Brand Watch Introduction: Gerald Genta

Brand Watch News Report: Despite the Gerald Genta, founded by history is not long, but whether it is in a complex process, and the movement or the field of R & D and other advanced tab, have an achievement, the same is in bold, eye-catching foil shape Next, wearing charm. Gerald Genta of the strengths, in addition to the avant-garde exterior profile, jewelry inlaid detail, but also in terms of mechanical construction innovation.

Touching, the Gerald Genta of retained a large number of early watchmakers. La Sentier in Gerald Genta of the factory, many watchmakers are working two or three decades. Gerald Genta of their loyal, and strive to uphold the brand's high quality. The chef has his own life and the Gerald Genta of the future firmly locked together, they work overtime, even weekends without a break it all the people who work for the company, after all, is worth Respect.

Gerald Genta of each of a watch design drawings and technical guidelines have been carefully preserved, that customers do not worry about repairs and maintenance was the follow-up questions, and only up to such as Gerald Genta for the brand, have the ability to provide the rolling time warranty service.

Gerald Charles Genta, Italian, born in Geneva, fifteen-year-old to study jewelry design, advertising and the age of nineteen after entering the fashion industry, set up their own studio in 1969, launched in 1981, the ultra-thin thickness of only three questions form 2.72MM , launched in 1994, more than complex watchs from the Ming to the unique octagonal pagoda-style design with perpetual calendar and self-ming asked the three functions, a watch in the history of one of the most complex models. In 1996, the Pioneer, Ambassador copper, introduced when the reverse jump jump pointer designed to promote the transfer sheet when the pop era, during which more famous but joined the Mickey Mouse design. Year 2000, Bulgari Group acquired GERALD GENTA SA, to obtain the right to operate.

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