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Brand Watch News Report: Tiffany, "the king of diamonds", the world's most famous and expensive silver.

Tiffany & Co.1837 founded in New York, the beginning of silver tableware is known, in 1851 launched a 925 silver ornaments and more famous. 1886, launched the most classic Tiffany Setting Series ring. It will be designed platinum six claw diamond ring set in the ring, the maximum bring out the diamond, it reflects light to full. "Six feet Mosaic Law" was published, it immediately became a diamond engagement ring inlaid with international standards. The 19th century, Tiffany's strength has been comparable with European jewelers, its customers include the European royal family and rich, founder Charles were the U.S. media called the "Diamond King." Hollywood actress in 1960 for Odd Hepburn starred in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Tiffany, a symbol of American design, to love and beauty, romance and dreams reputation as the theme, but the wind for nearly two centuries. It is full of soft, sensual beauty and delicate sensibility, to meet all the women in the world of fantasy and desire.

Please note that, Tiffany has been in China seven boutiques, and two Beijing, Shanghai, two, Tianjin, Shenyang, Chengdu and the family. TIFFANY in the mainland and does not provide mail order or online ordering service. The remaining channels are basically purchased fake Tiffany jewelry, note identification.

Tiffany since 1837 inception, has been designed in stunning beauty of the original works as a purpose. Also proved, Tiffany jewelry lovers can voice his right, and its original silverware, stationery and tableware is fascinated.

Tiffany classic design is the definition of work, that is amazing each masterpiece can be the perfect generation to generation, the eternal charm. Tiffany's design never meet the ups and downs of fashion and, therefore, will not be out of date. It is completely above the trend of the above.
Tiffany's creative ideas are brought out the essence and rich with American characteristics: simple clear lines tell sober clarity and exciting move of God's grace. Harmony, proportion and well-organized, in the design of every Tiffany blend naturally present.

Tiffany's design emphasizes excellence. It can free things to get inspiration from nature, leaving cumbersome and feminine affectation, just simple and clear, and each masterpiece reflects the American people are born straight, optimism.

September 1837, Charles Tiffany and John Young 259 Broadway in New York created the "Tiffany - Young" stores, specialty stationery boutique. The store with the price tag of all goods are priced, do not allow customers to discuss discounts, which was regarded as a new distribution methods. In the same year, the store changed its name to "Tiffany" and start using the unique blue box. Even today, Tiffany's shopping bag, merchandise manuals, advertising posters and all promotional items are still using this blue, blue then became the Tiffany brand-specific colors.

In 1851, Tiffany introduced beautifully designed silver, attracted wide attention. Since then, it is the first to use 925 silver, this became the standard of American silver. In 1861, Tiffany was invited to design for the inauguration of President Lincoln Memorial pitcher, gave his wife a set of Lincoln was also a Tiffany pearl jewelry products. During the American Civil War, Union forces for the provision of Tiffany sword, flag and surgical instruments, and later as General Grant and General Sherman produced the sword embedded with precious stones.

1867 World's Fair in Paris, because of its fine silver Tiffany became the first brand to receive the Fair Award. 4 years later, it introduced the Japanese inspiration for the design of the natural landscape of the Audubon series of silver tableware, this series is still one of Tiffany's best-selling product.

1886, launched the most classic Tiffany Setting Series ring. It will be designed platinum six claw diamond ring set in the ring, the maximum bring out the diamond, it reflects light to full. "Six feet Mosaic Law" was published, it immediately became a diamond engagement ring inlaid with international standards. The 19th century, Tiffany's strength has been comparable with European jewelers, its customers include the European royal family and rich, were Charles Tiffany, founder of the U.S. media as the "Diamond King."

In 1902, Charles Tiffany died, the succession of his son Lewis Nepal, and the company's first design director. I was a little Tiffany jewelry designers and master glass, Tiffany lamps he designed to send self-contained, highly successful. At this point, Tiffany had become an outstanding representative of American Craft, the quality and design worthy to compete with European counterparts.

During World War II, Tiffany boutiques gathered in the headquarters moved to New York's Fifth Avenue. After the war, the brand has ushered in a golden period of development. Early 60s, starring Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast of Tiffany" swept the world, the United States in the classic film, and Tiffany appear in the film, but also to brand fame spread all over the world.
Tiffany has been in New York as a base in San Francisco in 1963 opened the first store outside New York. Tiffany out of the country in 1972, came to Tokyo in 1986, shop in London, has now entered the European market. In 1987, Tiffany New York Stock Exchange. Tiffany created to commemorate the 150th anniversary, when the United States Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston Art Museum, respectively, Tiffany silver and jewelry organized a retrospective exhibition.

Tiffany's constant innovation in the global jewelry industry it has been a leading position. In 1999, it launched the latest diamond engagement ring Lucida, the Latin word meaning the Milky Way stars. Lucida diamond is square, clean lines and attractive, layered diamond crown diamond cut makes more sense of depth, not only eye-catching light distribution inside and outside, and also have different moves luster.

Today, Tiffany is not only the world's leading jewelers, it is silver ware, china, crystal and watches and other aspects of technology and design is also an international reputation. Museums and collectors around the world are regarded as the collection of Tiffany's masterpieces.

Classic Tiffany design advocate, never follow the trend, not kitsch, totally above the trend of the above, so each piece have a timeless charm.

Connecticut, a miller's son Charles Lewis Tiffany (Charles Lewis Tiffany), came to New York in 1837 Broadway, opened a humble little shop, business stationery and textiles, jewelry and changed to business. Ugly duckling became a swan can not think of a long, shabby little shop several changes, finally became the United States, becoming the first one refers to high-end jewelry stores - Tiffany jewelry company, its strength is comparable to Europe to compete against the jewelry dynasty , brand reputation than Cartier in Paris. End of the century, Tiffany's customers include the British Queen Victoria, King of Italy, and Denmark, Belgium, Greece and the United States a number of big-name millionaire. Charles himself won the "Diamond King" crown.

Charles Tiffany really is a talented businessman. That year the United States across the Atlantic telegraph cable in a need to be replaced because of damage, he learned the news, decided to buy this cable. People are still looking at him in amazement bought the cable in the end want to use the occasion to send what he had in his own Tiffany store, the cable cut into 2-inch-long short short, as a historical souvenir sale, so a lot of money. On another occasion, he bought the Queen Eugenie rare bright yellow diamonds, but in no hurry to hand, but comfortably held a exhibition in New York from all over the world flocked to rush to see the charisma of this rare treasures Visitors who earned billions of dollars.

Charles Tiffany's son Louis Comfort Tiffany (Louis Comfort Tiffany) was born in 1848. His father, though not with the sale of unique courage, but the same creative spirit. Tiffany jewelry design process has been in his hands carried forward. After he went to Paris to study to become a specialist glass products to create Tiffany Studios and the invention of a unique texture and multi-faceted spiral-shaped diamond-cutting process, so that a more brilliant diamond flashing brilliance, he designed the lighting is also large by the success. Tiffany became the outstanding representatives of the new process and make the U.S. craft to become the rage of the goods.

Tiffany was founded soon designed a beam of white ribbons of blue box, as its famous landmark. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the first use of stainless steel jewelry brand Tiffany box, stressed the need to silver, not gold.

Tiffany Celebration Rings awarded the new-born babies from the grand anniversary, each day is worth celebrating important, bearing in mind. Tiffany Celebration Rings in the memorable moments for life enriched by Albert.

Tiffany Bubbles intoxicating reverie, platinum and gold inlaid with diamonds and colored gemstones each other, Full, full of touching joy. Flying bubble shape, passion, vitality, joy all in one.

Tiffany Legacy inspired by the Art Deco-style platinum diamond jewelry series. Huagui Yan Li, amazed.

Tiffany Lace transcend time and space boundaries. This compact eye-catching design, inspired by the designer Louis Comfort Tiffany20 Theme of the century.

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