Tudor Watches at BaselWorld 2011

Latest Watches News Report: Tudor 2011, the new tables, highlighting the brand re-interpretation of the classic style of the brilliant achievements. The new shape of fashion watches and precision of its function, aesthetic design and achieve the perfect balance between technical performance. As a representative of the classic watch, Tudor watches set of attractive design, superior functionality and reliability in one. This year, the brand re-create classic watches Tudor watches Heritage Advisor, once again to the unique value and more than six decades long tradition of tribute.

The new Tudor watches Heritage Advisor, is from the Heritage Series in 2010 introduced a new member of inspiration from the glorious history of the brand to a new interpretation of classic design a perfect way.

1957 classic alarm watch as a modern interpretation of 2011 Advisor to the unique style and superior technology to the melting pot, but the perfect embodiment of Tudor watches the spirit of the classic tradition. The movement of the Tudor watches specially equipped research and development of mechanical alarm features exclusive components that make a clear sound.

Although filled with new Advisor fashionable watch, but watch a lot of money uphold the original features, including the case, lugs and the outer shape and proportion, pointer, oblique hour mark, and the particular shape of the red ring alarm function pointer. To further cater to fashion design, case diameter of 34 mm more by the expansion of to 42 mm. Among them, the alarm function button located at 8 o'clock; on / off display at 9 o'clock; power reserve display at 3 o'clock, small cap; and calendar at 6 o'clock in the small cap is. At 2 o'clock crown engraved on the list "ADVISOR" words to adjust the alarm time. In addition, at 4 o'clock crown is carefully engraved with the original models the surface of the Tudor Rose symbol table, as on the chain, set the time and adjust the calendar purposes.

Watch as the classical three-match matte stainless steel chain strap, or with a new safety buckle crocodile pattern leather strap. Advisor refined and elegant new watch, this is to weave with a black strap to choose from, and through its modern interpretation of classic design innovation Tudor watches. Tudor watches will weave strap design for the watch, not only highlight the essence of the traditional process, so that the wearer apart to show personal style, while ensuring wearer comfort.

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