Brand Introduction: Zenith

Watch Traveling Report: Watch the early fall of 1930, contributing to watch the processes, zenith at the same time develop a new watch - sport Watch. War was imminent, watch factory production rate must be faster, the price is reasonable, accurate and simple products, they are to meet the needs of the armed forces. So precise was originally designed for the Navy, short, light watch the trend continues, higher performance, and follow the aviation industry skills, try to break the durability of the distance or speed records.

Mission: "to bold ideas will be accurate mechanical watches blending with the feelings of the beautiful would"

1865, in Georges Favre Jacot, driven by one of the most advanced watches and clocks mystery Workshops was born. Faber - Jacques a discerning eye, at the age of 22 years of age to first create a truly advanced concept watch. At that time, he brought together all of the master clock to provide them with warmth and light, so that they enjoy the inspiration, threw himself into the watch designs. R in the Latin for hand manusr, so watch making begins with the word Manufacturer dexterous hands of these clocks in the master was born. In a quiet night, Farber - Jacques developed the one most satisfied with his movement. Him stroll under the stars at night, looked up overlooking the sky. At this time, he received the mystery of the universe to his enlightenment. Polaris running around a huge system of celestial bodies, so that he thought the gear around the axis of the watch operation sophisticated structure. So he decided to means the highest point of the universe Belgium ZENITH true word of his movements and watches for the workshop name. He stars as a corporate symbol of symbols, this indicates that enterprises will be under the guidance of the stars, embark on a road full of the future. Since then, a bright shining in the universe, ZENITH watch factory when the real interest laden with fruit through the twentieth century. A total of 1,565 items which design awards, including 50 rounds of high-quality mechanical movement. Their branches from New York to Paris, from Moscow to Tokyo, all over the world.

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