Recommended Three ENICAR Watches

New Luxury Watches Report: Enicar originated in 1854, an old hand-made Swiss watch workshop. ENICAR name, is for the RACINE family, will write his name upside down so named to represent the membership of his family from generation to generation for centuries in the fine tradition of craftsmanship. Wagner to recommend three British high-end watch, let time stop in the wrist.

ENICAR CH327 Neelam
1. ENICAR CH327 Neelam

Enicar in its earliest days has been successfully locked to Saturn as a brand mark. Sapphire Neelam is an alias for one of the world's top five gems by the world known as Royal Blue. Muscular spend more than the entire series quadrilateral case design, the outer corners, inlaid with more set with screws, is rather masculine details. 100% of the entire series built by the Swiss official Observatory certification movement, witness the brand of traditional watchmaking.


Late last year, the British actor Nag invited to the five award winning film star Mr. Zhang Hanyu Nag has become the latest to join the British spokesman, its excellent acting, low-key personality, is in line with Britain and the United States Nag's intellectual image, to remind young people in fashion but also to look outside the individual talent.

ENICAR CH325 Versailles Diamond
3.ENICAR CH325 Versailles Diamond

Design concepts from 1624 by Louis XIV, Baroque-style building unique gardens of Versailles Palace, Versailles chronometer While this watch is a member of the family. Roman numerals on a 12-point and multi-level set with diamond bezel and diamond ring scale set off each time, filling the Royal magnificent temperament.

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