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Brand Watch News Report: Swiss watch masters Giorges Ducommun were eleven years old has devoted himself to watch making industry, he is keen to watch the development process, has been eager to exact the perfect timepiece produced. With the firm belief, Ducommun was founded in 1889 and successfully DOXA brand, expand its glorious page.

As early as 1906 degrees will be awarded for the Italian watch presented the gold medal. In 1910, when the degree will be up for the brand still in use today, you now see when the degree of DOXA signs, one hundred years ago in use. Into modern times, when the degree of widespread in the automotive, football fields, has worn the World Cup in Germany in the year on the wrist of each player. Diving watches when the degree is also the founder of the watch.

Ducommun attaches great importance to quality, each finished at the factory by his personal check to make sure everything perfect. Insist on such a profound impact on the quality of the company's corporate culture, "quality first" production from the first principles of DOXA.

Hundred years, DOXA in watches and clocks to the reputation has been entirely consistent "high quality", "beautiful and practical," "making work fine," the three principles.

Into the twenty-first century, DOXA will be the future, follow the good tradition of excellence, to produce more perfect timepiece to repay the love and support from all walks of life, the closer to the market, to meet consumer demand.

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