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New Luxury Watches Report: The popularity of neutral models is not watch this thing one or two days, the men and women shall be brought directly to trumpet what to wear is not new. Many people think that in the end started to become strong and independent women or men more firmness and flexibility? unisex's hot, it will not let both men and women seem increasingly confrontational harmony of it?

This line is now a strong sense of competition for the neutral design is the biggest bargaining chip in female consumers

Simple lines of the male form neutral

Simple strong lines, dial size of both men and women, watch out the inherent pattern of women is more suiwatch for an independent career. This five watchs arranged out of that section of the watch only TAG Heuer reasons for a more feminine drill some (but could be racing form ah! Is the temperament and spirit to fight!)

Neutral form is indeed red, but if you get a watch full of masculine atmosphere to attract female customers, I am afraid will still fall short of. How women fall in love with the neutral sheet? Love is its extremely compact lines, candid curve, and not a bit fancy face plate design. If it is complicated and very lovely, and many watches designed for women can meet their needs. But now the work of the women worse than men do not, fresh and direct is their favorite form of communication, for the watch, of course, is all about.

From vintage to modern, this five watchs will be through the simple lines. Longines watch to Breguet needle retro retro figures with time, noble birth; Blancpain Villeret protein color face plates, rose gold case, and inherited the ancient period of the 18th century watchmaking tradition, on the use of the dial blue steel serpentine hands, fascinating; and the nations and Jacques de simple lines of modern more modern and fashionable, whether it is size, shape, or elegant case design, are "degrees" on a little more too much smack too little; TAG Heuer's Carrera, self-winding movement, extending from the bezel to the lugs on both sides decorated with diamonds, simple and shine.

In and out of breath more masculine men, feminine jewelry combines the temperament, hardness with softness.

Diamond watch decorations for the women, let alone that nature, fellow men that you can choose to watch with a diamond it? Diamond in the male form is the use of very interested, not too much (unless it is high-end jewelry watch), to shiny, gently dot the scale or dial up to ring up around the watch, so that men are loaded watch becomes more delicate gorgeous, you wear to dinner, activities, or see the customers are no problem. In short, the watch design this thing, really a matter of opinion, there are like simple, there must be love gorgeous, but now can enjoy the beauty of the male drill watch more and more, even to catch a flight were male with a diamond watch may be a few ah!

This four diamond watch to grasp the strengths and weaknesses, really force less than 4 mm, equipped with ultra-thin movement, diamonds dot the 12 numerals, the whole face, circle, hands are wrapped in silver, very elegant and chic, the most suiwatch Men wear workplace; Patek Philippe's Ref. 5068R is a hardness with softness of the "female athlete" and also the first ever Aquanaut Luce series with diamond bezel and is equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement watches, bold outline style as sparkling diamonds, and which appears in the degree of relaxation, whether sports or business negotiations, is a good helper; Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore iconic type of chronograph, black and white do echo integration and steel rubber, octagonal diamond-studded case, you are the way until it? Movado watches Germany Jun sizing 38 mm in the most traditional, point it unisex diamond decoration, modern fashion.

Both men and women, equally, who are learn to understand the expression of human wrist.
"Functional control" not men and women

Do not look at the low understanding of women for the watch, of course, do not imagine a man is to understand the watch.

Design details aside, we think this should be neutral watch one of the greatest signs. A few years ago men and women together into the form of consumers shop, most women have to hang around in the wonderful little sparkling diamonds form the counter, who cares what chronograph, returned to the watch, not to mention the tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and three asked this complex function. But now really has changed, a few women understand the watch, what features to how to operate the movement are concerned about their point of purchase before the watch, so watch for the creation of the brand have more thoughts on the design of not only size "men and women through eat ", have equal shares in function, but" men and women-take-all "that a child spent two children earning power of money, watch design is the starting point for the brand should be an unmitigated good news, right?

Ship and the two watch Amy Yu, the former to the noble mix of ash and 18K gold, male and female take-all, timing is extremely pleasure operation; Amy is showing another face of the timing - chic and elegant, suiwatch for sports also suiwatch for the workplace, is the so-called wild watch. The only Vacheron Constantin SIHH soon to debut in 2011, Quai de l'Ile returned calendar watch, the complexity added calendar function returned to the continuation of "personalized" watch trend, guests can taste free combination "red gold "and" platinum "two kinds of material, and the combination of features will be useful, the key is: you can decide your own watch movements, is great.

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