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New Luxury Watches Report: Chanticleer French jewelry brand jewelry watches CHAUMET will celebrate its 200th anniversary of creation. CHAUMET 2011 April 29 to June 19 at the Hong Kong flagship store and organize the world's first museum to create Two centuries

Watch Fair emotional moment for the public display of the brand from France, "First Empire" during the 1990s that two hundred years in terms of jewelry making watch history.

CHAUMET first ever on the watch

Exhibition will showcase about thirty rare treasures, many of works are shown to the public for the first time. Most of the exhibits from the museum CHAUMET France, while some from the descendants of Napoleon. The following is some of the treasures:

CHAUMET first ever on the watch, is the founder of Nitot created in 1811. This watch is the son of Eugene Queen Josephine de Beau ha rnais Prince to his wife -  Princess Augusta of Bavaria gift.

Napoleon Watch logo

The gold emblem decorated with Napoleon's watch, was created in 1813 from Nitot, particularly for use as a gift. Round case made of blue enamel, inlaid with pearls, and in the central crown is a crown logo with the letters N.

Dark blue enamel pocket watch

The pieces of dark blue enamel pocket watch by the Joseph C ha umet created in 1910 from. In good years (Belle Epoque) period, the case design more flat and rounded. This watch golden eagles through the color blue enamel dial surrounded by a circle of emerald, also set with a central rose cut diamonds and emeralds.

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