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Brand Watch News Report: Since 1914, after the establishment of the Eugène Meylan, Glycine has been in Switzerland Bern own watch factory production.

Meylan is a firm watch craftsmen, he has been committed to producing the perfect watch. His deep understanding of market needs and the possibilities offered by technology can advance. Soon he produced for the success of Ms. dedicated extreme precision movement watch, then, Glycine invested in the market, a small movement watches, silver or gold case, often inlaid with diamonds.

Glycine supply began to watch some of the rich, and these watches are really from these customers get a high rating. However, Meylan not complacent, stagnant, around 1931 or so, completely on his own creativity, he designed a good performance on the list automatically, but the reasons for lack of funds, not put into commercial production . Even now, those of Glycine Eugène Meylan SA auto collectors on the list can still see the market.

1934, issue of the time-watch series, a production line quality inspection by the official sector, the Swiss precision inspection. 30 years of economic depression and world war is coming very high taxes, so the Swiss cut off all its export markets.
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However, Glycine tenacious persevered and became the 1938 Basel Fair, 29 exhibitors in one, and become annual event to be unbroken routine.

After World War II

In 1945, with the end of the war, once again the possibility of initiation into the world, industry began to recover.

Soon, Glycine also began to accelerate the pace of production using the most advanced production technology will soon provide the market with a complete set of automatic watches. In 1952, the birth of the vacuum time watch, this watch features a super waterproof and shockproof features, designed to work in harsh conditions, long-term users of the design. The good performance of the watch completely out of the prior forecast.

In 1953, pilot watches, all series of products to display, immediately received a warm welcome. In addition to the normal local time is now also the world's schedule available.

With the steady development of the aerospace industry and some regular travelers need to watch the time the two areas.

Glycine has been a pilot series of flagship products are then also has been a pioneer product.

70 years, the Swiss watch industry in the Far East by the mass production of quartz watches in shock.

Quartz movement to bring the technology revolution, the world's industrial decline, the Swiss franc's value to promote a lot of factories into bankruptcy.

Glycine products because the quality has always been known in the mechanical quality of the customer, but suddenly is not a large number of orders. Customers started buying the Japanese throughout the quartz watch or a U.S. electronic form. The advantages of mechanical watches has gone, the price plummeted mechanical watches.

The value of the market with a huge change in the performance of the original expensive quartz and mechanical watches are the same in the fall of a very low price. Often share a lot of lost industrial crisis lasted for about 6 years or so, about 6 million people lost their jobs. Glycine at the time of production has also been a great shock, but tried survived

1984 Brechbühler acquired Glycine, Brechbühler is private label experts, in fact, switched into the brand watches in the industry, but also for Brechbühler new page. With product development, Glycine also gradually in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries have achieved some success.
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Quartz series also been developed and established international marketing network. HEAVY DUTY TJALK and other series on the market has greatly increased the brand reputation.

Market acceptance of the gold-plated products, and the gold standard Glycine also other brands unparalleled. Complex features ultra-thin sheet AMARANTH Italian and U.S. customers by the warm welcome.

Company entered a new stage began in Brechbühler daughter Katherina took over the company, Katherina 1962 was born, she joined the company after the successful implementation of the idea of her personal brand, making mechanical watches sales climbing. Her strategy will be successful in the years Glycine positioned as experts in the production of mechanical watches.

Always watch the pilot

Back in 1953, Glycine has started his first production model of the pilot watches, after years, this watch has become a legendary myth. The design and characteristics of the watch by working with civil and military pilots arrived after the close cooperation.

There is no doubt, Glycine in the World Time watch is the reputation of a pioneer in the field from the pilot series of watches. Over the years, the pilot series of watches from Glycine watch the series has never missed, even in the quartz watch in the international market best-selling time. In order to repay the market, Glycine and design and production of two new pilot series of watches, ETA quartz movement, and has been in Japan and the United States two of the world's largest market, the demand schedule made some of the results.

Pilot 2000 Series Watch is a pilot series of the leading forces in 1998 to market, product number 3764. By using ETA2839-2 quartz movement, Glycine to provide customers with a can show 3 time zone clock when the field in 24 hour time is unique. The second year, the pilots launched a series of large 46mm dial list, and there is the bell at the top of the rotation has a lockable system.

In the 2002 Basel Watch Fair, one the real world of innovative products to the people - the pilot series 7, this watch features 3 separate self-winding movement, in three separate dial display four different time zone. Case diameter is 53mm, just for a normal wrist. After see-through mirror is inside you can enjoy a wonderful watch self-winding movement.

According to market demand, the first copies of the pilot watches are produced and put into the market, and marked with the name of the pilot, 8, commodity numbered 3831. The watch was immediately recognized and welcomed the general public. No doubt, the pilot series of the family in the near future will also be some new members to join.

Today, Glycine sales network through the gradual development of the world are welcome, but the company never give up on quality. Widespread and reliable service centers during the company's growth is a very important factor, and Glycine have been in this area every effort to provide you perfect service. At a reasonable price based on the value of the perfect idea of Glycine's always been. The company's strong fundamentals, coupled with his quality and attention to product features make Glycine today has become a Swiss watch manufacturing industry respected brands. Watches

1934 Glycine Watch SA launched the first time clocks, this statement by the Swiss government quality inspection department of rigorous testing, access to a quality certificate.

After the war Glycine Watch SA has the ability to produce one of the first automatic movement of the manufacturers. In strengthening the technical preparation, 1948, Glycine Watch SA can automatically form a completely independent production.

Glycine Watch SA in 1952 to market its famous vacuum time watch, this watch with its incredible water resistance and is known for anti-collision performance. It can be long hours under harsh external conditions of use.

Air Force launched a series of 1953. This watch is unique in that it is a 24-hour movement. It is designed for pilots, but also take into account the development needs of business people groups - this time around the world can be worn on the wrist.

Swiss watch in the early seventies by the impact from the quartz movement, Swiss very late when it developed its own quartz movement. This has led to the loss of Swiss industry billions of Swiss francs and sixty thousand working position. Glycine Watch SA has tickled suffer, but ultimately it still survive. Watches

1979 a new quartz watch design success, winning the respect in the international market.

The new family of watches with special features gradually formed, such as the Netherlands and Belgium markets specially developed Tjalk ([Netherlands] A large flat-bottomed boat) series. It is highly unusual request, a special water requirements, with anti-wear the sapphire glass.

There Amaranth (purple) series. Ultra-flat, elegant style is very popular in Italy and the United States. 1989, the company's first pilot form of quartz was born in the eighties the nineties again, this time wearing a mechanical fashion. Glycine Watch SA conforms to the requirements of the market, it has never given up the production of mechanical watches.

Glycine Watch SA as of 40-micron gold-plated production line watch welcome by the majority of customers, so Glycine Watch SA's mechanical watch more quickly penetrate the market.

Glycine Watch SA in 1996 began the first piece of their own design style super-automatic watch: it is a 40 mm diameter polished stainless steel case quality; have gray, blue or black dial available; fluorescent indicators show the number; 40 mm diameter of 44 mm in diameter and two watchs are available in the 1997. All aspects of the response even more than expected in the United States and Italy have whipped up a wave of buying. Watches

In the fifties and sixties the famous watch Glycine Airman 2000 models in the Air Force installed automatic mechanical movement ETA 2893-2, also showed three time zones. One window shows the 24-hour function. Today is the best sales Glycine Watch SA's aviation watchs Incursore and KMU 48.

1953 Glycines made the first piece of aviation watchs, its high quality, classic and elegant design.

Incursore is a type installed Unitas 6497 watches manual winding movement, 44 mm stainless steel case, an Italian scout underwater special watch. Divers training and combat is very hard and long. They often wait several hours or even under water all day long; these elites tend to stay in the enemy's ships in the harbor or around the enemy.

KMU 48 is also a famous military from a watch developed using the modern technology and improved to meet modern aesthetic point of view. This striking style with a three-pointer Unitas 6497 movement, and with a transparent bottom of the watch, the KMU 48 special section where you can see beautifully decorated with Geneva stripes movement.

In the second quarter of 1999 Glycine Watch SA produced the first time a named Stratoforte watch. The watch with Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. Waterproof 10 ATM with a solid steel case 46mm in diameter.
At the end of 2000, released two really surprising other than the quartz watch, these two remarkable features of the watch is 3 atm water quality stainless steel case, curved sapphire glass watch mirror

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