The Light Charm of Corum

Just this year has been the establishment of the fiftieth anniversary of the Corum, since the brand's inception that is excellent, "unique" disdain for the Swiss watch industry. De 1955, Corum in Switzerland La Chaux-de-Fonds was established. Genius watchmaker Gaston Ries in his nephew Rene Bannwart the assistance of the private studio of its transformation into a unique own brand. This cooperation is the perfect combination of nephew and uncle: uncle focus on the details of the pursuit process, while his nephew, the focus on the beauty of creation.

This unit to create innovative technology and aesthetic watches both the enthusiasm of the whole-hearted in the Severin Wunderman betting, is able to continue to shine. Severin Wunderman The former Gucci watch for up to twenty-five years the global aspect of the watch border celebrity, in January 2000 purchased the Corum brand that has a glorious history, and his son Michael Wunderman together to create another new milestone in Corum. Now, in this family-owned and operated business, they are to embrace the endless pursuit of creativity and excellence of the immortal work together with good vision.

As the commitment to this vision, this father and son team, so that a high degree of hand-painted and enamel art such as a series of limited edition watches in the face of the plate once again show flexibility. Each year we will publish a new number has been small by the Swiss master artist, according to different themes slow tremendous and well-finished charm and artistic value creation watches. Last year, the young Michael Wunderman became the president of the brand on the ongoing efforts to integrate the pursuit of a unique tradition of excellence and daring spirit of adventure, to create a brand belonging to his style. He often thought of how this unique and ancient European art technology used in watches, the Corum and the watch this year launched a limited variety of Corum watches only focus on full display clock technology can also be varied, playing fashion flowers clever design, but also reproduce traditional art, display art creation and tabulation process together with the light charm.

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