Fashion Watch News ReportYves Saint Laurent, Yves Saint Laurent is named in Chinese, is the world-famous fashion brand, mainly fashion, skincare, perfume, bags, accessories, YSL, many say the Chinese translation, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Hong Kong and Taiwan also have translated To: Yves Saint Laurent. Yves Saint Lauret is French, a lot of YSL fans often mistake their pronunciation, provide the correct pronunciation: Eve Sonn Lo're-en. YSL GUCCI Group currently belongs.

Forefront of the fashion industry executive Yves Saint Laurent, Paris Left Bank with innovative, unique fashion style and created a colorful, romantic and elegant Saint Laurent era. Since the 1964 launch of the first make-up series from, Yves Saint Laurent brand has always communicated with the elegant, mysterious and passionate spirit of Saint Laurent.

Yves saint laurent, founder of Yves Saint Laurent was born in Algeria in 1936, the most likely age of 21, any of the Dior fashion house's chief designer, but did not last long, as the old customers that Dior Yves - Saint Lo Long too radical, he was fired in 1960. In Paris in 1962 to establish their own company. • St. Laurent both the avant-garde and classical design, fashion models is not bra show Baotou he opened the precursor. • St. Laurent good at adjusting human body imperfections, often the arts, culture and other multiple factors and into the fashion design, drawing sharp and rich in inspiration, and strive to haute couture, such as works of art from beginning to end the perfect camel. • St. Laurent's flagship product is high fashion, the service is the world's only several thousand of the rich, luxurious materials, processing and pay attention to, is expensive, is unaccepwatch to ordinary people.

Yves. Mr. Saint Laurent in August 1936 1 was born in French North Africa Algeria, his family and lucrative, no lack of exposure in the growing opportunities for high fashion jewelry, accumulated over time from brewing enthusiasm for fashion. The age of 17 alone to the fashion capital of Paris to study art, and soon after transferred to the field of painting clothes. At 18, he was winning the fashion design contest winner, an introduction to Christian Dior's work, as Dior's assistant.

After Dior's death in 1957, Saint Laurent was pushed front, the age of 21, take on the role of Dior at the helm.

Pierre Berge in 1962 together with a close friend named create their own fashion brand, founded after the debut has caused great whirlwind, as published at the time a sailor suit, tulips and other lines, are becoming a fashion in the new look This has also allowed the upper class has always been regarded as the prevalence of exclusive fashion system, completely destroyed the collapse of the civilian clothing of the beginning of the promotion.

Saint Laurent broke taboos with its avant-garde spirit of the Saint Laurent brand into a peak in 70,80, and he went into perfume, cosmetics and other fields. In 1964, Yves Saint Laurent launched its first letter in the name of Y, named after the female perfume, YSL and perfume brands from time soon. Yves Saint Laurent perfume original philosophy, evident distinction between the unique personality and lifestyle of consumers, is typical of personalized perfume. But their names are highly controversial, such as opium, oriental perfume, Paris, France, the romantic Champagne perfume, champagne, perfume and even a complaint by French wine, not only losing money, but also to change the name. One popular Yves Saint Laurent Opium (YSL Opium) is the Yves Saint Laurent in 1977, traveling to China after the launch of the perfume, he was deeply moved by the Chinese culture, inspired by the shape from the snuff bottles, brewing a subtle fragrance floating, rich in oriental mysterious YSL Opium, which is named after the first break with traditional perfume launch world sensation, has continued to hold the fragrance world ranking; YSL Kouros fragrance gift to men, masculinity, and healthy atmosphere; YSL Paris perfume tells the fashion capital of Paris and the gentle and romantic girl in Paris; 1988 men came out YSL Jazz fragrance is like jazz-like flow drag in the international city, showing the style of freedom and optimism. 

Yves Saint Laurent perfume mainly are: RiveGauche1971, Opium1977, Paris1983, Champagne1993。
Male perfume are: YSLPourHomme1971, Kouros (1981), Jazz1988, opium male fragrance.

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