High-grade and High-quality Carven

Brand Name: CARVEN
Watch Origin: Swiss
Shirt Origin: France

Founded in 1945, Mrs. CARVEN brand, and Carven Fashion House, opened in Paris, the most luxurious Champs Elysees. At the same time this magnificent building is the headquarters of Carven. As Carven brand clothing manufacturing techniques keep improving, so Carven cut division is hailed as the industry - "Goldfinger." After Carven brand continues to advance and to provide for the fashion, including clothing, perfumes, watches, jewelry and many other products. Source: Sunshine Stainless

Tradition and the future trend of nostalgia and often run counter to the cultural differences between individual Swiss watchmaking today is the challenge. The Carven French romantic style and the integration of Swiss-made watch top technology, combines plain classic design and elegant style, has maintained a very contemporary design, and adhere to mid-range line, the appearance of a unique and approachable prices.

Carven Watch the brand value and spirit:
1 Carven brand value = high quality products + talent + leading + service quality reputation
2, CARVEN Timepiece uphold the brand - "high-grade and high-quality" traditional
3, "to shape the character in the cast list" is consistent with the beliefs Carven
4, leadership style, pay attention to the fine classical style is Carven
5, product diversification as well known 60-year history, won Carven brand is "high-grade and high-quality" symbol, at the same time Carven also represents French culture spread to the world.

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