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Brand Watch News Report: Titus, is a Swiss watch brand, founded in 1887, the name of some talent from the 1st century Rome the two king en: Titus and Weipa Xiang father and son. The Swiss Jura Solvil is a place the state district name.

Titus is a very talented during the first century AD the Roman emperor. Solvil Swiss Jura region called a village called Sonvilier, where parts of a watch manufacturing plant. Swiss watch brand Titus and Titus is the Solvil merger of the two names. Over the years, Titus growing international reputation, the brand today enjoys the reputation, not only thanks to the creative talent of its founder, thanks to high quality watch parts is denied.

Famous watchmakers and designers Paul Luodi Sen [Paul Ditisheim] [1868 - 1945], the Swiss watch industry was prominent figures. 1887, Dickson put a watch which he created named Titus, thus, Solvil et Titus was born. Paul Luo Disen particularly keen to develop chronometer, when he created the account in the United Kingdom Tai Dingdun [Kew-Teddington] and Ruishiniucha Figure [Neuchatel] a number of international authority of the Royal Observatory, the test set the most accurate time records, and wide range of products: from navigation by using the watch as well as daily sunrise and sunset hours to automatically display the time chronometer, alarm bell from the calendar watch to watch timekeeping, as well as a wide range with complex functional clock. These products, about the more than thirty different brands on the market is testimony to share of Paul Luo Disen extremely creative, technical skills and the courage and pioneering spirit.

Today, with the social changes and modern individuality and independent thought, and the times when the iron up to its brand image and hence to make appropriate fine-tuning, a series of "time for me" as the theme of the advertising , the message still can not be separated by a "feeling" word, but the level of involvement than the old wide to enjoy the same love, affection, friendship and individuals to express inner feelings are equally important. The Titus is also full of fashion watch design elements required to meet the tastes of young people. From the "forever" to "time for me," Titus is still a "love and romance," the characterization.

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