What Suits NBA Coaches' Wear?

Fashion Watch Trend Report: NBA coach on the field are subject to the provisions of the Union that dress, the plain is suits and ties. But the suit did not shackled by the boss can be excited nerves, of you can not coach Sven sat on the bench, but kept running, shouting, whistling, playing with the offensive gesture the horn sounded.

Has entered the NBA playoffs time, fighting an increasingly intense. Used to see people know the game, arena manager who cleared a water dress suit is made subject to the provisions of Union, more than that, not even the players battle suits and ties are also watching the game.

Lakers: Phil Jackson 

He figures if not the same God, the Church is one of the best NBA, he was active coach to the highest winning percentage, from the year of the Bulls dynasty, but now the Lakers, he led them to get the 11 championship rings. 2 meters tall and 03 to wear a suit, Jackson appeared more burly tall, put off to give ordinary people to change coat.

Spohr Stella    Tom - Xi Bodu  George Karl 

Miami: Eric - Spohr Stella

While most NBA coach bothered summed up the computer data, many of whom believe their eyes and experience to determine the decision, but Spohr Stella is a special case which, he is a man by the data speak, he was important work is the greatest player in league history into its own team choreography. In fact, from his meticulous dress you can see that his strict work attitude.

Bulls: Tom - Xi Bodu

Obama said the bull is the most favorite team, Uncle Tom, the pressure of the past year how much can be imagined. When the assistant coach for too long, he used his strength to prove that he has the ability to do a good coach. He led the Bulls scored the best results Houqiao Dan times, even Michael Jordan said he can see the turn as if there are six championship trophies lined up to come to Chicago. Uncle Tom especially like the blue tie, blue are basically back and forth, but in different patterns.

Denver: George Karl -

Not how his career as the NBA coach George Karl after they go so smooth. His coaching style has always been known to violently attack and has achieved outstanding results in thousands of wins, NBA history is only 7 people to do, especially in cancer therapy in the treatment he endures, more people admire his will power. Pink shirt with a gray suit to the strong man of pure child not look good.

Stan - Van Gundy;  Gregg Popovich; Philip - Saunders

Magic: Stan - Van Gundy

Significant movement or coach on the sidelines yelling found to be normal, but the coach exaggerated the degree of action can not catch a few, so the players gave him a "master of tension," the nickname. He also received an update recently, the U.S. sports magazine Sports Illustrated recruited players vote, Gandy 65% ​​of the votes to win the "most annoying game coach" in the title. Polo shirt to wear in the suit is more stylish, but do not clasp the whole department.

Spurs: Gregg - Gregg Popovich

Spurs of the most meritorious coach, without a coach, that he may be of a CIA agent. Who, with his expressive style of famous NBA coach can coach also has trouble - to lose, it does not wave is being with the Grizzlies did not call for a suspension of combat things get frustrated, after all, inevitably record 2:1 not worrying. GDP troika played fast! Such a worry when he is firmly attached to the tie on the shirt.

Wizards: Philip - Saunders

Half of the Wizards to see reason is Yi Jianlian, while Yi Jianlian had said Sanders has seen the biggest card of his coach, does not consider the interference of the outside world, but also once put a "no results on the other 90 seconds Under an "attitude, we can see the coach's style of work. But in the clothing, Sanders is not so hard, otherwise he would not use stripe suit and tie with a diamond lattice.

Thunder: Scott - Brooks
Thunder: Scott - Brooks

He was George Karl's assistant, is the achievement of the Brooks Carl's words and deeds, so how many of his personal coaching style can see the shadow of Karl - is also a hardliner. Ye Hao young coach to wear a light-colored suits, were singled out for good with the coach. When dealing with the Nuggets in the Thunder, Brooks did not polite, beat Nuggets 16 days 4 student surpasses the teacher.

Celtics: Doug - Rivers
Celtics: Doug - Rivers

This season is the champion Celtics coach to lead the seventh year of battle. Shengsizhizhan finals last season after the Lakers lost, call Barack Obama the first time Rivers tries to comfort him, and he does not answer, this is not the first time he did not answer the call of the President. The African-American coach of the suit is wearing a brown striped favorite models.

Rockets: Rick - Rick Adelman

A handsome rocket and parted ways a few days ago, he led the Rockets to the NBA season four seasons, and achieved 135 wins, 193 negative results, his winning percentage is the highest of all Rockets coach, reaching 58.8%, and created the best team in the history of long record of 22 straight, and now Adelman Rockets announced the formal end of the era. You do not feel that he is very particular about the color match it?

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