Top Class Watch Brand Van der Bauwede

Brand Watch News Report: Depo watch has been all over Europe and the Middle East, the eternal love of the watch to provide appreciation of the value of new ideas and people cherish the classic tradition.

Brand History from 1890, was from the "North Venice" Bruges founder Alexis Van der Bauwede watch his career was launched, focusing on assembly and adjustment for the Cathedral, City Hall clock tower and the internal complexity movement and the chime unit. Weighing 27 tons in dealing with the movement and management of 47 sets the clock in the process, he was precise structure, sophisticated design and quality requirements and fascinated by, and therefore it is natural to hope this time to the more delicate terms, the lay Emperor Bao watch down the brand and the early creation.

MaxenceVanderBauwede, VDB fourth-generation heir to the watch, its effortless imagination, keen sense of pure design, that always makes Depo exemplar models emitting a deceptive charm. VanderBauwede hundred years to create a family of numerous high-level watch, in addition to the classical bell timer inherited the fine watchmaking, but also because of their heritage to future generations Alexis jewelry design professionals and more glorious gorgeous. Alexis, his immortal spirit of its sons Michel, Pierre, Philippe, Emmanuel and MaxenceVanderBauwede continue.

1990, Maxence early twenties in the nineteenth century, barrel-shaped outline to be modified on the basis, for the VDB to create the initial watch "Legend" and "Magnum" series, and then extended to a variety of styles and different levels of complexity of movement. Tai Po is one of the first to re-form barrel-shaped outline to improve the brand. The mechanical models of manual or automatic winding, or quartz movement, comes from VDB watch workshops and technology the perfect combination of aesthetics. Maxence, who is also head of the brand and the chief architect of the many watch brands is rare, its like a fashion designer I am, in the physical appearance of a section devoted following of art showing boundless enthusiasm, always abundant vitality in one pair eyes, the cover U induced Zhongmu creativity, especially in his use of color in the surprising facility, so that VanDerBauwede watch to all luxury brand in the always stunning full-color series and shade contrast only solution watch fashion circles.

VanDerBauwede, a century-old brand from Geneva, has extended its distinctively styled watch series to Asia, was established in 2002 in Hong Kong, Tai Po watch Headquarters, Taiwan in 2003 to develop the Asian Strategic selected market, the second leg of the watch to allow more people to know God loves the ultimate treasure watch quenching watchmaking precision.

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