Story about Credor

Credor is the vice-card Seiko, Seiko Corporation began in 1881, Kintaro Hattori founded the "Hattori watch shop," and in 1892 established watchmaking factory "Seiko house." In 1969, the Seiko company has developed the world's first quartz watch only the first. It has opened a quartz watch time come off. In 1972, developed the world's first female quartz watch; in 1975, developed the world's first multi-function electronic digital display watch; in 1976, launched the world's first quartz alarm clock. Technically, the original Japanese watch production technology on par with other countries. In 1978, the Japanese watch production to the world's No. 1, 1980, watches, production has also become a world superpower.

Credor after the birth in 1969, Seiko watch company in order to meet people to pursue Upgrading of the times, introduced the use of 18K gold, 14K gold and other metals of the "special player watch" Collection. And, in 1974 the "special player watch" fine line to be combined package, known as "Seiko CREDOR" (SEIKO CREDOR). CREDOR for the French, is the "Golden Summit" meant.

Seiko Credor 1979 was renamed "CREDOR SEIKO", the following year more design used since the Crown Logo, the logo is "CREDOR" original intent - "Golden Roof", with the natural theme of the performance way to do the design starting point. Chinese characters of "top" and "Mountain" as Lenovo, to connect to the sky in the three stars, the idea was CREDOR basic graphical logo. Top of the hill three stars, are represented in your flower CREDOR insisted the three main spirit -  superior technology, unique watches, and selection of materials. Today, the Crown Logo certification represents the highest quality, for use in your flower CREDOR on all watches.

Seiko CREDOR be described as deserved reputation, all in gold, platinum style pose. 1, the quality of the process with meticulous craftsman spirit of the traditional manual processing technology and precision processing technology combined with excellence, complete book fine to micro-operations. 2, the design of the design structure, the "integration of traditional and modern," which, by creating the feeling of delicate Japanese attractive, colorful style. 3, the highest level of production of material for the full performance of graceful elegance to the design, production of materials used in the selection of the most advanced materials (gold, platinum, stainless steel, precious stones, etc.). CREDOR strive to select materials in the production of fine, the price varied, colorful design is a very attractive product. CREDOR goes without saying that the functional and the production of fine quality materials, in addition, it has a "give people a sense of spiritual enrichment of the added value." Awareness of people to adapt to the pursuit of elegance elegant design, and wear of the watch itself is a status symbol of the brand effect, etc., can be said that these are CREDOR the reason can be as fine.

September 2009 in China, published on the website will suddenly stop, " Credor" watch the counter in the retail business in mainland China.

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