global CEO Jean - Claude • Mr. Beaver ship in a few months ago for the buildings so described the future development of the watch grand vision.

Vendome Tourbillon Rose Gold

HUBLOT watch in Geneva in 2011 on a special preview showing of the new "Vendome Vendome" series of several highly complex an important watch.

"Vendome Tourbillon" is to celebrate the Hublot watch Place Vendome boutique in Paris the opening of the special gift. The breakdown on both sides of the watch dial, two pocket-sized cylindrical decoration, the framework outlined Tourbillon movement (two columns represent the Vendome Memorial Cylinders two centuries old.) Pocket-sized bronze cylinder is drawn as clever, perfectly engraved of the stands in the center of the Place Vendome Copper Cylinder. HUBLOT Hublot watch is more honored in December 2010 held at the Vendome lighting ceremony to celebrate the history of two centuries Square Cylinders.

Big Bang all black green rich heritage of the Hublot watch Zen concept of "the invisible visible", through an elegant mix of dark and bright turquoise, creating a visual approximation of the reflection fluorescence. Sand blasting polishing material case and black ceramic bezel, black matte dial, black matt titanium H-type screw, natural rubber inserts ... matt hue of the material presented in one blend. The integration of green among the black matte pointer, time seconds, time scale, and crown a perfect and harmonious distribution of fluorescent colors. This series also introduced 44mm diameter and 48mm in diameter in two models, equipped with ultra-flexible comfort with green alligator leather strap.


Basel 2011: Harry Winston Opus 11

Latest Watches News Report: BaselWorld 2011, Harry Winston Opus watch series shows the latest watch Harry Winston Opus 11, with custom hand movement, parts 566, 155 stone. Gold Case consists of three staggered disc, of which the main dish dazzling display hours, consisting of four satellites rotating wheel system, each of the satellite gear with 3 engraved figures on India (part) of the signs, wheel through a series of complex integrated operation, the current hours would be from the four satellite gear combination of the small signs presented in the center of the dial; top right of the small-cap to rotate the disc is shown in minutes; the lower right of the small-cap display of titanium metal large balance wheel made ​​of the operation.

Harry Winston Opus 11 by a French engineer Denis Giguet (who played for the Rolex and Harry Winston, Harry Winston watch as the products also responsible organizations involved in the Opus series of product development, now has his own watch brand MCT) responsible for the design, limited 111.


Tudor Watches at BaselWorld 2011

Latest Watches News Report: Tudor 2011, the new tables, highlighting the brand re-interpretation of the classic style of the brilliant achievements. The new shape of fashion watches and precision of its function, aesthetic design and achieve the perfect balance between technical performance. As a representative of the classic watch, Tudor watches set of attractive design, superior functionality and reliability in one. This year, the brand re-create classic watches Tudor watches Heritage Advisor, once again to the unique value and more than six decades long tradition of tribute.

The new Tudor watches Heritage Advisor, is from the Heritage Series in 2010 introduced a new member of inspiration from the glorious history of the brand to a new interpretation of classic design a perfect way.

1957 classic alarm watch as a modern interpretation of 2011 Advisor to the unique style and superior technology to the melting pot, but the perfect embodiment of Tudor watches the spirit of the classic tradition. The movement of the Tudor watches specially equipped research and development of mechanical alarm features exclusive components that make a clear sound.

Although filled with new Advisor fashionable watch, but watch a lot of money uphold the original features, including the case, lugs and the outer shape and proportion, pointer, oblique hour mark, and the particular shape of the red ring alarm function pointer. To further cater to fashion design, case diameter of 34 mm more by the expansion of to 42 mm. Among them, the alarm function button located at 8 o'clock; on / off display at 9 o'clock; power reserve display at 3 o'clock, small cap; and calendar at 6 o'clock in the small cap is. At 2 o'clock crown engraved on the list "ADVISOR" words to adjust the alarm time. In addition, at 4 o'clock crown is carefully engraved with the original models the surface of the Tudor Rose symbol table, as on the chain, set the time and adjust the calendar purposes.

Watch as the classical three-match matte stainless steel chain strap, or with a new safety buckle crocodile pattern leather strap. Advisor refined and elegant new watch, this is to weave with a black strap to choose from, and through its modern interpretation of classic design innovation Tudor watches. Tudor watches will weave strap design for the watch, not only highlight the essence of the traditional process, so that the wearer apart to show personal style, while ensuring wearer comfort.


Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 Watch

Watch Traveling ReportEstimated price: 8,000 ~ 12,000 USD
With commission price: $ 13,125 (about 86,493 yuan)

【Description】 super overall, 18K white gold, chronograph, produced in 1994, limited edition 500 in the 335 block.
【Accessories】 None.
【Diameter】 42 mm
 Speedmaster Omega classic, designed to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 to 1994 production, 18K white gold, 17 rubies manual winding chronograph movement, case, dial, movement are signed.

U.S. Apollo 11 landed on the moon, so with the "God" of the Omega Speedmaster series fame. Here, the return of Apollo 11, the system fails, the Omega watch became a loyal ally, by virtue of its astronauts, landed accurately calculate the time, a smooth return. To this end, the U.S. space agency NASA, but also specifically to the Omega Snoopy awarded the Special Contribution Award. Former overlord Observatory, now in the field is still so good.

Over the last decade, Omega Speedmaster, not only re-engraved moon table, create the Olympic Games also has made a limited contribution to the table. If this movement with the classic platinum Lehman super Virginia, to ease nearly 9 million sold for high prices. Auction in recent years, the transaction results, Omega's prices are steadily rising.


Louis Vuitton Tambour Rose Gold Watch

Fashion Watch News Report: Louis Vuitton Tambour watch adding new members of the Tambour V rose gold watch series. The new watch dial using the new V-shaped logo, highlights the delicate and low-key temperament. Tambour V series with rose gold material, is particularly in the diamond style luxury.

Tambour V new rose gold watch

Dial V-shaped logo design inspiration from the classic Louis Vuitton leather goods - Steamer handbag. Unique and eye-catching signs to bring out this watch carefully, subtle character. Rose gold and white paint will be the perfect combination of femininity Tambour V Series to play the most. White alligator leather strap so Tambour V series of elegant and noble Tim prepared. Add two more of its diamond style luxury atmosphere. This watch is quartz movement medium, large for the automatic movement, sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating, with a white shiny alligator strap, water resistant to 100 meters.

Tambour V medium rose gold watch

This watch equipped with Louis Vuitton quartz movement, dial and Table V-signs at both ears close nail diamond, sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating, with a white shiny alligator strap, water resistant 100 meters.

Tambour V large rose gold automatic watch

This Louis Vuitton watch uses automatic movement, the entire case, dial, lugs and diamond-studded crown at the close nails, case diameter 39.5mm, sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating, use of diamond-studded clasp rose gold, with white shiny alligator strap, water resistant to 100 meters.