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Latest Watches News Report: XEMEX still the United States to X at the beginning, the end of the brand name is reflected Külling the accuracy and stability, Xemex further deepened this impression and to highlight the unique style of the brand, the sum of the same letter, echoed the words of the child's play is not Külling to make, but extremely popular wonderful creation. Also trademark of the two "E" are three levels to reflect the horizontal line, and further highlights the Xemex trademark streamlined features, it also once again demonstrated Külling principles: simple, practical and clear. "For me, the best choice has been streamlined, when I think about creativity, it as clear as Xemex," says an experienced designer. However, to simplify, first there must be need to simplify things, here in terms of traditional watches. Ruedi Külling experience is the first Swiss Bahnhofsuhr, it was Hans Hilfiker designed in 1955, he was streamlined in 1989 to shape into a watch. "If you keep your eyes open fully observe the world, from the original stuff if you find some new things, this by no means accidental coincidence", Külling commented Bahnhofsuhr. At that time he gained from his experience the courage, to design their own watches at the same time, and most other watch manufacturers, not necessarily to create a movement. Külling movement does not want to indulge in manufacturing, but will complete the task entrusted to experienced manufacturers. So Xemex create all, but only not create movement.

Külling took 18 months to design graphics, not free to design a new watch, but to create a new series, a brand. He soon felt the cruel reality, when he ask the bank to self-financing, always get the same answer: the brand is too trivial, and not into the group's ranks. Külling did not feel uneasy, fortunately, Hanspeter Hanschick appeared, a project he is Bahnhofsuhr professional marketing staff. Show they are ready to release a program to Basel in 1995. "In order to achieve its objectives," they said, "because people have been interested in this watch." Steadfastly created two original numbers, Hanspeter Hanschick with their global travel sales, the reaction better, people continue to work. After just one year has sold 3,500 Xemex watches, the best time to reach the 12,000 block. Today the brand in the world set up representative offices in 20 countries, annual sales of 7,000 to 8,000 watches, priced between 700 to 4,000 Swiss francs.

Latest model is the "Calendario eserve 2005" belongs to the four models listed in 2005 the series "Piccadilly" series. The center of the watch is the number of weeks showed that surrounded the day in his side show, calendar display and power reserve display. Piccadilly model in some detail and unique brand mark on some differences Offroad series, Xemex unique strap interface for these activities provide the perfect wrist watch fit comfort.

Offroad is a typical Külling thin watch: round, simple, clear reading, just the right size of the pointer, and the luminous coating solid solid hour mark each other. Outer case wide attention, provide additional information, such as 24-hour display, or speed dial list, and it is very simple sub-cell lines, is Xemex sign, in addition to square the Avenue as well. , "Carved in polished outer case takes a long time, so as to reflect light", Külling recall the details of the deal of painstaking work. Material reflects the light rays, because the narrowing of the edges and corners are the perfect reflection of the basic structure is the best. "The first prototype was polishing the watch", he explained that "so instead of weakening the features." Therefore, changes in technology Külling matte treatment, people can quietly find a Xemex contains much in the precision machining. Speedway sinking crown and polished steel circular pattern on the dial have awakened the people's emotions. Use both sides of the Fat Boy with a watch movement and additionally used a stopwatch movement, not just for looks good, but to highlight the technology in a small structure within the watch. There are five holes on the rotor winding, you can see the brand's five letters, which also reflects the Ruedi külling engraved on each form the philosophical spirit.

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