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Brand Watches Information Report: The early 20th century, Britain was the perfect gentleman, Alfred Dunhill has created a rich contemporary luxury brand, dedicated to the elegant, sophisticated products. It symbolizes the classical but it is not static. In the design of a race car driver costumes, porter clothing, novelty items, small accessories, lighters and other items in particular, DUNHILL again return to the perfume industry, launched a fragrance and elegant, extraordinary men's fragrance.

Established in 1894, the British men's brand, stressing the combination of modern and traditional, with a heavy taste of Dunhill fashion gentleman indeed very enjoyable.

Hundred years ago from the Alfred Dunhill opened his first store car accessories products start to the beginning of the twenty-first century, the international car races sponsored by such fearless spirit of adventure runs through the Dunhill Development throughout history, and become the style and characteristics of Dunhill. The spirit of adventure with a unique understanding of luxury Dunhill created a brilliant today.

"Dunhill Jiaju Zu" is a young company from the Alfred Dunhill name of this great career began in the early twentieth century London. At the time, only a small number of people driving the way for leisure and entertainment, these people are usually the son of wealthy, aristocratic adventurous, or those wealthy people and uninhibited behavior.

When the young Victorian racer finally be truly free hand, will be driving to the extreme, to enjoy the pleasure, crazy and exciting time, as the drive for service became a problem, be equipped with some special clothing. The Alfred Dunhill is to provide such equipment for their people.

Dunhill has a loyal and valued customer base, who are each one a leader in fashion at that time. The list includes: King Alfonso of Spain, Norway, Duke of Kent, Siam (now Thailand) King, King Farouk of Egypt, the Netherlands Prince Bernhard, Prince of India, and Somerset Maugham, Oliver * Hardy and so on. Almost everyone loved Dunhill perfume, enjoy the Dunhill cigar, hoping to know by the time Dunhill watches, pens and stationery with a Dunhill writing to friends and family.

Dunhill customers in times of war is the most famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. After the war, many stars also joined the camp of Dunhill customers. Today, people can view these famous stars Chartwell favorite products are unique antique style.

Dunhill in the United States has made remarkable achievements in the Rollagas Dunhill lighter is the "Elvis Presley" Elvis loved ones.

Alfred speculating on psychological aspects of consumer spending is a real genius. More importantly, he was driving a loyal fan, and even a bit fanatical. In 1903, Alfred, Portsmouth, because of the road in Cobham beyond the speed limit of 12 miles per hour the speed of the de Dion driving his car was caught by the police. Because of this incident, he invented the controversial "police probe." The detector from the outside like a cross between goggles and binoculars to drive the transition between the products. There after it, even if the police disguise themselves as a gentleman, car drivers

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