Long History of Emile Chouriet

Fashion Zone Report: Mr. Emile Chouriet create a watch from the Swiss Amy Long 1685, is the oldest watch brands.

300 years, Amy Long watch with its exquisite Art Deco clocks, accurate and reliable timekeeping watches have been living in the ranks. Amy Long is committed to the shell from the outset, the special color enamel decoration, the decoration technology front reached the top at the time, and this created a watch is not just a simple timer, or an elegant decorations perfect history. At the time, Amy Long has become a small jewelry watches feature of Geneva, by the time the Swiss aristocracy as well as China, Turkey, the favorite palace.

Seventh century, to create a sophisticated Amy Long pocket watch, called "oignon" pocket watch, jewelry watches created history.

The early eighteenth century, Amy Long began manufacturing in the dial and case watch on a hand-carved patterns, Amy Long became the world's top watch jewelry.
In the eighteenth century, Amy Long will be used to the movement bearing the jewel in the mosaic and cutting through the breakthrough technology for the watch case decoration.
To this day, Amy has been adhering to the dragon's master designers have superb technology, design a unique "Wings of Time" series of watches, selling domestic and foreign markets.

Currently, Amy Lung Association of the watch as a member of watches in Geneva, Switzerland, the company is headquartered in Geneva, watch capital. In recent years, Amy Long watchs adhering to the Swiss watch industry, watchmaking craftsmanship and meticulous, the better the tabulation spirit, tempered with more than 300 years the company made a profound historical and cultural heritage, combined with modern advanced processing technology, their quality. The market works unique style in the body, such as "EC2000", "Wings of Time", "Contemporary Luxury", "Royal Pearl," "architect", "Odyssey" series, both classic . Behind the design, or contains a touching legend, or tells a classic story, or to show a theme. Emmanuel every moment of the flash condensate are eternally engraved on watch on each Amy Long, Amy Long watchs created the appearance of vulgarity, it is deduced incisively elegant, dynamic, quality brand of charm.

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