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Brand Watch News Report: Versace is a famous Italian luxury brand. Versace Chinese name: Versace. Versace is Italian, a lot of Versace fans often mistake their pronunciation, posters, web series prepared to provide the correct pronunciation: VA-SA-QI

Versace, founder of Gianni Versace 1946 was born December 2 Reggio Calabria, Italy. First studied architecture, then learn tailoring, design, founded his own company in 1978, opened in 1989, "Atelier Versace" high-class boutiques and into the fashion industry in Paris, France, in 1997 shot and killed in the U.S.

Versace also operates outside than fashion perfume, glasses, scarves, neckties, underwear, bags, leather goods, bed sheets, watchcloths, china, glassware, feather products and furniture and so on, Versace fashion products penetrated into every area of life.

Versace Shaq in 1983 by the Curtis Award, awarded in 1986, the President of Italy Republic of Italy "Commandatore" award in 1988 was "Cutty Sark" Award for most creative designer award named in 1993 by the American International Fashion Design Association Award.

Versace family represents a brand, a fashion empire. Its distinctive design style is unique and highly aesthetic vanguard art of the symbol. Are those which display the unique charm of the Renaissance is full of features gorgeous style with rich imagination. These models sexy beautiful, feminine, colorful, both operatic super-flat real gorgeous, but also give full consideration to wear comforwatch and appropriate display size.

Versace clothing is far from avant-garde look so stiff. Metal goods, and decorative objects flash pants, leather ladies have created a range of female fighters and women between the image of the banshee. Embroidery, weaving is a metal mesh structure Dickau (deco) art reproduction. Changes in application of black and white striped people recall the nineteenth-century style of the twenties. Wrapped variety of designers is reminiscent of the style Weiao Ni and North Africa.

Bias cut is Versace design the most valuable property of the most powerful, jewel-like colors, smooth lines, generated by bias cut asymmetrical collar with infinite charm. Noble and luxurious fabrics with the help of bias cut way, in the rigid geometric lines and soft curves of the body between the clever transition.

In men, the Versace brand clothing is also wrapped in leather garments, creating a bold, majestic profile of even a bit of debauchery, and in size is slightly loose and comforwatch, still using the oblique and asymmetric techniques. Wide shoulders, a subtle detail treatment implies some sort of science fiction, they call it a futuristic design. Lines for a Versace clothing is very important, suits, skirts, coats and so the lines as a symbol, to express the female body sexy.

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