Basel 2011: Harry Winston Opus 11

Latest Watches News Report: BaselWorld 2011, Harry Winston Opus watch series shows the latest watch Harry Winston Opus 11, with custom hand movement, parts 566, 155 stone. Gold Case consists of three staggered disc, of which the main dish dazzling display hours, consisting of four satellites rotating wheel system, each of the satellite gear with 3 engraved figures on India (part) of the signs, wheel through a series of complex integrated operation, the current hours would be from the four satellite gear combination of the small signs presented in the center of the dial; top right of the small-cap to rotate the disc is shown in minutes; the lower right of the small-cap display of titanium metal large balance wheel made ​​of the operation.

Harry Winston Opus 11 by a French engineer Denis Giguet (who played for the Rolex and Harry Winston, Harry Winston watch as the products also responsible organizations involved in the Opus series of product development, now has his own watch brand MCT) responsible for the design, limited 111.

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