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Brand Watch News Report: Valentino is the world's most advanced custom and high-class luxury clothing brands. Speaking of Valentino, people will naturally feel that the name with the Roman nobility. Valentino is a representative of royal luxury, but hidden deep among the high-profile cool, from the 60 years since the Italian national treasure has been the brand. Great designer Valentino Garavani record biography of the legendary life of the movie VALENTINO: The Last Emperor 2008 International Film Festival in Toronto on display.

Great designer Valentino Garavani 1932 was born in northern Italy Voghera, an early age will gradually expose outstanding artistic talent and aesthetic taste. In 1959, the youthful energy of Valentino Garavani returned from Paris, France Rome, Italy, on his own. Valentino Women was established in 1960, the brand company, and became famous in Europe, Valentino Garavani is considered the haute couture industry elite. Valentino brand of the Italian luxury brand clothing, in particular, is famous for the production of haute couture. Honour impresses Valentino history of struggle, 1965 Valentino Garavani is "Women's Wear Daily" as the "color of Rome's most star designer" in 1967, Valentino Garavani has won the "Neiman Marcus Award" (the fashion industry's highest award). Valentino in Italian as "My Lover", the name seemed clear to the brand from the date of birth, that is, the aristocratic beauty and noble grace formed a deep bond.

Valentino pay attention to the design of the master tailor the use of soft and luxurious silk fabrics and bright glossy silk satin, combined with the overall fit and match tailoring and luxurious, stretch the celebrity dream of elegant ladies charm, won the Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Margaret, former "first lady" Nancy Reagan and the big star Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Liz Hurley's favor, they may even be consistent on the title Val's Gals. Valentino to become the master maker of high society social life, both designers, but more like a society of big stars, this is a major cause of the success of Valentino. Valentino Garavani believe that high fashion is not only requires the ability to appreciate, also need financial admire. His contacts with many celebrities very deep, and no secret, said: "I was making clothes for rich people."

Valentino Master of many iconic designs of great significance in the fashion industry. Standard color Valentino Red adoption, in order to deter the strong and domineering luxury people; it very elegant V-cut gown, it is impressed by people in such pure and perfect being creative. Valentino Garavani is recognized as a legend, "Made in Italy" mark, brand strategy and creative he was driving the global fashion industry into a new level, showing that one-upmanship of the emperor to glory.

Valentino Garavani early experience:

* May 11, 1932, was born in Italy.
* 1948 years ago, learning French in Milan, and fashion design.
* 1949 -1951, the Federation Institute in Paris, studying fashion design fashion.
* 1950 -1955, at the Jean Dessès (for Desai) as a assistant designer.
* 1956 -1958, he was the Guy Laroche (Chi La Roche) Assistant design.
* In 1959, the term Princesslrene Galitzine assistant designer.

Valentino Garavani involved in the fashion industry, Mr. 1959, is the few world-famous Italian designers. Counterparts in Paris, he is considered as well-matched opponents.

Timeless and never out of date, is Valentino Garavani hold for the design of the faith. If you look closely Valentino works, you will find they are exquisite works of art was like, because Valentino Garavani the President was too picky.

Valentino Garavani Pilgrim star:
* In 1959, started his fashion, by Condotti Company displayed in an exhibition in Rome, a hundred kinds of styles of Valentino fashion - this is Valentino Garavani complete set of his first fashion design.

* In 1960, opened the first fashion salon, established in Rome, Valentino company.

* 1968 -1973 year, Valentino company was Kenton company to take over. "Valentino White Series" was born, lace stockings and short skirts together with a simple flat shoes.

* In 1973, Valentino Garavani to re-buy back, Mr. Valentino company.

* 1975, Valentino in Paris, the company began to launch clothing line, shows the good taste of the fashion designers cater to the customer's style.

* Since 1997, Valentino has developed the Chinese market, China has become the market leader in fashion brands.

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