Remarkable Swiss Watch Brand - Westend

Brand Watch News Report: Westend people love to be known as the Westend love Hong Kong, Macao region known as the "West, Chinese clock"

1886, Droz & Amstutz Swiss company founded in Bombay West End Watch company. The purpose of the company was founded as the Swiss Jura the Alcide Droz & Fils production of watches distributors, as well as the West End brands sold in India. 1917, SociÉtÉ des Montres West End SA was established in Geneva to promote the brand to the world of marketing. In the next few decades, West End grew into a remarkable Swiss watch brand, produced for the European and Asian markets for millions of watch, sales area from the Red Sea until the Chinese. 2001, the brand was acquired and moved to Leytron, located in the Valais in the SAR, the heart of the Swiss Alps. To commemorate the anniversary of the brand hundred and twenty, West End Watch company decided to re-launch of "Queen Anne" modern version of the table. The original table in the first decade of the twentieth century developed, the new version remains the same with the original pure lines and features, especially his strap and thick curved beveled glass, which Glass now uses scratch sapphire crystal materials.

Once again, here are some are Westend stories, so that everyone understands this more well-known watch. Westend, famous Swiss watch, was founded in 1886, and in the 50's, has been in China have a certain reputation, in particular its military form, as the saying goes, "With the gas needle, not afraid of dark beard," in Sino-Indian border war, China to the table to reward triumphant victory in the military. to find the object when the other side a look at the PLA a gas-pin watches, that is, know that this division of the cadres, the cadres did not become a resident to marry the women of beautiful women preferred "Prince Charming." So famously appeared in "With the gas needle, not afraid of dark beard." As long as there it is a status symbol, no matter how good looks can go marry a beauty. Also pass Westend can be used according to the luminous reading. Although it is a bit exaggerated, but Westend does very well in the luminous performance.

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