Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Watches

Latest Watches News Report: 950 platinum case, the diameter of 47.5 mm, thickness 16.84 mm, bezel engraved with the text side, is about the technical details of this watch. Hollow dial with small seconds and power reserve display. String assembly GF 02s hand movement, a total of 385 parts, the main framework of the 6 o'clock position was 30 ° deflection of the axis tourbillon, the outer one revolution every 4 minutes (so Tourbillon with four seconds on the direction of time) the inner one revolution every 60 seconds. The results show that the deflection of the axis tourbillon and the center axis than the average travel time is more precise tourbillon. Install 4 barrel movement, providing up to 120 hours of energy, the watch can run more than 120 hours a day, but accuracy decreased.

Key words: complex creative, independent watch brands
Music effect: line poems
Product Style: super complex, full of imagination, the appearance of the head start
Main Series: Invention Piece 2
New Quantity: 2 (IP2 of the platinum and red gold models)
Editors watch: Invention Piece 2

Review: Greubel Forsey 4 tourbillon works anyway I do not understand, it is estimated the whole world, few people can ever understand, but that does not prevent us appreciate it, praise it, but the real money will not prevent those who people buy it, collecting it. Greubel Forsey not significant reputation in the country, as too young, the output is too low, the price is too high, but it is the reputation of the Swiss watch industry is quite good, even beyond the big number in the usual sense.

Because as the quintessence of the Swiss watchmaking is the real heart GF mind to form business sense, rather than to concentrate on the money spent on PR. As the product manager said, GF staff are idealists, they treat product development from design to final completion without a shred of compromise, the movement of the grinding is the industry's top, even the invisible parts are decorated very beautiful. In addition, GF's work always makes one feel incredible, because they have a 6-person lab, responsible for trying a new way to find out the possibility of continuous improvement.

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