Bvlgari 2011 Serpenti Series

Fashion Zone Report: Contains many different cultures have the same eternal values ​​and the image of the snake and the human civilization has always been inseparable. This is also reflected in the development of a long history of Bulgari in New Serpenti Series watch make this a symbol of eternal youth to the classic reborn. Once, twice ... ... 2011 will be amazing new watches Serpenti 7 laps wound reproduce their enduring charm. Serpenti iconic Bvlgari watches with the perfect combination of feminine qualities, the essence of the historical heritage of natural affinity for the beauty of my highest consideration.

Adhering to the new Bulgari watches Serpenti decades of classic style, watch making and jewelry techniques to explore the perfect combination between. It is through such a winding snake-like body fluid, and the wisdom of continuing re-interpretation, excellent handmade jewelry combines with full color and glaze, gold and tabulation process, in order to give this timeless classic carry the logo of the immortal Powerful unique, unparalleled vitality. Meanwhile, the relentless process of this study perfect reproduction of the eternal charm.

A symbol of land and water, knowledge and life symbols, a sign of immortality and regeneration, there are many different connotations from the Neolithic to contemporary civilization in the entire history of human civilization, the snake's presence everywhere. This inexhaustible mystery of the totem culture is an integral part of a long history of Bulgari a valuable asset: since the 20th century, since the late 40s, through endless evolution of technology, combined with colorful enamel and precious diamonds, gold and colored stones, Serpenti series has become since ancient times has become the jewelry and watch the world since the permanent theme. The shape of the snake symbol of eternal youth, is the aesthetic core of Bvlgari essence and value, and effectively ensure Serpenti series beyond the age of 60 years, the fetters of leisurely, to the classic reborn.

As many classic interpretation of the source of inspiration, Serpenti series achieved snake and Bulgari brand to another symbol of the perfect integration of product Tubogas bracelet. Smart winding wrist, unlimited charming enchanting. Tubogas Bulgari bracelet is 50 years in the 20th century to create the fine jewelry, until today still is a unique boutique. As the classic symbol of unique charm and exquisite handicraft work with great concentration to create the results, Tubogas exquisite bracelet shows the unique Bulgari jewelry making skills. Smart at the wrist lap winding up to 5 meters from the steel or rose gold delicate woven, which means Serpenti Series 7 laps winding up to 35 meters of steel is required, or rose gold. Woven structure need to go through a long period of preparation and molding processes, and ultimately can be the basis of Bulgari's unique production process for assembly, so that feels like another layer of skin Serpenti watch as the ultimate quality.

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