Brand Watch: Fossil

Brand Watch News Report: Fossil was founded in 1984 by brothers Tom and Kosta Kartsotis founded. Fossil is a collection of creative haven in the fashion world, Fossil in four seasons to market new products, the mainstream philosophy emphasizes the fun, fashion and quality. Fossil different products with many brands of philosophy, but the purpose of consistent and reasonable prices are a unique product. Fossil at this point is very good.

Fossil was founded early, creating brand inspired by the '50s, was when the Second World War, the United States and even the world is full of hope and joy of the atmosphere, the heyday of American happiness index. Kent said Retail Director Asia Pacific, the creation of other brands of jewelry was gone most of the modern line, do what I do is too boring; and the Fossil age for Levi's and not as a historical topic to talk about, so will be located in the modern and retro Fossil the middle, more partial to a little bit retro, "modern retro" (Modern Vintage) a Fossil brand spirit.

Although the short history of Fossil brand, only the scene twenty years, but the Fossil watch the United States of the power of community is like a hundred years old in general. Every product the company has created a unique sensitivity Fossil, "I think this is related to the quality we put" fashion watch brands, president of Richard Gundy said, "look at the Fossil brand, we have been using strong case and bracelet, good quality leather products. Fossil watch has a unique feel and appearance. I think that customers can distinguish between a Fossil product. "

FOSSIL (Chinese translation of "fossil" spirit of the brand as a "fun, authentic and natural," a long history in the United States is a well-known brands, locking the young population, combined with the quality and fun to create a consumer favorite fashion goods, and reasonable prices and provide great value to consumers

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