Brand Introduction: Hublot

Brand Watch News Report: 80s of last century, the Italian Carlo Crocco in the Swiss town of Nyon Lac Léman Lake, the creation of Hublot watch brand, the brand appears at odds with the watch industry, known as the "alternative", to put it nicely a number, Hublot is a cutting-edge brand.

80 years on the watch is a turbulent period, as the invention of quartz watches, the Swiss watch factory are in the major traditional state of near collapse, which undoubtedly also provide a good opportunity Hublot, which relied on the unique design being easily break into the market. It is said that the first collection of this watch is a big man - the King of Greece. He bought two watches that he retained one, another one sent to the Spanish royal family.

Hublot is French, meaning the hull side of the light with the "windows", which gave the designers a very good tips, so we now see the Hublot collection of watchs created mostly using multiple heavy metal case, heavy metals very strong sense of , which in the design of the Swiss watch is extremely rare. Hublot rubber strap is another major contribution. watch gives the wrist to alleviate discomfort caused by the skin, after years of research and development, in large quantities of rubber, this technology broke the Swiss watch's style, led to an exotic fashion. Even the most advanced, most traditional also introduced rubber watch, even if many French classic watch shop very dissatisfied with this point, but the final decision by the consumer, the market faster than the watch industry accepted the Hublot.

Hublot from the beginning gives the impression that changing the founder Carlo Crocco was promoted by "Fusion", means "fusion." He is Italian, the Italian style and the integration of Swiss craftsmanship that he has been pursued. Changing the design style which also happens to run into a "changing" the CEO, so that Hublot is even more powerful.

Let - changing experience, read his resume, they learned that "quit" up to what. Talk about his school experience, from the 1980 start.

In 1980, he left the Audemars Piguet , to the Omega as a product manager; 1982 he and his friend Jacques Piguet bought from 1956 to suspend operations Blancpain (Blancpain) brand; in 1992 he will also treasure Perot sold SSIH Group (now the SWATCH Group), and he himself was appointed to Omega brand marketing; the end of 2003, he left the big companies concentrate on building a small but very unique company - we Now that the Hublot "Yu-ship."

Experienced people to see this series of dazzling, but how many know how his strength in the end. Let - to many years of experience, heart perfusion in Hublot's marketing, in April 2005, he successfully launched a revolutionary watch Big Bang series.

Hublot Big Bang series is definitely a classic, even if the watch industry, to find it very difficult to watch the same style. Faint color with a son can not tell you the deep, still looks a bit shock, completely, "heavy metal" style. Matt with black and dark blue, do not have some charm, showing some of the "Paris Fashion" feeling. Is this feeling, so that the traditional high-end watch industry to accept it a little.

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