Time Lines of Casio

The company in April 1946 by the (Caine) tail and the male was founded, he was a master assembly engineer. The company's name from "Jian Mei" in Japanese pronunciation of "Kashio", the first product is cigarettes ring, users can set the ring on the cigarette, which may be when there is no ashtray, no need to mouth or fingers Nayan. World War II had just ended, Japan at that time cigarettes is a value product, so cigarette ring which was very successful, bring pot of gold for the Jian Mei.

Jian Mei Ginza in Tokyo in 1949 at the electric calculator to see commercial development, they and his brother, the money earned from the ring development calculator. At that time, many calculators are manually or motor push. Jian Mei view of this, they know their own electrons to the solenoid manufacture calculators, and in 1954 successfully developed Taiwan's first electronic calculator, the selling price was up to 485,000 yen. Mechanical calculator with the same period of comparison, he's only 10 units of electronic products the number keys, and mechanical products are in the single digits, but also need to separate more than 10,100 other number keys.

In 1957, Casio introduced 14-A-type calculator, but also the world's first fully electronic calculator. The same year the company changed its name to Casio Computer Co., Ltd., specializing in the development of electronic products.

Casio watches are one of Japan's three major brands, over the years to truly multi-functional G-SHOCK watches known to the world. Casio watches represents vitality, young, fashionable, multi-brand by the public. Casio has always been the technology leader in the peer-duty, there will be technology breakthroughs over the years.

The high precision and advanced technology and a new LCD technology, properly applied wrist timepieces and continuously improve the level of development of wrist time - Casio has always been advocated by the "wrist technology" in China is also the spirit of be able to follow the and dissemination.

The first phase (1946-1957)
In April 1946 in Mitaka City, Tokyo, Japan produced by the establishment of Jian Mei
December 1954: Completion of the first small electric calculator test products (relay style)
June 1957: sales of the world's first small electric calculator (Casio 14-A type), the establishment of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
The second phase (1958-1973)
In April 1960 in Tokyo, North Tama County Japanese-cho (now East Japanese city) set up its Tokyo factory (now Tokyo cause)
In March 1962 set up the sales department, using double sales system, sales agents and direct sales that
June 1965 to lift and Uchida Co., Ltd. signed an exclusive agency contract Matheson, Casio has more than 50 sales agent
In September launched the "Casio 001" - with storage capabilities of desktop electronic calculator
June 1966 Headquarters moved to Tokyo, Japan North Tama County town (now city of East Japan)
Desktop electronic calculator for the first time in September exports
In March 1967 set up the European office in Zurich, Switzerland
October launch of the world's first desktop software programming available electronic calculators (AL-1000 Series)
In October 1969 in Yamanashi Prefecture in koma-gun Yu-spike-cho Kofu factory built
September 1970 Casio listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Part II
In April 1971 launched the world's first inkjet printer
February 1972 launch of the first function calculator (fx-1 type)
August launch of the world's first personal calculator "CasioMini", Casio's first stock into the Tokyo Stock Exchange
September Casio listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange's first
October in Hamburg, Germany, set up overseas sales companies - Casio (Germany) Computer Co., Ltd.
June 1973 Hachioji factory (now the Institute Hachioji) started operation in
September Casio in Amsterdam Stock Exchange
The third phase (1974-1986)
November 1974 launch of the electronic watch CASIOTRON
September 1975 set up overseas sales company in London - Casio Electronics Co., Ltd.
July 1976 to launch electronic cash registers (ECR)
December launch of the first combined electronic calculator (CQ-1)
January 1978 launch of the first business card-sized calculator CasioMiniCard (LC-78, thickness 3.9mm)
February set up overseas production companies in Taiwan - Taiwan moment when the House Co., Ltd.
January 1979 at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Casio
January 1980 launch of flower Casiotone201
September 1981 launch of Solar Calculator (SL-801)
October launch of the first electronic dictionary (TR-2000)
November 1982 launch of analog watches (combined)
April 1983 launch of the first shock only watch G-SHOCK (DW-5000C), introduced the electronic keyboard with a ROM
May the Department launched the first electronic notebook (PF-3000)
June launch of mini LCD TV TV-10
Launched in January 1984 can store phone numbers Databank Watch
July Casio Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. established
September launch of the first LCD shutter printer (LCS-2400)
November launch of PD sources using digital synthesizers (CZ-101)
March 1985 launch of ultra-thin digital watches (PELA)
May launch of Pocket LCD Color TV (TV-1000)
July launch of personal Japanese word processors (HW-100)
In August to set up offices in Beijing, China
Launched in February 1986 with word processing capabilities of the new calculator (Data-Cal)
March release function with a sampling keyboard Sampletone (SK-1)
Phase IV (1987-1997)
Launched in August 1987 with a variety of electric guitar sound selection function
In September launched a porwatch video recorder with LCD TV (VF-3000)
February 1988 launch of a porwatch copier (CP-100), introduced with a built-in acoustic guitar synthesis (PG-380)
February 1989 launch of the sensor with a digital watch the weather forecast BM-100WJ
April launch of the office does not require user programming information processing equipment ADPSR1
April 1990 Casio Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, responsible for equipment sales.
In October 1991 set up the Singapore office
February 1992 launch of watch type blood pressure or BP-100
In April the establishment of Casio Information Systems Co., Ltd.
In December 1993 to set up offices in Moscow, Russia
September 1994 launch of the electronic keyboard with LED keypad
In March 1995 in Guangdong Province, China set up two joint venture companies: Casio Electronics (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. and Casio Electronics (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., the former production and marketing of electronic organs, which produce and sell scientific calculators and electronic notebook . Introduced with the QV-10 LCD digital camera
In November in Shenzhen, China joint venture Casio Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., is responsible for watch design and parts procurement
January 1996 New Delhi, India joint venture Kaxiouba Timor Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. (now Casio India Co., Ltd.), production and sales of pagers
July 1997 launch in Japan CASSIOPEIA Pocket PC (Japanese model)
Phase V (1998 -)
April 1998 launch megapixel digital camera QV-5000SX, introduced computer-compatible PC-UNITE watches
November launch mini PC CASSIOPEIAFIVA (MPC-101), operating system Windows98
Launched in March 1999 Color Pocket PC CASSIOPEIA (E-500) Japanese models
May 2000 to develop fingerprint authentication systems (VeriPat )
Casio was established in April 2001 Singapore Ltd, received a digital camera photo printing kiosks (Let'sPhoto) orders
August Casio Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in Jiasidake Stock Exchange.
In February 2002 the company started from the hands of users recall the old computers and other office equipment.
March successfully developed the mobile information device using high-performance fuel cells for small
June launch of the world's first ultra-slim card-sized LCD digital camera EXILIM.
September and Flextronics (Flextronics) companies, their production of electronic equipment, introduction of waterproof LCD TV XFER, users anywhere in the room can see a clear image
March 2003 launch of slim digital cameras EXILIMZOOMEX-Z3. Japan launched the first non-English (German, French and Chinese) of the electronic dictionary
April Casio (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. started operation
South Korea's LG in July and companies, cell phone in Korea market
March 2004 launch of long-life battery for digital cameras EXILIMZOOMEX-Z30/Z40. Introduction of built-in 50 kinds of dictionary, electronic dictionary XD-W6400
In April a joint venture with Hitachi - Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., for mobile phone development. Introduced EXILIMPROEX-P600, which is the highest EXILIM series models, with 6 megapixels CCD
In October to provide CDMA1XWIN KDDI Mobile (W21CA), which is Japan's first with a 2.6-inch QVGA LCD screen mobile phone, the establishment of Casio Entertainment Co., Ltd., specializing in digital products
In January 2005 with Renesas Technology for semiconductor mounting technology
May 2006 to provide G'ZOneW42CACDMA1XWIN compatible phones KDDI to launch with a 10.1 million-pixel CCD fashion EX-Z1000 Digital Camera
In February 2007 launched the world's slimmest 7x optical zoom digital camera EXILIMHi-ZoomEX-V7
June launch of slim stylish all-metal solar radio watch OCEANUSManta, to the United States to provide waterproof, shockproof phone G'zOneTYPE-S. Launch has 12 million pixels digital camera EX-Z1200
August launch of acoustic sounds built-in 100,000 English words XD-SW6500 electronic dictionary
In February 2008 launched the world's smallest, thinnest, with 10.1 million pixel EX-S10
March launch of the world's fastest continuous shooting function EX-F1

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